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Justice Anthony Kennedy is leaving the Supreme Court vote and decisions upholding abortion-rights but president Trump has said he wants to appoint a pro-life judge under my Administration we will always defend the right to life here’s what three front-runners have already said about abortion and the landmark abortion rights case Roe versus Wade Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been championed by Christian conservatives combination hearing for a federal Appellate Court last year Democrats asked her how her Catholic faith May factor into her decision making history of believing that your religious beliefs you should Prevail well how do you evaluate the Precedence plural with respect to row I would have no interest in the court of appeals judge challenging that a president it would bind 2016 discussion she said she could Envision the scope of abortion-rights change it but I think the question of whether people can get very late term abortion so you know how many restrictions can be put on Clinic I think that would change is Judge Brett Kavanaugh before he became a federal Appellate Court Judge he helped the Bush Administration all the federal courts with conservative judges but he skirted the issue of where they stood on Reproductive Rights the abortion issue was put forward by the Bush Administration as the sole litmus test let me ask you this could you identify V pro-choice judges I don’t know whether the nominees are pro-choice or pro-life and less I’m sure there are many I don’t know what someone’s who I don’t know and we don’t ask what someone’s position on issues like that that is in finally there’s judge Raymond Catholic about Roe versus Wade but he has spoken about the nature of Supreme Court precedent first and foremost follow Supreme Court precedent the other thing I would say is that again I would make sure that the values that that I would be forcing if I were a judge are not just my values that I’m not striking something down simply because I don’t like it president Trump said he will announce the Supreme Court nominee in the coming days
Judges Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge are among the frontrunners to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Here’s a look at some of their remarks about reproductive rights.

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