Trump’s NATO criticism has some merit

is Donald Trump arrives to complain about NATO US soldiers are training alongside other NATO Nations no talk of money here just Mission NATO’s core of deterring Russia especially now with threats to territory and a push for influence me while Donald Trump is dumping on other Alliance member sending letters like this one Justin Trudeau obtained by ipolitics tanky allies like Canada have not stepped up defense spending as promised and Trump is Right sort of military than other countries because it has a global presence and in fact it often could be said that it over spends in a lot of areas as well the Benchmark amount for NATO Nations use 2% of their economic output on Military spending it’s a goal. An obligation and NATO just release this year’s numbers Canada and 18th spot at 1.23% of GDP nearly all members are increasing spending but the fact range America spend more 3/4 of the alliance’s total military spending but NATO was set up with this model in mind this is the story of the way of life under the star of NATO was created in 1945 is it’s been famously put is to keep the Russians out the Germans down and Perkins in and the reason is is that really what the American president has done is provided to security guarantee and that means that other European nations don’t have to build up their arms that they don’t have to acquire things like nuclear things in order to feel secure so this is the importance of NATO to make his point Trump May pick a fight at this week’s Summit or go bigger drawdown us troop levels in Europe substantially perhaps even pull soldiers from high Readiness right along the Russian border even withdraw from NATO it undermines the notion that there is unity in the west this is something that Putin has long-sought it’s something the Soviet Union I sought to achieve during the Cold War in undermining of the unity across the Atlantic Ocean and I mean it’s astonishing now we have a present the United States who is contributing to the undermining of the West shift away from traditional allies other liberal democracies and instead cozying up to strong-arm autocrats comes just as his own military along with Canadians and others are conducting the world largest military exercise together it also comes as the biggest buildup of a lion’s armies in a quarter-century is underway right now in Eastern Europe pushing back Russia David Coleman CBC News Toronto
U.S. President Donald Trump’s criticism of NATO’s defence spending has some merit to it. The U.S. does in fact shoulder much of NATO’s burden, but that’s partly by design and partly because they overspend.

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