Trump’s NATO comment made his own staff squirm

well we want to turn down another aspect of diplomacy that I can’t be overlooked certainly is not this time it’s a contact sport conducted face-to-face eye-to-eye chemistry matters facial expressions matter the present himself says so and spoke at length about it after an encounter with Kim Jong on with that by the question is how did it play out today CNN Tom Foreman shows us NATO Kay Bailey Hutchinson look away from her NATO counterparts squirming you can see Chief of Staff John Kelly look away from the president and puckers his mouth and the president renewed the attack using the word captive turn their heads some fidgeted and like that scene in The Devil Wears Prada purse catastrophe catastrophe maybe too much after all president Trump has famously given his European counterparts an eyeful of body language before and when the press secretary was asked about the chief of staff reaction she told the Washington Post please because he was expecting a full breakfast and there was only pastries and cheese still body language can be louder than words of these International Gatherings and Trump shove the prime minister of Montenegro a side of a photo-op Action Comics erupted but his fans body language works for some but not all especially considering the times the president has grab for the first lady’s hand only to have her push his away reading people and body would say not as skilled as he claims to be with that with assessing someone else’s body language is more like a bull in a china shop of course it’s more of an art than a science is figuring out what people mean by the way they hold their bodies the body language of Team Trump raise some eyebrows here in TC today Anderson full breakfast real statement given to the Washington Post I have to think she was joking because that doesn’t seem to be the issue actually looks much more like he’s had more than he can stomach not that he’s not big enough breakfast Tom thanks very much
CNN’s Tom Foreman takes a closer look at what body language portray during face-to-face meetings with America’s NATO allies.

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