Trump vows to quickly replace Justice Kennedy

president Trump says he plans to waste no time and filling the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Anthony Kennedy Kennedy will retire at the end of next month giving us her trumpet chance to turn the court more solidly to the right for a generation the President says he will begin the search immediately but it’s Nancy Cortez reports Congress is already divided nominee women’s access to Safe legal abortion on the line they are do the Senate’s Republican leader should delay a confirmation vote for months way he held up and eventually sunk present Obama’s pick up Merrick Garland until after the election I hope so and because McConnell move to change the rules last year’s Supreme Court nominees can now be confirmed by a simple majority there are 51 Republican Senators the president knows he doesn’t need Democratic votes we’ll need a fair-minded and open Congress we had last time every one of them are really really good. particular case abortion-rights Republican Alaska’s Lisa murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins and see whom the president chooses to nominate mention we can expect the president to nominate a true conservative what does that mean exactly or the newest member of the Court Neil Gorsuch Anthony Kennedy is someone who is widely respected by Republicans here on Capitol Hill but certainly they would love to have a Justice who they know it’s almost who is going to be on their side of issues like abortion like labor like Obamacare and so they say that’s what they are looking for that’s of course what makes Democrats so nervous because sometimes Anthony Kennedy sided with them they know that whoever the president names he is he or she is likely to be a staunch conservative and they know that that changes the balance of the Court perhaps regeneration significant is it for the president for any president really to have an opportunity to appoint two justices to the Supreme Court bench and by Donald Trump both in the elections when some of them felt that in a lot of ways he didn’t really reflect their values or their politics about the fact that he is the president of the United States and Hillary Clinton is now means that Republicans now have an opportunity in in Fairly short order to see the balance of power on this court change or at least be cemented in a more conservative Direction and that mean a lot in fact many hours would argue that that is a good part of the reason that Donald Trump was Victorious because Suburban voters who were a Republicans or even Independence who may be sign up with him in a lot of ways or didn’t like the way that he conducted himself voted for him anyway because they felt that the makeup of the port was so important and now we’re seeing that elections do indeed have concert indeed and that is really where presidency can leave a legacy that far out last the presidency it’s Nancy Roe v Wade so quit the nominee not be confirmed by Republican vote Kowski and Susan Collins it isn’t it all cleared will hens on that issue and that issue alone after all both of them voted in favor of Neil Gorsuch who most likely lines up most conservatives when it comes to that issue and those judges it is this is a very consequential situation you’re not just replacing someone like Antonin Scalia a conservative with another conservative me on Portage in this case you are voting for someone who could change the ballast importance good influence abortion cases for decades to come and right now Collins and murkowski are saying very little on that front they’re not saying weather at it would one way or the other college did say that she believes the Roe versus Wade is settled law and that she is looking for judges who whether or not they wait on on that particular issue who have shown record comfortable with and so she said she’ll be looking for that is usually don’t ask they stand on a particular issue or where they would rule on a particular case are going to be combing through this nominees record looking Clues as to how they rule once the president names his pic that could be affected by Justice Kennedy’s retirement aren’t there I mean there were some issues overturned with him not on bench sure it all depends on what comes before The Supreme Court in which case is the justices decide to take you know cuz they decide to here in the first place so this has huge implications not just on abortion as you pointed out but on education on Health Care on voting rights money-in-politics every every issue across-the-board could go before this court over the next couple of decades what they can truly do to fight Tanya and they know it because the Senate can now pass a second for Menomonee with a simple majority Democrats can can stand up they can shout they can Rally’s but beyond that there are very few delaying tactics at their disposal alright to Nancy Cortez in Washington thank you you’re welcome
President Trump vowed to quickly replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is retiring from the Supreme Court at the end of next month. Democratic senators are vowing to block the nominee from confirmation, but Republicans hold a Senate majority and could get the nomination though if 50 GOP senators vote “yes.” CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joined CBSN to discuss what’s next.

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