Trump: Time for NATO members to pay their fair share

president Trump is doubling down on his calls for NATO members to spend what he says is their fair share on the fence the Call Comes about a week before the president is set to meet with key allies at the annual NATO Summit in Brussels what’s on the White House next week’s NATO Summit in Brussels president Trump sent a letter to the prime minister of Norway that made clear he will not relent on his criticism of NATO allies lacking defense budgets Norway the president wrote Remains the how many NATO Ally sharing a border with Russia that lacks a credible plan to spend 2% of its gross domestic product on defense other countries donations only three besides the United States spent the promised 2% of GDP on defense last year throughout his presidency donations to spend more which many of them have not been doing many of them have not been even plus hoping next week some it goes better than last month’s G7 meeting in Canada that meeting was marked by tens exchanges between mr. Trump and other world leaders over trade if the spectation was that a weekend and beautiful Charlevoix surrounded by all sorts of lovely people was going to transform the president’s outlook on trade in the world then we didn’t quite perhaps meet that bar since then the trade War has only ratcheted up Harley-Davidson announced they would move some us motorcycle production overseas to avoid European Terrace and Canada announce retaliatory Terrace 12 billion dollars worth of us Imports more specific and it’s happening in proximity to his first scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Europeans almost universally are nervous about to trend lines of the Trump presidency one this movement that seems inexorable toward a trade War lingering trade disputes are now becoming manifest in tariffs and counterterrorist that’s one dispute and this long-running dispute over NATO member nations going to meet their pledged 2% of GDP expenditure on defense now the president is correct when he says many nations are lagging and they promised for many many years to live up to this none of that is fact correct European late leaders and their parliament’s or political entities off encounter yes we’ve made that pledge realities we have to deal with that you have to take into account president Trump president Trump says look I’ve expanded my own political Capital to get defense spending in the United States you need to do the same so what’s different about NATO grievances long Express why Donald Trump as a candidate and his president is there now right alongside his trade disputes and what looks to be the beginnings of a trade war and all of that is a Prelude to a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the Europeans look at Putin and say he is licking his chops Berkeley at what appears to be these two lines of disunity between the United States and Europe and they meeting the Europeans are fearful that Russia will try to exploit those differences number one and then number to take it vintage of them economically or another ways if it can be spending could further alienate the u.s. from its allies just concerned it is taking a backseat to the president’s hard-line stance on this and the administration argues look disunity in pursuit of stronger defense spending throughout Europe is where’s the price because if you in fact have stronger defense budgets and a stronger more common Defence Alliance that’s bad for Russia so the administration argues we can coral about this now but if the coral leaves more robust defense spending at a stronger Alliance that cannot only say it’s going to do things but militarily back those statements up then everything in between United States and Europe over time is stronger and Russia is comparatively what is the test for this Administration is taking that choral to that next level meeting not more quarrelsome but getting higher defense spending and a stronger military Alliance within NATO that’s a push press Trump is not the first American President to attend that push but he is making a public spectacle than ever before the appearance of what that would say is a crack in the NATO alliance or what could be perceived as the crack of the NATO alliance how much is this is a win open itself is a game Annette victory for Vladimir Putin because according the United States intelligence Community he ordered malevolent interference in the 2016 election hey no discernable price other than sanctions imposed by the Obama Administration after the election was over sanctions the Trump Administration has continued but that appear not to have negatively affected the Russian economy very much or visuals and so on a number of issues Syria Ukraine election meddling Russia has not changed Its Behavior at all and yet it is one assignment was President Trump the White House to resolve differences and Define alliances if they can be forged if you’re if you’re the Russian President Vladimir Putin you’re saying to yourself I have not changed my behave I meddled in ways or the the country that I lead the US intelligence committee alleges did so with his Direction metal that an American election as never before and paid no discernible price and even that including a summit in the second-year the Trump presidency so from that point of view Russia is not the winner but it certainly goes in with a bit of an edge all right Major Garrett at the White House first major thank you
President Trump is doubling down on his calls for NATO members to spend what he says is their fair share on defense, about a week before the president is set to meet with key allies at the annual NATO summit in Brussels. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports on the latest.

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