Trump says Heidi Heitkamp will vote against Justice Kennedy’s replacement

Justice a very just announced a little while ago his retirement from the United States Supreme Court great man and I’m very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confidence in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy that’s why he to show a great appreciation for justice Kennedy’s lifetime of distinguished service terrific man of Liberty we were thrilled what are Kennedy’s former to the Supreme Court did you ever hear of Justice Neil Gorsuch he’s doing great he’s a star that Justice Kennedy is a star and we appreciate it we really have to take our hats off to Justice Kennedy thank you very much I remember this so we have a pic to come up we have to pick a great one we have to pick one that’s going to be there for 40 years 45 years we need intellect we need so many things so you know there’s so many elements go into the making of a great Justice of the Supreme Court you got to hit every one of them because of this should be forced to vote Yes who knows but I will tell you she will vote no the day after the election on everything Justice Kennedy’s retirement makes the issue of Senate control one of the vital issues of our time

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