Trump says he will name Supreme Court nominee on July 9th

the more we have Niall stanage and joins us now from Washington either White House colonists at the hell came out we heard the president talk there about Roe v Wade whoever the president picks at this point how do you see the confirmation process playing a political perspective little perspective that clearly whoever the president picks will be strongly opposed by the Democratic party the problem for Democrats is that they don’t have the numbers on their own to support this nomination Mitch McConnell Republican leader has suggested that Pardeeville Triathlon Trump’s life that the confirmation could even be completed by the Fall so that’s the general backdrop but clearly this is going to be at Royal between count as well another major issue for this confirmation fight is obviously hanging over at the Mueller probe you know that there’s at least one potential nominee Brett Kavanaugh was written that the President should not be encumbered by investigations of any kind benefactor in this I don’t think it’s necessarily a factor for president Trump but if mr. Calvin all didn’t get the nomination then I think that would clearly be something the Democrats would draw attention to her house with so many things Trump air Arena weren’t afraid unique situation here clearly this Supreme Court Justice could have a role to play in adjudicating things like Federal indictment can be brought against a sitting president whether a president has the power to that is pretty deep water both legally and politically but that’s where we’re sailing right now reporting suggest that could be quite eminent even people who have not previously being not so skeptical are critical of Joe and Kelly have been telling me that they think the the end maybe nerd for his tenure and of course mr. Kelly himself was basically planning to stay a year which is which is almost stopped in terms of potential successors the two names we hear most often are Mick Mulvaney the budget director Nick Ayers who’s currently chief of staff for the vice president Mike Pence I would also ask you for the first time in a while we heard from President Barack Obama he was in fact addressing a crowd in DC a fundraising event for the DNC in Beverly Hills do you think that President Obama is President actually help Democrat bring his presidential here’s a lot of Barack Obama’s popularity was personal and therefore he couldn’t really pass it on to his party in midterm elections never the last he is a very magnetic figure I think even his opponent some critics would acknowledge he’s on uncommonly gifted or of her he clearly has the capacity to inspire the Democratic party and the Democratic Grassroots show if I were a Democrat I’d much prefer having him on my side various other leading members of the party between the president and the North Korean leader since then the president of North Korea is no longer nuclear threat increasing production and he said that he remains the remains of US soldiers who were killed in Korea of actually come home we know that’s not true what do we know about the current state of these negotiations where they stand compose cleaned on what appears to be reality he was suggesting that that’s so much with Kim Jung on how to solve than you care problem these new satellite images of her getting out of North Korea I would suggest that that is not the case that in fact of a shame there could be trying to bolster its nuclear power so that’s actually our problem and I think that will clearly hangover and a further negotiations between the US it’s certainly possible could consider that a betrayal of trust or a missile in his initial talks but as we all know Reyna predicted exactly how this white house will react specifically in relation to North Korea has proven a bit of a Fool’s errand against President Trump’s family separation policy immigration is going to help or hurt him going into midterms and how will it affect the Democratic and really a rallying cry to get people out and vote during the terms help one party or another depending on the demographics of particular District but the issue about which people are protesting today I think not dolls hurt the Republican party to some extent that seems to be one of these issues that we see sometimes that really has an emotional resonance Beyond a regular news story I think the wedding visceral idea of separating children from their parents doll’s head home with people I think that reaches pulling every twist and turn on Washington understandable I’m version to those kind of pic
President Trump is putting his search for the next Supreme Court justice on the fast track. He says he will announce his nominee on July 9th. Niall Stanage, White House columnist at The Hill, joins CBSN to discuss.

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