Trump says he will name a Supreme Court nominee on July 9

president Trump says he plans to Naima supreme court nominee on July 9th that’s according to remarks and me to board Air Force One Friday while traveling to his Golf Club in New Jersey mr. Trump also said he’s down to five finalists for the opening including two women advocacy groups are treating the vacancy created by Justice Anthony Kennedy is retirement as a critical moment for the future of abortion rights during the interview with Fox Business president Trump discussed how he would approach the topic with his nominee are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on Roe versus Wade well that’s a big one and probably not they’re all saying don’t do that you don’t do that you shouldn’t do that but I’m putting conservative people on and I’m very proud Neil Gorsuch he has been outstanding his opinions are you know it’s so well-written so brilliant and I’m going to try and do something like that but I don’t think I’m going to be so specific joining a sound from Boston is Michael Graham he’s a cbs.n political contributor Boston Herald columnist and political politics editor for NH Michael you are a busy man with a big announcement today from the president on Friday about the search for a supreme court nominee I think he’s looking to keep the people happy that he made happy with judge Gorsuch people say that President Trump is incapable of education and he just he just doesn’t his way whether the results are good or bad but I wonder if she didn’t learn something from the Gorsuch process he picked a list before the election to let social conservatives 70% of them said that the court was was a very important issues of today me let them know I’m at work off this list he went with that list he let his team kind of guy that threw and in he got a lot of great things and I wonder if he didn’t see that go you know what we got this one right time to do the same thing and the fact that he’s reduce that list reportedly down to five people shows that he was already this is already on his mind and his team was ready to go if he lets his team do the job good thing can happen for president Trump now we’ll just see if he can stay out Twitter I doubt that weighed how much of a litmus test do you think that issue is going to be we know the trick is for everybody to say there is no litmus test a present Obama said he didn’t have a listen to litmus test in president Trump is saying it and of course there is a litmus test there’s no way that President Trump is going to appoint someone who is openly pro-choice this is President Obama was never going to support someone who’s openly pro-life so that’s where we are the courts have a last become yet another branch of our politics as opposed to our government here to work out because their claim is that what they wanted people who follow the text of the Constitution and wanted originally meant and of course the Constitution never dealt with an issue like abortion or privacy in this manner and so if you picked we’re going to stick close to the lawyer you’re going to end up with conservative outcomes as opposed to the left which really says they think that the constitution should be kind of dynamic it should change with the times and it should be used as a tool to bring about social justice and so therefore you got to have positions because you’re going for an outcome as opposed to conservatives who say look just getting some of those stick with the process the outcomes will take care of itself bookends which moderate Republicans do you think the president will really have to convince in order to to push this nomination through play she was the real question about how that’s going to work out but I think his Democrats and BSN so you got a bunch of red State Democrats who the argument they’re really closet liberal there with the Washington liberals they come home and they talk a good game about being swing voters in open-minded but they’re liberals now they’re going to have the ultimate litmus test for them are you going to back a conservative for the Supreme Court if they don’t they’re confirming everything their opponents says about them right before November election I just want campaigns I would hate to be Claire mccaskill or Joe manchin on a boat like this at the same time three did I can’t mansion in Conley of Donnelly of Indiana if they go with the president on the Eve election they’re going to really anger their base in this election is shaping up to be a base versus base election the kind of like she was swing voters kind of stay home and the two teams are core voters kind of pour out you don’t want to be a Democrat who tells your energized impeach Trump base Congressman Crowley them out Monday correct at the restaurant The Red Hen Restaurant instant where Susan Sarah Huckabee Sanders and disinvited to eat their impact on voters that maybe we in the media think and the reason they can imagine themselves sitting in a restaurant and then crazy political stuff and suddenly whatever their position they’re they’re in trouble they have to answer for their position they’re they’re uncomfortable they’re embarrassed and perception that the angry left is so angry that no space will be safe but they’re going to get embarrassed we’re at work they just don’t want to be a part of that and that might cause some voters who would have stayed home or maybe even thought about voting Democrat they may say you know what I’m going to try to keep some Republicans in place because that extremism at tension is so off-putting I’m afraid of them fear is a motivator for votes not happy happy does not motivate you stay home and watch TV fear gets people to go out and vote will leaning right swing voters be afraid of extremism that’s the difficult path that Democrats have to navigate headed to November complicated that have at the White House it’s fascinating 6 months ago if you ask me that question I would have said all this is terrible we got to have General Kelly there so he can do whatever he’s doing cattle prod her something to calm president Trump down president Trump is Trump Unleashed he’s never Bruce Banner he’s always the Hulk and so there’s Twitter that he can’t keep him from getting involved this stuff in your bashing away at the FBI investigation in the NFL productive way he can’t slow down things like the meeting I thought the meeting with North Korea when you look at it afterwards how little America got how much was Peter got that you were under General Kelly had had more influence of that might have gone differently the same thing in this new if he can’t act as a as a choke on some of the exuberance of President Trump right now we already have a different chief of staff and it’s Donald Trump Guatemala where he met with leaders of several Latin American countries this comes amid crisis of immigration at the border and of course our Administration is saying that that the countries where a lot of people are coming from and Central America need to change things to the influx of people that are coming from these countries what effect did Pence’s visit have at all if any think about Americans hate for a the hate the idea of a very small percentage of our budget but we just generally speaking as an option to improve things in those three countries were so many Central Americans are coming from to help resolve the tension at the border Mike Pence had a limited palette to draw from he couldn’t really say hey look if you’ll do something we’ll whatever will do some Foreigner it will help build will build some schools will do whatever you want we’ll do a trade deal with you. And that might be truly counterproductive you wonder if there’s not a grand bargain we made with those countries of look if you can bring your numbers down certain level then we will turn around and give you some favorable trade or you or spend some money but with this President and his approach on immigration right now vice-president Pence certainly do not have that tool in his toolbox vice president Pence was down there I think it was even less than that we just want what are you going to do these these are the people who are Miss governing their Nation so poorly that desperate parents are willing to walk hundreds of miles with their young children just to get so we have if they had a way to fix it they probably would you got a lot of mismanagement and they’ve got their own problems we certainly can’t fix them simply by telling them you guys straightened out that’s not going to do it out of the box are these elections going to be because this is a time where people on their left or calling on Americans to confront it members of the administration if they see them now with a vacancy on the Supreme Court that throws a whole other angle to this to to this these midterm unprecedented are these elections considering the issues that are now at Play where you had multiple assassinations and riots in the streets I mean things have been bad and crazy in the past but this is going to be an interesting ride and I think they’re two things going on when you mentioned this because Democrats can’t stop the Republicans Supreme Court nominee because Harry Reid blew up the rules in 2013 because the Democrats themselves voted they can do that’s just going to leave their base frustrated so what if you can’t act what you do you yell you scream you protest maybe you are rude to people the other thing to look at is ice I think this is Serge for people to say we want to abolish ice you seeing this with my friends in Ocean to mainstream just in the last two weeks that’s also problematic because of you how to get a kind of trump leaning voters who are on the fence about voting really energized tell them that you’re going to shut down ice and their mind no matter how you explain it that sounds like open borders that sounds like Sanctuary country and so that’s another area that’s going to generate a lot of emotion so to supercharge batteries to create a lot of passion heading into an election it’s in New Jersey what do we know about what’s on his agenda earned but he has not been back to his favorite golf spot there in northern New Jersey this year you’re there’s a lot talk about how last year was time there and he told people this is that the place he was really the most comfortable and there’s some grousing that you’ll come on you to get back to work and I happen to have been one of those trousers back then he probably thinks that given all the stuff that’s happened North Korea me cope with Russia other paperwork that he’s entitled to vacation I would suspect we some vacate time but anytime Donald Trump has access to his cell phone anything can happen so unless they set up the cellular gaming towers outside the golf course which I recommend who knows what’s going to happen while he’s the New Jersey decision to retire says about Justice Kennedy’s opinion of President Trump considering he’s giving him this he kind of did everything is very traditionally and I think that gave Justice Kennedy the confidence that if you left that these continents confident team would be there he has seen the list a list of Publix we saw the other names he must have decided as a pretty decent list so that opened it up for him something else it gets frequently forgotten because Kennedy was so all over the map on particularly social issue rulings people forget he was appointed by Ronald Reagan he really had been a pretty traditional Republican up into his appointment What’s happen is that the country has moved more right while Kennedy’s kind of stayed where he was centre-right but he was always a republican he’s got a Republican president they’ve got a pretty good team got a good list of justices he’s 81 years old deciding the most important aspect of life and doing all that homework when it seems like he made a pretty smart decision and of course appointment the Kennedy that he might be comfortable with the president’s next pick for the Supreme Court so much to talk about thank you so much for bringing it Down For Us Michael Graham in Boston thanks
President Trump announced on Friday that he will name a Supreme Court nominee on July 9th. Mr. Trump also said he has a shortlist of five candidates, two of whom are women. CBSN political contributor, Boston Herald columnist, and politics editor for, Michael Graham, joins CBSN to discuss the latest news from Washington.

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