Trump says he thinks his relationship with Mexico’s president-elect will “be a good one”

in Monday is red and blue political Roundup president Trump is expressing optimism about working with Mexico’s new president on Lopez obrador won the countries election in a landslide Sunday the former mayor of Lego City campaigned on ending corruption and standing up to president Trump in the Oval Office Monday mr. Trump discuss how the two leaders might work together Kuwait a great conversation about a half an hour long I we talked about border security we talked about trade we talked about NAFTA we talked about a separate deal just Mexico the United States we had a lot of good conversation I think the relation would be very good one we’ll see what happens but I really do believe it’s going to be very good one now from Washington is Kevin’s Pirelli he is Chief Washington correspondent for Bloomberg having Thanksgiving with everyone get along we prefer the president talk about his conversation with the president-elect of Mexico what are some of the immediate issues that the two of them may see eye-to-eye on immigration first and foremost and also on International Trade policy the president has forecasted the decision on the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA is not likely to come before the midterm elections but he has signaled preference for negotiating bilateral trade deals first separate with Mexico and a separate trade deal with Canada now that actually has support among staff as well as the conservative then you got into a topic like immigration and let’s just be frank here very very little common ground is the White House hopeful about working on a new deal with president-elect obrador Progressive president Senator Kamala Harris’s Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders you know president Trump also campaign on building that wall and getting it before by Mexico so is there any of greater sense where Obradors tell me when you look at Mexico polls as something that is a non-starter for both conservatives in Mexico as well as more liberal-minded politician the president said he would announce his Supreme Court nominee during Monday’s meeting with the prime minister of the Netherlands discussed the process of Supreme Court they are outstanding people and they are really incredible people in so many different ways academically in every other way and I had a very very interesting morning who will make a decision on the United States Supreme Court the new Justice that’ll be made over the next few days and will be announcing it on Monday and I look forward to that I think the person that is chosen will be outstanding it’s about the FrontRunner for that opening replacement for the Supreme Court she is as someone who is going the politics of this whoever the president nominates is going to before midterm elections in a Democrat from West Virginia is up for reelection in November crucial crucial issues for whoever the president is nominated were expecting that on Monday more likely to make his first candidate somewhat more moderates in the hopes that they will get through is the president is likely going to try to pick someone who leans more conservative obviously but also someone who can get through last week the Supreme Court ruled on such crucial economic as well as immigration case or it’s on immigration I mean a crucial time we seen time on This president’s Administration decisions overturned George Stephanopoulos president loyalties are to his family and Country not president Trump going once said he would take a bullet for the president so how is the White House responding to Cohen’s recent interview formosi seemingly signal several months ago that he was willing to stand by his close personal attorney and fix this is someone who has a deep understanding of the Trump organization as well as president but secondly we’ve seen in recent months of President distance himself from the lights of Michael Cohen but also from his previous can you ask late we’ve seen the president try to separate himself from these individuals but that explosive interview justice court if not as close as the president during previous time. As Rodger Stone to see him said that his first loyalty is his family in this country president Trump is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this month Russian election meddling or earlier we spoke with some tech report who said the meddling is continuing the reporting is showing that so do you expect this to be a big discussion point between the 2 president they are going to have to somehow address is 16th in terms is definitely something that is going to be carefully observe the point of her 3 is that this is not just about Russia’s involvement in the meddling in the u.s. election but it’s also extending far most of National Security concerns whether it’s their annexation of Crimea Singapore when the president of North Korea leader Kim Jong Min and finally I would know the importance at the private sector place here in working with government officials have Republicans and Democrats alike and how they have to better prepare themselves all every all of those parties private sector included are going to be watching for that July 16th meeting to see what type of signals President Putin as well as president Trump are signaling towards the private sector only watched meeting from a lot of sources Kevin’s really thank you
President Trump said Mondayhe thinks his relationship with Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will “be a good one.” Mister Trump made those comments during an Oval Office meeting with the prime minister of the Netherlands. The President also discussed the process of selecting a Supreme Court nominee. Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Kevin Cirilli joins CBSN’s “Red and Blue” to discuss the latest developments.

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