Trump rails against NATO allies on defence spending

the NATO Summit got off to a very testy start today in Brussels US president Donald Trump double down on his calls for alliance members to step up defense spending but this time he wants countries to double the target from 2% of GDP to for the cbc’s Colin has more from the Belgian capital getting its energy from the person you want protection against or from the group if you want to text him well that’s making Russian Richard Trump want is for other NATO countries to live up to their commitment and spend more on their militaries today Canada announced it would step up in Iraq we were actually offering to Commander for the first year this is something that we believe in different but that doesn’t mean spending more Canada is already in Iraq now it will take on a more high-profile rule training trainers in a NATO mission I got to yesterday’s announcement of 4-year extension leading the NATO mission in Latvia that still doesn’t get Canada to Nato spending Target 2% of a country’s economic output while Trudeau is supporting NATO’s goals so saying Canada won’t get there we don’t think about you know who’s who’s doing more who’s doing left we will do what we can and what we feel is right. Trudeau and Trump did speak today we know that trade came up but no word on NATO spending vo is trying to up the pressure on all members of the NATO alliance today he suggested raising that military spending Target doubling it in fact to 4% the Secretary General of NATO said that start you think the focus should remain on having everyone reached an initial 2% goal fashy thanks Catherine Catherine calling in Brussels so what’s at stake here can we see a weakening of the 17-year alliance joining me now from city is Eve froder he served as Canadian ambassador to Nato from 2011 to 2015 and in Chicago Evo dollar he served as US ambassador to Nato from 2009 to 2013 hi to both of you thank you so much for making time for us I’ll start with you I’m sure you’ve seen the tape from Donald Trump’s meeting this morning with NATO secretary-general Yen stoltenberg where he called allies quote delinquent for failing to spend enough on defense and then said Germany was a captive of Russia what were you thinking as he watched it unfold it’s not an 800 that I recognized or indeed an American president that are recognized in these kinds of conversations you know for 70 years the United States has been leading actor with in NATO and within we always want the Europeans to do their fire Sharon and every president from Harry S Truman on has set that Europe needs to do more on the fence but there’s so much more to Nato than just a question of how much a percentage of GDP spending on defense it’s about shared values and shared interests in protecting an advancing those interest and indeed so much is happening in Brussels today that’s positive in that regard that these kinds of comments are unfortunately overshadowing mr. Brody Ambassador mention the the percentage of GDP spent on defense in today mr. Trump even said it should be 4% and that 20-25 is or 2024 is is too long a time to wait for countries to meet the 2% the 2% goal what’s going through your head as you listen to all this and you watch it unfold to actually try and limit go to an accounting exercise money is important but it’s not all the main assets of NATO is solidarity and unity and I think we’re just missing an important here to put the emphasis on that precisely this is a time where we need to demonstrate to the world to Russia that we are united and that so he’s already remain solid and firm at the end of the two person is at Target and and all NATO allies or on a Pat’s to meet at Target at some point but again look at this NATO is a success story it’s been building democracy Freedom stability peace for 70 years and I think there’s something that upsets me and trying to pretend money and that perhaps the burden of Global Security falls on the shoulder of one nation that’s not right it’s not correct and it’s forgetting how much allies all allies new and old have been contributing to establish this area of peace Verity mr. Rooter talks about demonstrating Unity especially especially insofar as Russia is concerned how is that or is it under mind at all by the by the meeting that’s about to happen very soon with President Trump I do think that the NATO as a met today agreed on a very strong statement to bolster defense in and deterrence in Europe to stand up against Russia and make the clear that the aggression I’ve seen from Russia and Ukraine is completely and totally unacceptable and needs to be reversed so we have the capacity here for president Trump to depart Brussels with a United NATO behind him and for him to then have a conversation can with mr. Putin on how we can overcome the differences that are very very real after all it’s it’s Russia that has interfered in our elections here in the United States and indeed another countries it is Russia that for the first time since 1945 used Force how to change borders I wanted invaded Ukraine and an extra Crimea it is Russia that has been engaged in the indiscriminate bombing campaign and Syria and is supporting a leader in Syria that is using chemical weapons and if the price Helsinki and says these are our differences and let’s move forward figuring out how we can Bridge overcome them how we can get you back into the community of Nations which is where NATO stand to me one Russia to come in that would be a very productive what happened to mr. Brodeur If instead he goes into that meeting with a dividing a tow behind him people dollars in Bastrop dollars optimism I’m not sure I can about what kind of message president Trump will deliver to mr. Putin looking at it from the Canadian perspective just coming out on G7 Summit weather price of United States was sitting with Ally it’s a very select group of allies very close to United States where couple of days later the first thing he does is to actually bring some of the accomplishment of it so I just wish it is my wish that actually present from does that are very very strong message if he doesn’t then I think this is going to undermine The credibility Panda legitimacy of NATO Cognito being undermined I think the bottom line is that you start to actually inject doubt in the willingness of NATO allies to come forward collectively to guarantee or Safeguard the safety of another Ally and I would include United States and Dad Canada all of your lies again is based on the assumption that collective security is guaranteed and allies will actually come to the support of any of my falling under attack and and that is what made it was all about again so they already and unity supposed to go I just wanted to ask her to Devil’s Advocate question on the HazMat answers for Trump’s pressure actually work and so far is at least defense spending as concerned that I know it in one of your pieces mr. dollar you even mention I 2020 for now at least 18 hours will have met the this pending Target we have seen an acceleration since the pressure went from mr. Trump here in Canada with you mr. You know does he deserve some credit for that defense spending is going up and it’s been going up for the last 4 years by 87 billion dollars 9 us native defense spending as going up by 87 billion dollar since 2014 its what happened in 2014 is when Russia invaded Ukraine Annex Crimea at that point that was the agreement to for those countries who were not spending 2% of GDP to move towards that targets within a decade and they’re doing so mr. Trump is emphasizing the importance of this and clear people want to stay on the right side of the United States would because the United States is the major leading power in a doe and so they will hopefully continue to do this I can we do more should we do more the answer is unequivocally yes we should but not because mr. Trump is asking us to do that it’s because of our horses are in the best possible equipment especially for going to put them In Harm’s Way with in that’ll or or not and then from that perspective I definitely believe that we do have in Canada and navigation to look Searcy Tower Defense expenditure in a way that would actually increase it but give us the tools we need to do the job so but I do share the analysis that lasted all three just provided Randy Browder
U.S. President Donald Trump railed against NATO allies during today’s summit in Brussels while discussing defence spending. To read more:

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