Trump: Putin isn’t my enemy, but a competitor

competitor he’s been very nice to him he’s a competitor friend or enemy that my enemy and hopefully someday maybe he’ll be your friend it could happen but I don’t I just don’t know president Trump Freeview ain’t his meeting with Vladimir Putin he has there to Helsinki to meet with Putin on Monday this after a very contentious NATO Summit in Brussels you can see right now Brussel the president departing their V shortly he’s heading here to the United Kingdom where I am I’m in London has meeting schedule for the British prime minister Theresa may as well as tea with the queen tomorrow joining that was the former US ambassador to the United Nations Russia India Israel Jordan Lassiter to the world Thomas Pickering and also at this is Alastair Campbell he was director of communications for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Vassar I would like to start with you with what we just saw from the president you heard him talking about Vladimir Putin as a competitor he wouldn’t call him a foe and then on the issue of erect election election meddling which I think is symbolic of his you toward Russia in general he says all I can say is did you and don’t do it again your take away nothing new there. John these have been the kind of soft touch of the of the president with respect to a President Putin and Inn in many ways the Strategic framework was within which all of this field denigration of NATO in effect the creation of real tensions within the alliance over a money issue which in the end it’s probably going to end up exactly where it was when he began even though I’d like to take personal wait for it and division to the UK in which clearly there are troubles in the UK and with mrs. met and he hasn’t shown much either sympathy or capacity to be helpful in underpinning the particularly important kinship of our most stalwart traditional I in Europe along with denigrating Germany and so he has a capacity here to do a three-strike disaster for American strategic Twisted leading the world and keeping the European framework behind us and Putin would be the icing on the cake does he give away in fact Baltic exercises does he undo are the kinds of things that are very important to us maintaining of the relationship over the Ukraine and indeed Crimea what does he get in return it’s a little bit like the Kim Jong on time where he gives away us exercises with the Republic of Korea with seemingly nothing in return except a smile from Kim so we’re going to situation in which seemingly us interest and US strategy is very much at stake and the president seems to be very much motivated and continued to be by reality television and Eagle building not since clearly of Howard and what way the us as leader of the world can continue to provide that kind of benign helpful cooperative and ending energetic and deep Progressive leadership that we have been known for and when she Passover the the last year-and-a-half been done doing piece by piece play Lithuanian show concern about Russian expansion right now there are NATO exercises playing the president of find me a he would flat-out say no on that and on the NATO funding the president held this entire news conference at we just saw moments ago suggesting that he had secured pledges of increased spending from other NATO members in their own defense haven’t received confirmation of that in the NATO secretary-general or in fact these other NATO Nations Emmanuel macron the president of France said that may not be the case he just committed to the 2% that France always committed to spending by 2024 so just some contacts there Alastair Campbell former spokesman for British Prime Minister Tony Blair is here with me and London together president due to arrive in the UK in in about an hour back to Vladimir Putin for a second I am curious from the standpoint of Europeans from from the standpoint of people in the UK you look at how the president deals with Vladimir Putin see we see a very strange relationship that seems to develop cuz we know I might think we do you know I’m going to be careful cuz I’m very much and they kind of there is this sense of why is he so seemingly unwilling to criticize Somebody by any standards jealous of the deep sea TV show how do you project himself as the main star that is very effective in terms of making securing what you imagine what we imagine American strategic interest debate I don’t think he’s done that Ambassador Pickering at news conference we held he was President Trump declaring victory in a way over America’s greatest allies which is interesting in and of itself isn’t it ship in the world that we would hope to create and press forward with and making that Bedrock a transactional issue totally defined by percentages of money provided in a situation which others have clearly been working on but it becomes all about me and what I can achieve and how in what way I can broadcast from this impromptu press conference the kind of Victory I’d like to push for myself before the American people and it was unfortunate don’t like to get complicated with data and statistics and complicated issues of that sort until we as a natural advantage in his experience in reality television and being able to push ahead with this kind of thing but the clear question is what are our strategic interest how is he promoting those interests and why and how is that going to make this a better country a better community of allies and friends and a better world for all of us I think you fails on all of those questions and unfortunately not enough people are asking them and we are at a critical stage now in the Trump presidency where in fact the foreign policy approaches of President Trump are clearly remaining the national interest of the United States are friends and allies and as I said a moment ago the International Community and we should be very very careful about this
President Trump tells reporters that Russian President Putin is not his enemy, but his “competitor.”

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