Trump praises U.S. steel, bashes the media during Illinois rally – Daily Mail

we’re here today to celebrate a great Victory is a victory for all of you for this community and for our entire country after years of shutdowns and cutbacks today the best furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright workers are back on the job and we are once again pouring new American Steel in to the spine of our country we are here today because America never surrenders we don’t wave the White Flag we only wave the flag that we love its red white and blue and it’s beautiful Americans fighting back and we’re winning we’re winning look at all those cameras all those cameras every stop I got all these cameras it’s never happened to Obama it’s never happened to push this didn’t happen they just are there dying to see us make a little bit of a mistake they analyze every word they say did he say that couldn’t have been did he say something positive about Russia I think he loves Russia be nice to get along with but that’s okay but these people they analyze every single word and they follow us and you know what the good we can get the word out we can get the word out and the word that I get out is what’s happened to steal and this country Dave just said over the last six months even though we’ve been here for a little more the year-and-a-half but we really hit it big over the last 6 months with what we’ve done they would dumping steel all over the country dumping it like it was garbage and they were putting all of you people out of work now you’re making you don’t steal and the United States is taking in billions of dollars they never say that and also jobs at all so we’re recreating a giant industry we need steel we need steel plans and to see an old big monster plant like this reopening that is an honor and a look at the faces of you people I could be one of you I could be one of you I like you guys I like you guys I tell you I could be one of you very proud to report we reached the Breakthrough agreement yesterday with the European Union commonly referred to as Europe to begin lowering trade barriers on establishing a trade relationship fair and my favorite word reciprocal reciprocal but the Press said I treated them badly I treated them with disrespect these are Kings Queens presidents Prime Ministers at a dictator 02 they were the ones that actually were able to pay the easiest so I did a good job with you so they don’t talk about that they were actually stories written about my attitude with NATO and they didn’t say that hundreds of billions of dollars more have been agreed to be paid and that was the whole purpose because our country was being taken advantage of we were paying anywhere from 70 to 90% the cost of 29 total countries in itta
President Donald Trump is predicting Friday’s GDP numbers will be ‘terrific’ in a freewheeling, campaign style speech that saw him brag about winning the women’s vote, tout his deal-making power with NATO, and criticize one of his favorite enemies – the press. U.S. economists do predict a huge number when the¬†government releases data on Friday about how fast the economy grew from April to June. Trump said at his rally in Granite City, Ill., that ‘I don’t know what they are but I think they’ll be terrific.’

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