Trump likely to name ex-Fox News executive as White House comms director

want to ask Emily about a bit of news that’s coming in from our chief White House correspondent Major Garrett on another topic here president Trump likely to name Xbox news executive White House communications director and as I’m reading from his story your major is reporting that the president is likely to named Bill shine to be his new communications director opposition left open When Hope Hicks left the White House shine and mr. Trump met Wednesday to finalize the deal hiring Shine for the job from the piece goes on to talk about this what do you think you can fax this is likely to pan out that the president goes ahead and names Bill shine as a communication director of The White House major challenge for someone in that position will be given what we know about the president’s own communicating Style it seems like for the past few months the president’s been his own Chief of Staff a communications director and spokesman and so Sean Hannity was not very happy when when Bill shine did leave Fox News Channel and so Sean Hannity is one of the president go to calls if you if you listen to Hannity speaking can you hear hear is radio show insight into what’s presidents thinking I have a feeling that he had a hand and again this is disappointment and the White House communications director if you talk to you for more Communications directors for various high-ranking members of Congress leadership. Former speakers and what not they all say that the position is is changed so much given that the president is his own spokesman and does make a lot of these decisions on his own however when it comes to things like you know which interviews to do with which network how it will be covered to the White House communications director and what I noticed tonight about the coverage of the president’s speech I was watching it on on various Network several didn’t cover it but Fox News channel add a lot of cutaways of the crowds I didn’t see it on other channels so so I think that bill shine being hired would probably be would probably fit in line with what the Trump Administration wants to and on that note Majors reporting goes on to say that the presidencies shine as someone who can bring some organization and management of the communications team and who knows TV at the highest level in terms of talent and production another priority for Mr travel right Molly Hooper thank you so much for weighing in for us we really appreciate it thank you

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