Trump launches harsh attacks on Germany, NATO at summit

president Trump on the attack the flight beginning at breakfast today sitting across from America’s most trusted allies at the native Summit at one point today the president asking what good is made of and saying Germany is captive to Russia tonight the president Newman’s now from our allies and you’re about to hear that very tense exchange between the head of NATO and the president ABC Chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran leading us off from Brussels tonight Secretary General of America’s closest allies energy from Russia the moment together we are stronger offering a simple reminder that she grew up in communist East Germany under Soviet domination and that he United Germany today controls its own destiny allies aren’t paying enough for their own protection many u.s. presidents have felt the same way but Trump is demanding allies to double their commitment to defense spending immediately with the chancellor we have a tremendous relationship to get money but not long after a trump tweet the final word attack in Germany again and NATO itself Germany is paying Russia billions of search for gas and energy that us is paying for Europe’s protection with French president Emmanuel macron was got a buddy relationship with trump it was a very different scene then it’ll be afterwards friendly ceiling fans are first lady Melania Trump even chatting with Mark all over wine but however good the Vintage the mood at this Summit is sour so let’s bring in Terry Moran tonight live from Brussels and Terry after the very public fighting words today from did eventually then signs of traditional Native Declaration of solidarity affirming quote that the enduring and unbreakable transatlantic bond between Europe and North America to stand together against threats and challenges from any direction will of course continue and vacuum serious potential was playing out of the world stage Congress made it Crystal Clear where they stand that’s right David the Senate yes at the house today passing overwhelmingly bipartisan resolution supporting NATO the Senate calling it a community Freedom PA security and shared values but all that is just paper the presidency is power especially in foreign policy so if president Trump want to radically change America’s relationship of NATO or even take us out of the alliance that’s what’s going to happen no matter what the age of wine is he pointed out there at the end of year report Terry thank you I get to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
He was furious about a $12 billion gas pipeline deal that Germany signed with the Kremlin.



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