Trump: Journalists should be free from fear

president Trump today defended journalist then his first comments about the Capital Gazette shooting listen you should text shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief was like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job my government will not rest until we have done everything in our power to reduce violent crime and to protect innocent life you make it today, today’s comments were completely appropriate for the president make it was his first chance on camera to respond to the events in this way and yes we normally don’t hear him you know talk about journalists and put them in the category with the broader American people as he did hear but obviously he wanted to pay tribute to the victims who were journalist here and express his sympathy and of course play did you heard him say that he wants the government to be able to do everything in his power to protect the innocent you know I know I know some people are drawing connections to you know we have no knowledge that there was some direct line in any way I don’t think it’s a good thing for the president to call the Free Press in this country the enemy of the American people because it’s plainly not true but it’s a political strategy that’s plainly what he’s doing and it’s one other he feels is a is an appeal to his base in that works for him too I wouldn’t anticipate that diminishing at all for the president going forward and talking about the median I wonder if this was a turning point of some sort ahead and I’m needing a new Supreme Court Justice Just how consequential is this for Trump’s Legacy stamp on something that lives far longer than their presidency you even heard the president this week on a say I he’s looking for somebody who’s going to sit on that court for 40 or 45 years I think he’s really looking long into the future long after he’s left this Earth quite frankly to have somebody they’re still sitting on on the cord and so the other reason this is a huge opportunity Anthony Kennedy as you know what times has been a Swing Vote in certain cases especially some social cases as it relates to abortion or marriage or the death penalty has sided with the more liberal side of the court to replace a Swing Vote with a solid reliable constantly conservative vote really makes this much more a54 conservative majority Court than a 5-4 potentially swinging cord and that is reshaping of the ideological positioning of the Court in the 2016 election I mean talk to voters out there on the campaign Trail who said they were voting for president Trump at the time candidate Trump simply because of that Supreme Court issue do you think Democrats have a galvanizing message or if do at this point going into the upcoming election Democrats clearly galvanizing issue in president Trump and opposition to him we’ve seen Democratic enthusiasm play itself out in many of these primary special elections in the last year-and-a-half in the Trump era in the polling so that that enthusiasm Advantage clearly exist for Democrats as he does usually for the opposition party of the president’s party party in the first midterm election season this will also help Democrats that 2016 I remember in the exit polls it showed that the court was more important to Trump voters you know if you ask somebody is a court really important you they were overwhelmingly more likely be a trump older than a Clinton voter in 2016 and Miss in a year were Donald Trump is telling Republican please don’t be complacent I know we’ve got power in the house send it the way you got to get out there and vote this is a real shot in the arm to remind Republicans why it is they want to unify and be enthusiastic about continuing Republican leadership on the hill
While delivering remarks on the six-month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Donald Trump expressed his sympathy for those who lost their lives in the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

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