Trump interviewed these four people for Supreme Court nomination, sources say

breaking news the president said today he interviewed for candidates this morning for a position that will shape the court and the country for decade and this evening sources tell CNN those four candidates are Amy Coney Barrett Brett Kavanaugh Raymond kethledge and ammo Mopar join Alsina political commentator former Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania and also just on the phone now seeing it legal analyst and Supreme Court blog for jump is cubic and Joan we just found out the four names of the people the president spoke with the day things are not surprising in so far as they were on all of the short list but Amy Coney Barrett red Cavanaugh. Raymond Catholic a multiple-car what jumps out to you us courts of appeals in fact two of them are individuals who president Trump named himself judge Barrett is 46 she’s one of the youngest on the list and president Trump chose her for those model-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals just last September John she’s a former law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia she had been a law professor at Notre Dame her alma mater she was narrowly can turn by the Senate by a vote of 55 243 last October and only three Democrats supported her one other point on her John is at some democratic lawmakers Express doubts that she would have and she got into kind of a conflict with Senator Dianne Feinstein about some of her religious writings so she can there could be a Flashpoint there if he needs the other one that I will mention that is Judge Brett Kavanaugh who’s 53 and sits on the US court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit now he’s someone who was put on the appeals court here in Washington by George W bush but he’s a boy law clerk to Justice Anthony Kennedy so we have a nice little passing the Baton from the man who’s leaving the bench and then real quickly just so the audience knows the others or is another individual who president Trump named already to the sixth Circuit Court of Appeals he’s actually favorite of Mitch McConnell he’s from Kentucky he’s 49 he went to Berkeley law school and then fine finally Castle age 51 he’s also a President W bush appointee on the list of 25 we’ve seen from the Federalist society and others all of them oppose abortion right and wood in theory more to rollback parts of Roe versus Wade two congressmen dead I’m going to bring you into this conversation right now the President says he’s not asking about row when he meets with these people but the fact is he doesn’t have to ask does he know he doesn’t we’ve always gone through this pretense from presents at both parties that there should be no litmus test when in fact we know there are Diane. And that’s unfortunate I mean it’s really a sad day I think that this country that the selection of a supreme court nomination really comes down to this one issue of abortion people are strongly held opinions too bad we can’t find more people like Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy you know people who you are completely predictable on the court and I think started this nation extraordinarily well now we it seems I’m both sides we want the judges who we are justices who we are to be predictable and frankly very ideological Senator Collins Senator murkowski are two in theory Republican to the Senate who support abortion rights don’t want to overturn Roe vs. Wade Susan Collins has said she would not support someone who is openly hostile turo there do you think she’ll well I know Susan Collins very well she’s very tough and she has a strongly-held use and I saw her on health care when when the bill went too far in the Senate as well as the house she pushed back and she’s not afraid to stand up and does she is pro-choice though to be sure she has a very strong right voting record and supportive the basket was never delivered sociate to an extent was pushed around a bit on that boat it does seem here she’s getting insurance is oh oh you know this isn’t about Roe versus Wade but again all 25 people on that listing pretty committed yeah those Str payments at the time where a very big issue but at the moment the tax credit for sufficient so it’s less of an issue yeah you’re right I don’t think she was treated as freely as she should have been given her vote but the point is I think that the Market is more less stabilized since that time but that list of people to present is already spoken with Joan Larson another name two women the president said he speaking to how do you think if he nominated woman that would affect the dynamic in the confirmation process who support abortion rights will say at the those who oppose abortion rights are you know somehow anti-woman so it’s hard to do that when a woman is nominated for the only one who may be well-qualified but maybe you know pro-lifer anti-choice depending on your perspective also I think it’s really harder to demonize a woman nominee based on that one issue so I think it’s I think it’s present we’re playing smart politics or he would probably nominate a woman just to try to mitigate some of the damage I’m on abortion issue as I let you go Congressman Dan I just want to remind people that more than 6 and 10 voters agree with the Roe versus Wade decision on abortion however I majority of Republicans disagree
President Trump has interviewed Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Raymond Kethledge and Amul Thapar to be his Supreme Court nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy, according to people familiar with the matter.

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