Trump ignores question on anti-media rhetoric

the White House says president Trump has been briefed on the shooting I want to go to work chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta Jim president that was asked about the shooting as he returned to the White House just a little while ago we was in North Dakota and Wisconsin if he was at which point out the present about an hour ago or so he did put out a tweet on all this saying that he has been briefed about the shooting out in Annapolis Maryland we can put that to tweet up on screen and it basically says that he’s been briefed on the situation at the Gazette in Annapolis Maryland thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and he also extensive thanks for the First Responders who are on the scene but Will Ferrell as he arrived here back at the White House from this trip out to North Dakota and Wisconsin he was peppered with questions about the shooting in Annapolis so he had no comment to reporters here you can hear some of the shouted questions about here’s how it played out so will he can see the president did not answer any of those questions that one question that you heard from one reporter they’re made a reference to quote and in the people I was your point out we don’t obviously know what the motivation was behind the shooting out at Annapolis of at the White House is getting questions about whether the president’s rhetoric is getting out of hand on Air Force one earlier this afternoon in a gaggle with reporter Lindsay Walters who was a spokesman for the president was asked about President rhetoric about the media and she said violence is never tolerated in any form no matter whom it is against and so the White House is saying at this point obviously they do tolerate violence of any kind particularly that when it’s directed at journalist one thing we should also point out woke and I think this is a very good quote from Gabby Giffords the the former Arizona congresswoman who is nearly killed in a shooting when she was at an event several years ago she was asked her if I should say she was at but so she did put out a statement on what happened in Annapolis earlier today and wolf but these are the words from Gabby Giffords reporter shouldn’t have to hide from gunfire while doing their jobs intern in The Newsroom shouldn’t have to tweet for help obviously when we don’t know the motive behind their shooting we we don’t want to jump to conclusions but I think no matter how this turns out no matter what we find out in terms of the motivation of the shooter obviously Gabby Giffords this is right on the money there when she says it reporter should not have to hide from Shooters when they go to work will will get back to you Maryland congressman John sarbanes it’s in his district where this occurred today deepest deepest condolences Congressman to all the victims and their families I know it’s a tough situation can you update us on the latest information you’re getting well I think the latest news wolf is what you’ve got which is a door five fatality there three that were injured that are at Anne Arundel Medical Center which is right close by top-tier Healthcare institutional get the bed are possible there I think what we wanted a command people for his how quick the response was from law enforcement it was not only timely within about a minute but it was also very very coordinated so they able to get the seen under control take custody of the shooter quickly and at that point all the attention shifts to making sure that the victims are being attended to that the families are getting the information that they need at this stage that’s the first order of business of the shooter so I don’t want to speculate about that and I think as I said once the shooter is is taken into custody at that point all attention all resources but a shih for the foreseeable future towards making sure that the families are getting good information there’s a reunification Center that’s been set up nearby so the families can be reunified reunited there and that’s where our attention should be do you know Congressman if the victims the five people that were killed at the others were injured some of them severely injured. Did they all work for the newspaper I don’t know that for sure wall I do know that incident happened in a place where there were employees of the of the newspaper so is the identity becomes clear of those who were who were killed and those who were injured will have a better sense of that you know this is a Small Town Newspaper the capital of very close to the community these reporters know people in the community they report on the community do feature articles and so the Ripple effects when these people are targeted in The Newsroom that’s going to in in many different directions it’s going to take obviously this community some time to recover but that’s where the the emphasis should be you know Congressman families of the next of kin I’ve already been notified about the fire people that were shot and killed I do not know that no what. Can you tell us about the injuries those who were who were injured who were wounded in this shooting spree I believe at least one of the people that was injured was was taken to shock trauma where you have a kind of emergency trauma response to the to the wound that’s been inflicted and then others were taken close by when I say close by I mean we’re talkin 1/4 Mile Away Dan Arundel Medical Center which is a first class Healthcare institutional be getting very good care there obviously we our hearts go out to them are we hope they pull through with a full recovery and as I said we’re going to be thinking about what happened to these families and doing everything we can to make sure that the community is recovering and that these families feel supported Wooden Duck are we know that the local state and federal authorities are on the scene they’re investigating I know you’ve been speaking to the FBI ATF what are you hearing from them kind of knitted together overtime the important thing is you mentioned is you got every law enforcement resource really that you need to have as part of the team they’re working together they’ve been working together from the beginning not just enforcement but very quickly in the wake of getting the scene lockdown in terms of taking custody of the shooter the Anne Arundel County crisis response team was in place they were deploying councillor who can help with it with the families that were coming here and needing more information so if you want to look at kind of a task for response to a tragedy like this I think the law enforcement professionals that really stepped open the First Responders in a way that’s an example to us all and we are so grateful to them for all that they do Under The Awful awful circumstances
White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters was asked about the President’s comments against the news media in the past amid reports of a newsroom shooting in Maryland. Walters said the Trump administration does not condone violence.

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