Trump highlights economic policies in Wisconsin

when the 21st century lady gentlemen you’re part of History thank you the fox kind of all of you for making this possible congratulations ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan is this not amazing I want to start off by thanking president forgetting this entire ball rolling I want to thank our governor who you just heard from Scott Walker this States best cheerleader from making this moment possible and I want to thank chairman Terry go divisionary from Foxconn the man with one of the most impressive worldwide stories this is a beautiful story you know what’s going on in this economy right now because of the policies that are being put in because of tax reform and Regulatory relief on majority of Americans are excited about the future or unemployment rate in America is it an 18-year low the jobless rate in America is it a 48 year nfib has been pulling their small business members for 45 years they’ve never seen this kind of open it optimism the vast majority of the manufacturers in America they’re hiring they’re raising way so jobs are being created in America wages are going up in Wisconsin is leading the story Wisconsin is leading this story this story right here of Foxconn is the most Vivid picture of what a strong and healthy economy looks like it’s the most Vivid picture of a state on the rise and a country with a healthy economy I want to mention which. Walker just said so it really penetrate 4 years we were fresh movie called a brain drain for years we were worried about our young kids going to our school is going to rain adversities and then leaving the state to find other better opportunities this fraud singularly is going to do more to help reverse that brain drain and critic brain gain in Wisconsin and let’s just make note of this I see Brian Albright out here from Gateway I see our partners are private colleges I see the UW system this project is going to bring a whole new sector to our state’s economy to Whisk on Valley and what we’re doing this generation of leaders on the president merry go to Scott Walker tour Educators Door manufacturers to the men outside and hard hats were making the dirt moved to put this project on the ground what this shows is we’re from filling Our Generations commitment Duty in see that we do in this country what is that commitment what does that Legacy you leave the Next Generation federoff you do the things you need to do so that your kids and your grandkids are better off Wiscon Valley Foxconn itself that is giving us a kind of economy the kind of sector the kind of educational partnership so that people can raise their families in Wisconsin with good careers you working get ahead their kids can get great education’s and they can stay and enjoy a great life for themselves so I want to congratulate everybody who works so hard to make this possible I think our president or governor and Sherman go for bringing us to this moment and I want to say to my fellow wisconsinites our best days is a States and in my fellow Americans are by Sage the country or ahead of them are ahead of us because of projects like this thank you very much and God bless thank you ladies and gentlemen the chairman founder and CEO of Foxconn hairy coo yes that is and gentlemen and all of my new family members in Wisconsin of you story in Wisconsin and then United States Olympic in about 1 year ago love you may not know but 44 years ago I got in my Fort Bragg as a young businessman right here in the Midwest in 1974 I got my first order from Chicago Bears TV manufacturer Dennis she is an old saying don’t forget where you come from if not for this opportunity give me 44 years ago may not be here today today 44 you later I come back to the Midwest to make a major investment in Wisconsin to repair the Canada to the people who give me a chance to realize my own dream Wisconsin has been the manufacturer half or America I want attitude the cultures and then people to support the transformation to a high tech Hub into did the future we are here together to celebrate I’m breaking of the body become very Science and Technology Park Armageddon new high-tech you know where is small City and home first tltff investment 13000 jobs in Wisconsin and not just any job but high tech jobs high paying jobs latasia jumps high Valley jobs in very high tech and AI together into one place creating a community where are the best pattern long to walking and leave to Boston Maddie is coming I would like to give him my science to speaker for his Support over the past year I also want to express my thanks and appreciation to Cameron Walker for having the time to see supposed to be impact investment on the Wisconsin economic he and his team have confirmed why we said Wisconsin or many other states volume measurement finally I would like to thank you present time for being with us today I’m saying is Duvall and I was saying it again are is well not for your present mr. Trump Donald Trump I would not be here today how’s it going since then other corporate business been invested many business around the world is one of the few leaders who has show me such passion attention and support his commitment and it is truly one of the best ortofon past year I’ve seen president Trump server times is Tommy he seems to me he truly care about improving improving the lives of the American people I love that more people we’re coming to invest to set up on these tenders and factories and to create more jobs taking advantage especially in Wisconsin a song Wisconsin good for Midwest strong Midwest is good for America a strong America is good for the world Johnny is a win-win-win and now I give you on that speaker the president of the United States very much everybody you know 18 months ago this was a field and now it’s one of the most advanced places of any kind you’ll see anywhere in the world it’s incredible and I want to be thanking Terry go Germany Foxconn in a friend of mine one of the most successful businessman in the world very few people even close and I want to thank him for investing in Wisconsin and investing in the United States and this is just the beginning I know Terry this is just the beginning this is one of them largest plants in the world and when you think in terms of 20 million feet of you building Manhattan a million foot building that’s a very big building they don’t get much bigger and hear you’re talking about more think of it more than 20 million feet and that’s probably going to be a minimal number so I’m thrilled to be here in the badger state with the hard working men and women of Foxconn working few moments ago we broke ground on a plant that will provide jobs for much more than 13,000 Wisconsin workers really something really something thank you Carlos I want to also thank secretary Steve mnuchin who’s here thank you Steve secretary Wilbur Ross secretary Alex add administrator Linda McMahon friend of mine for a long time Linda where did Linda thank you and also Paul just got just left I should go because we got that passed legislation passing so much look at what’s happening with our Supreme Court look at the victories we’ve had look at the victories we’ve had lanteri I didn’t speak to him about it but he’ll be in particular happy about one of those victories do know which one we’re talking about I think you do so I want to thank Paul Ryan I want to thank our great Congressman Glenn grothman where’s Glenn thank you very much great job and we have so many other officials but I have to thank I gave it to I hand it’s like handing the football off and it ran for 2000 yards that game because most people couldn’t have done it. I have had a great relationship and Terry was thinking about doing this and Mazda Sunday you want to talk about another successful guy he was in my office he said that a friend of mine said it up it said I want to invest 50 billion dollars in the United States I said you know me 50 but give me 50 million a five-minute meeting 50 million and I wanted to make it quick but I heard about him he along with her that best friends he came out and I said so good what are you going to invest in do that for 50 minutes I’m going to invest 50 billion and he misrepresented to me because he’s represent I can tell you he did because he spent much more than 50 billion dollars in the United States and that was two years ago and now they’re going to do a lot more cuz I want to thank Mazda son my saw you back there come come I got to get him up there come on up here Martha if you can understand what I’m saying he doesn’t play games doesn’t like small numbers right you proud of Terry say something about Terry, he is my best friend and we have two brothers of course but I promised the first time I met the president Trump just before you became official president was the first deal came to celebrate 50 billion dollar investment and 50000 job to the United States because I said I couldn’t have decided such a thing before this new president because I said now I see the passion I see the opportunity I’m more energized voluntary promise and now I’m happy we’re making great success and I said I have one more thing to promise which is Foxconn so those 3 things I promise and I did not have official official permission from 30 but I promise happy today that the my promise came to the truth so this is a great historical moment because I think United States did not have the echo system for new techno the last 20 years and now this is the beginning of new ecosystem of high-tech manufacturing back into the United States thank you Marsha what are the great business man of the world also those two that is some combination standing backstage I said woah but they like each other I love each other and his 50 billion turned out to be 72 million so far. Finished yet and that doesn’t include Foxconn so big stuff I want to thank another very special man I hope you can hear me cuz I wanted to come on stage because I handed the ball over there he’s a friend of mine and I recommended Wisconsin this case and I’ll be recommending Ohio and I’ll be recommending Pennsylvania and I’ll be recommending Iowa and I’ll be recommend but this was something that just seemed right and the reason is that you have a car plant in a very nice location and I flew over that plan with another great wisconsinite ranks you know right good man I think he’s around here something he’s a great guy and I said that would be a good side the only problem was that sites about 1/100 the size of what they did here you going to put one of the smaller buildings on that side this is big stuff but I handed it over this place is such a great place you know I just realized the other day they told me I didn’t when we won the state of Wisconsin it hadn’t been won by a republican since Dwight D Eisenhower in 1852 did you know that and I won Wisconsin and I like Wisconsin a lot but we won Wisconsin and Ronald Reagan remember Wisconsin was the state that Ronald did not win and I was a 1952 and I’ve got to know the people here they’re incredible and I said to Terry this would be an incredible place then I started hearing the magnitude of what is due this is magnitude like some of you have been able to see it and this is just the beginning this is just the absolute beginning but company going to invest some place in the world not here they wouldn’t have done it here except that I became president so that’s good but they wanted to do it some place now in the United States and I immediately thought of the state of Wisconsin Terry came up fell in love with the people fell in love with the location fell in love with the concept here there is going to make robotics here they’re doing many other things looking for television sets are doing many things here and they’ll do a lot of expansion I had to hand off the ball and in private life you know you handle up the ball and sometimes they do a good job and sometimes it’s like what happened didn’t work out why didn’t it work out because they didn’t know what they were doing and sometimes that and there are very few Governor’s that I could have said good luck you going to build one of the largest operations in the world over 20 million feet good luck I gave it to Scott Walker he literally didn’t have make a phone call to me for the last year-and-a-half he is a unbelievably talented guy I’m telling you Scott Walker well thanks mr. president you mentioned you got the ball Road Foxconn will not be in America if not for you back in April 27th when you met with Terry go and told him about Natalie being in America but told her there was a pretty good site that’s the honest truth in fact we said was we got to get a bigger site than that because this is much bigger than we ever thought and your team your team in the White House said Jared your cabinet your everybody was just hands on deck great team effort here and that we couldn’t be more proud to have Foxconn 8K technology LCD panels for the first time ever outside of Asia made in the USA probably here in the state of Wisconsin thank you mr. president so I gave Scott the ball and he carried the ball and if that were football Sanders NFL said as he ran for about 2,000 yards in one game special guy I hope he doesn’t run against because that comment that comment will come back to haunt me he is a special talent that a special person as Foxconn has discovered there is no better place build hiring growth and right here in the United States America is open for business more than it has ever been open for business between Arlo taxes are cutting of regulations will not finish with the regulation I will have leg what is sensible regulation you’ll be able to get things approved quickly or just approved sometimes it’s going to be just approved we have clean air we have Crystal Clean Water we going to do all of the things you how to do but we’re going to speed up the process you have people that wanted to build a plant like this and would have taken him 25 years to get approvals 25 years they got them almost immediately and the federal government had a lot to say we had to get going and they did and here we are and they’re starting other sections right now so we’re open for business made-in-the-usa it’s all happening and it’s happening very very quickly we created 3.4 minion job since the election including over 300,000 manufacturing jobs and as you saw the recent Paul just came out the highest percentage of Happiness by menu for in the history of the poll which is a very old poll unemployment claims are the lowest they’ve been in 44 years unemployment for African-Americans is that the lowest level in history unemployment for Hispanic Americans the lowest level in history unemployment among women and I’ve been saying it is just change today is at the voice level and I’ve been telling you 21 years it’s now at the lowest level in 65 years and it’s going to be in history very soon history sounds even better for the workers after 20 years wages are rising remember I used to say they did better 20 years ago then they did two years ago now they’re starting to do better and they having their choice of jobs were they can enjoy what they’re doing in a recent study found that 95% of Manufacturers they want to get going and they’re going to get going and we have a lot of these things happening in the United States send me this is always going to be the special one because people that are highly sophisticated business people that have come out to look at a friend came out 2 weeks ago because he heard about it he’s a highly sophisticated business person that you will know he could not believe it he called me up and you would love to tell me it’s nothing he’s that kind of guy. Really nice guy but he’s a great businessman he could not believe what he’s saying we are demanding from foreign countries friend and foe we have been as country we’ve lost our company’s we’ve lost our jobs they build a product they send it in that’s why this is so beautiful because this is as great as there is anywhere in the world and we do it within our country and I just want to let you know we put tariffs on steel and aluminum those businesses are through the roof you are still called me up there expanding or opening 6 plants they haven’t done that in 35 Georgetown Steel in South Carolina closed for years ago closed and shuttered their open for business 600 people that’s happening all over the country all over the phone so I want to level out and I’m doing it level out the playing field in all of the things you hear some I mean frankly that smart people love it some people don’t understand it but going to be treated fairly when are great farmers in Iowa Wisconsin Upper New York State when we want to sell are dairy products into Canada they charge us 207 5% to 175% essentially what this thing is we don’t want your product cuz he was going to pay then so we going to level out the playing field they send us a lot of stuff no tax get out go to be friendly we love Canada we love can I look at it I’m going to work it out Mexico last year made a hundred billion dollars plus they have a 17% almost backpacks that nobody even thinks about so we were behind the eight-ball cuz that text was there at the beginning right from the beginning we were behind the Mexico wants to make a deal going to make a deal with China I have a lot of respect for China I think it’s great and presidency I think he’s great he’s a friend of mine but we lost 500 billion dollars over the last number of years 500 billion dollars a year we help to rebuild the China someday they’ll say thank you but we don’t want to do that anymore I have a fair and balanced situation happen immediately but has to be fair because our country is never done better than it’s doing right now European Union last year trade imbalance we had a deficit of 151 billion dollars they send us Mercedes they send us by the millions to BMW’s cars by the minions we send them a bushel of corn and there Jack that they have a bear they don’t want to talk or okay I understand but you know if you don’t want our Agricultural Product we don’t want your cars I mean you know it’s not such a complicated formula and they’re going to come back they’re going to say let’s talk frankly don’t tell him I said it but they already have don’t ever tell them I said that he’ll screw up my negotiations but we doing good your opinion and it all work out many many other cases we’ve actually made a deal with South Korea we took the deal I expired was a terrible deal it was supposed to give us 200 50000 jobs done by Hillary Clinton and she was right it did give 250,000 jobs so she was right it gave it to South Korea. The US just was not a good deal but we negotiated the deal and subject to shining I always say subject because lots of things happen and if it did happen that’s fine but we made a new deal with Jeff. Wonderful deal for both in our farm is now protected and our tariff which has been paid for years which was expiring has now been extended for a long period of time or trucks at the center of America’s economic Resurgence are the massive tax cuts that I signed into law six months ago we slash tax rates for individuals and we did numbers for business we did tremendous tremendous amount of work and the largest tax cut approved ever gotten in the history of our country tax cuts and tax reform included in there is anwr the largest drilling site potentially in the world in Alaska and we rid of the individual mandate which is going to be great for the people here and the people that work here another words we got rid of obamacare’s individual mandate where you have the privilege of paying a lot of money for not having to buy Healthcare think of that I think of that one you pay a lot of money not to have health care so it’s gone most unpopular Obamacare by 4 and ObamaCare is largely gone now and we’re opening up secretary Acosta is he a secretary Azores here we’re opening up unbelievable Healthcare cross state lines highly competitive really great Healthcare everyone’s competing for it all of the insurance companies are dying to get it they all want to compete the cost to go to be low and it’s costing our country nothing nothing and it’s so much better than any form of insurance we have Association and then secretary is always coming out in three weeks with a mess of flan you won’t believe it and we did repeal and replace Obamacare unfortunately one Senator decided to put the thumb late in the morning and that was not a good thing when you put that thumb down but we made up for and in many ways more than made up for it but that was a sad day to me but now we have something that ultimately I think is going to be better and that’s what we do today was seeing the results of the pro-american agenda America First make America great again or greatest phrase ever used in politics I suspect right that’s the greatest make America great again so what are we using in 2 years can you believe two and a half years so soon you know what the price is right that’s right keep America great of course! Keep because we can’t stay and two years so you were here for 4 years America great again but when you look at what we’re doing is very simple it’s called keep America great will get your nice hats maybe we’ll make them green this time instead of green represent in cash this plant will manufacture state-of-the-art LCDs adding an average of 3.4 billion dollars to the state’s economy every single year and by the way I don’t know this but I understand but I understand politics I guess I wouldn’t be here in a short period of time I must have potential right cuz then we are all together but I assume the Democrats are probably saying how do you lose any good you know they say anything you do you know the Democrats as headed by Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters you know they have a new leader Maxine Waters later but I assume you make no idea what the deal is we had a couple of them recently a trade deal and one of the Democrats got up the deal I need to know the deal nobody but that’s the way they say always says this is one of the great deals ever what this is going to do and and I don’t even know that anybody is critical of it I can’t imagine they could be I know that Terry’s investing billion dollars in the state 10 billion dollars credible so even at this early stage of economic benefits of this new plant are being felt in 60 of Wiscon 72 counties already don’t worry another 3 weeks it’ll be 72 Foxconn has already contracted 27 local Wisconsin to begin construction of the main facility is big as this is this is just a toy compared to the main facility and I’m pleased to report that Foxconn intends to build 100% the factory with beautiful American Concrete at beautiful American steel made right here so important are steel industrial aluminum interested or solar paneling coming back to come back fast one of the many people here with us today who will benefit from this plant is Cecilia Griffin she is a mother of three and a member of the international Union of operating in news local 139 Julia could you come up tell us what this Foxconn job this incredible this really incredible plant has done for you and for your family Celia hello everyone giving honor to I started in 2005 as an operating engineer and Hoffman construction gave me my first job in a hall truck I went on from there to work for gilbane building the Northwest Mutual Towers in Milwaukee now the two families are too and they brought me to Fox come to work in the hall truck again and me and my family are grateful and very pleased to be at home again thank you everyone thank you thank you Sylvia we want to tell by the way Harley-Davidson please build those beautiful motorcycles in the USA it’s okay don’t get cute with us don’t get cute they don’t realize your taxes are coming way down they don’t realize it but a lot of time with them build them in the USA your customers won’t be happy if you don’t I’ll tell you that now let’s hear from Don Wallace after she and her husband Dave worked hard to raise three beautiful children Dawn recently decided to take advantage of the new job opportunities that box created right here in Wisconsin and I’d like to have can you come up please where are you good hi Don hi so did you receive any of my tweets president Trump like you did play at home mom turned in the fox can builder in Kaufman for giving me the opportunity to start something new what a perfect Foxconn it was super excited when I heard it was coming in our area thank you I also like to welcome Chris Koski one of the project managers of the site who is really done a fantastic job Chris please hello everybody so one of the best parts of my job is getting to put these teams together something to build them it’s analytical we look at pictures and then we make them into the real thing in the real world but in order to do that I need currently 110 people to help me every day and they show up early and they go home late and we spend time together prop play more time together than we spend with our families but they’re there every single day and they do everything that we ask and we get the job done on time and that’s that’s the part that makes it special so we get the weather out there everyday and we make sure to care for each other take care of each other we actually treated like it’s family it’s a dangerous job in some ways but we look out for each other just think that it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever really been doing this since I was about 10 years old and I can’t believe I’m standing here talking to you all today about it so Foxconn is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to Hoffman construction and certainly for Chris kosky and I appreciate the opportunity present president Trump thank you very much come by the way as soon as I’m finished here I’m going to hop on that plane I’m going back to Washington and we’re going to pick ourselves one great United States Supreme Court Justice to take the place of a great man Justice Kennedy really a great person great man I’m so honored that he decided to do this during our turn and I think that’s your confidence in us but he is a very special person special man Justice Kennedy and just remember that name he’s done some very important decisions very important things highly respected and we love them so we’ll be but will be picking somebody and will be hopefully making you very proud so important you know when I ran for president I started hearing outside of obviously defense all of that the most important decision a president can make is the picking of United States Supreme Court Justices if you’re lucky enough to do that we had fantastic choice with Justice Gorsuch proud of it doing fantastic job and we’re going to try and do just as good so we’re going to start working on that process we’ve already started and play we’re going to make you very proud so Justin finishing I want to say that is only one part of the exciting story that is playing out across our nation all of our nation Chrysler shifting production from Mexico to Michigan Toyota and Mazda will build a new facility in Alabama beautiful facility and with many other companies coming and not only the car companies but this is where the actual as I go around I see the leaders of different countries and they always say congratulations on the great economic success that you having in the United States and we have an economy that’s almost twice the size of China much larger than any other and you know if you think we’ve made so much progress in the last year-and-a-half it’s put us in this position and we’re going up nobody’s ever seen anything like it and why does GDP numbers we started off at a very low number and right now we hit a 3.2 nobody thought that was possible in four years but I think it’s going to go a lot higher than that so you watch those numbers each point is 3 trillion dollars and 10 million jobs just remember that each point and we already had a 3.2 and I think we’re going to be seeing fours and I think we’re going to be seeing 5 stew and I think we’re going to go higher than that but that may be in the second okay can I have a little break right rice save our secretary great Secretary of the Treasury right stay by Mike okay saying that say that’s my that’s my project I think that’s your projection to mnuchin at this projection through you better be right see it in the first quarter of this year’s American companies repatriated a record 300 billion dollars that would have never come back today’s country hits overseas profits bring in the money back home to our country where it belongs I think we’re going to have 3 maybe 4 trillion dollars before that’s all over it was impossible to bring the money back virtually Teresa’s now they’re coming back that’s apple as you know Terry makes out of the product laptop iPhones makes a lot of them for apple and apple spending 350 billion dollars billion is another case I would have been happy with 350 million right but they’re spending 350 billion on plans on building an incredible campus and Terry’s very happy about that we’re also reclaiming country Sprout manufacturing Legacy that’s why it’s so important that we open up our steel mills again we need that for purposes of Defense we need that the purposes of legacy we’re restoring America’s industrial night and thanks for the hard-working Patriots like you were making america-greater that ever before it’s greater than ever before very shortly to all happen and you see it happen see what’s going on they’re all coming back where the place they want to be to Foxconn and to Terry go and all of the amazing Wisconsin workers with us today at all over this thing I want to wish you good luck and congratulations on truly one of the Eighth Wonder I I think we can say this is we can say the 8th Wonder of the world wonder of the world but this is something so special so I wanted to congratulate you all your very special people and a very special day thank you very much thank you to Scott Walker thank you everybody great honor to be with you good luck enjoy
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