Trump: Germany is a ‘captive of Russia’

Caitlin Collins live from the NATO Summit in Brussels off to a rocky start Caitlin that’s a good way to put it headquarters at the breakfast this morning with the presidents sat down only minutes into his first event here in Brussels when he started airing his complaint about defense spending and NATO singling out Germany and proving ever European your worst fear is coming true that this is going to be a very hostile Summit Plies over defense spending at a breakfast kicking off this week’s crucial NATO Summit u.s. is expected to defend Europe from Russia to Spain Germany paying Russia billions for energy and you tell me if that’s appropriate because I think it’s not but Germany is far as I’m concerned his captive to rush it Germany’s defense spending to CNN last night this is a pipeline back in 2002 or 3 I’m so way before rush hour change in its Behavior Expendables Ruben Gondola in that generation the importance of the alliance open able to unite around for Paul’s tattoo protect and defend each other people to understand that we are stronger together the worst case scenario many liters expressing fear that President Trump will follow through on the threat to pull u.s. military protection for countries who don’t reach the 2% defense spending Target a gold there supposed to hit by 20 before America I appreciate your allies after all you don’t have the time ahead of a trip to the UK later this week in his first sister Theresa May over the ongoing Revolt within her party but not directing any tough talk tour Putin frankly Putin may be the easiest of them all I really can’t say right now as far as I’m concerned just acknowledging that Moscow welcomes the growing division between the US and the European Alliant but attempting to downplay concerns I think the Discord is music to Putin’s ears but I do think that coming from this Summit which is Allied is strong and is going to increase our deterrent capabilities that is going to put president Trump in a very strong position with president direct at the secretary has confirmed at the present is going to have to one-on-one meetings here in Brussels is afternoon one with the French President Emmanuel macron and another with a germ Chancellor Angela Merkel needless to say we are just getting started Wicked comfortable for us at the NATO headquarters in Brussels Caitlin thanks so much let’s bring Christiana Amanpour Christian as we said the European leaders they were expecting tension they knew these were to be tough meetings but this was the breakfast before he even arrived at NATO headquarters he went in there to send message the president did any did it clearly and loudly and with the sharpest of sharp elbows every Norm of an alliance specifically I’m talking about the word cat 7 control by when he refers to Germany and Angela Merkel being controlled by Vladimir Putin in Russia it is unprecedented language it is a real threat to the alliance it’s a threat to the Democratic liberal post World War that Harry Truman himself signed into into being with the NATO declaration 70 years ago and that is what really worries the alliance right now they are very very nervous that this Alliance as well G7 which we saw Trumbull in in in disarray back in June in Canada all being put up Threat by the United States right when they need to stand up to Russia who I was he president who’s in the Trump is going to need right on the hill of the NATO Summit I conducted those two interviews with the Earth should have ended lion the German defense minister and with the u.s. ambassador to Nato the former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison they are also concerned you heard the German defense minister push back this is not a side deal to Nato military spending as president Trump declared this was a fifteen-year-old pipeline treaty with the Russians way before Russia annexed and invaded Ukraine and took over Crimea oranges what’s going on and it’s a really really tense moment will wait to see precisely what comes out of it does President Trump leave in the same way that he left Canada by pulling the u.s. signature of the final communicate that is that worst fear tell right now okay so Adam Kirby I think it is riveting to hear everything that Trump the case that he was making president was making to them in part because I’ve never heard him speak so long and usually here at home he says the us if you’re taking advantage of is bad but he really laid out his case okay in the most Folsom way they didn’t and he laid out his in the most that we’ve ever president dropped off I mean including it debates he will listen you can say it was a compelling case or not but he sat there and told them that there were a few different points number one why are you saying if Russia such a badass let’s start with this one was his point if Russia such a bad actor why are you dependent upon them for 60 to 70% of your I think if I was just to make sure he understood Germany’s trade and energy sector has nothing to do with their commitment to Nato or the purpose of NATO writ large his issues prayed and his beef with Europe in the EU with NATO and he’s using our military strength as The Leverage to do that that’s what he’s really at up to here and I also think number to that he’s trying to hijack the agenda this entire NATO shove it who’s on this one issue because to him this issue gets to using military strength as some sort of some sort of Acts over our NATO allies heads Christian go ahead you want to jump in yes the president is Raising this pipeline issue it’s got nothing to do with military spending as Admiral Kirby is just said if you would continue the conversation that I had with a German defense minister she pointed out that actually they have a very diverse energy Supply there is diversity they’re not dependent on Russia and she pointed out the other correct fact that ever since 2014 when Russia change the rules of the game Russia change the rules of the game that say that again Russia they did another country and annexed it changing the rules of the game Angela Merkel who took the lead in standing up to Putin and became the leader of the West Airlines in Europe along with President Obama and that is when they decide 2 op Nature’s defense spending it was then at The Summit in 2014 that they decided to up Nature’s defense spending determine on the size of each individual economy that’s why the US spends more the US wants to spend more of domestic GDP on its own military Europe thought that you was safe after the collapse of the Soviet Union it was off too change the rules of the game that they realize they had to spend and Jen stoltenberg told president Trump that that’s exactly what they have been doing collectively 5.2% more since 2014 when they took the decision and the road poussey by 2024 suddenly president Trump wants to change the rules okay that’s it I guess it’s you but NATO the 29 members of NATO said that by 2024 we will achieve that Target and even the US Embassy it says that hundred percent of all NATO members are moving in that direction it’s not just that the US GDP is more it’s a percentage right so what he’s saying is why does the u.s. have to shoulder the burden of 4% of their GDP when Germany sang I think they Germany just 1% bremen’s about about treaties agreements and plant and I want to show you what John Kelly the chief of staff pay a lifetime Marine General what he looked like during this breakfast meeting complaining about this from the time I got a new Pipeline and you tell me if that’s appropriate because I space called in the past where the president speaks and spent their lives strengthening International alliances that the US leadership built in the wake of world war and president Trump’s out of the gate to undermine those alive and the question is who benefits because the office he occupy is the office formerly known as leader of the Free World and he isn’t acting that way of President Trump’s that you should have all the time in the u.s. is being screwed over and obviously that’s what some of his voters responded to and so he just came with that message and just out of the gate he decided that that was going to be the top of the agenda how do you say it as I said I think he’s tried to hijack the agenda for this Summit to make this the single most important issue that stew gets discussed but what worries me about that Allison is that there are a lot of good things going on in Alliance they are transformed sitting up two new commands one of the United States they are pushing back on with respect Ukraine and continues to be a partner in in Afghanistan Germany included the need to be discussed going forward and I worry that the president just bought for focusing on this one thing is going to waste everybody’s time and efforts and he’s going to go to meet with Putin not stronger but weaker
President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused fellow NATO ally Germany of being beholden to Russia because it buys energy from Moscow, in pointed remarks ahead of a summit of the military alliance in Brussels.

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