Trump downplays Russian meddling before Putin summit

new tonight Trump and Putin face-to-face the White House announcing the two leaders will need for Summit July 16th in Helsinki Finland president Trump of previewing the summit making a Rosie prediction I’m roughly 30 minutes before this time it was formally announced a trump was saying what Putin wanted to hear once again casting down in the 2016 US presidential election President Trump tweeting Russia continue hey there nothing to do with meddling in our election where is the DNC server and why didn’t Shady Jim’s James Comey and then I’ll just grazed FBI agents taking closely examine it why isn’t Hillary Russia being looked at so many questions so much corruption let’s be clear Russian meddling in the u.s. election is not a matter of dispute or discussion. I can’t believe I actually just say it and yet when the president United States continually denies the reality and the fact we are forced to repeat them and to show for the umpteenth time intelligence Chiefs not only fully good car with the formal intelligence assessment that Russia interfere with the election but that Putin is going to do it again I stand by it now and I agree with director Pompeo this is not going to change or stop yes it is not going to change Nora’s are going to stop throughout the entire community that we have not seen it evidence of any significant change from last year and metal in the election today on Twitch attorney general Deputy attorney-general I’m sorry of the United States as that collusion with Russia when it comes to the Trump campaign is not off the table in the Russia investigation do you believe is Donald Trump indicated that the end navigation to what you have read the inspector General’s report has Vindicated mr. Trump as relates to collusion with a Russian agent as he indicated vestigation ongoing investigation correct this point I don’t understand how anybody can’t have frustration right you can you can think whatever you want to think you can think the investigation should have ended ages ago and there was no collusion but to deny Russian meddling in the election in to deny that it’s happening again it’s frankly absurd and yet the president did it again has he called the FBI all sorts and over and over and over again that any role that Russia played in the election if it were to be sedated would somehow delegitimize him he cannot make sure the simple separation that Russian interference in the 2016 election absolutely happened it is been verified over and over and over again and that you can basically if your present United States acknowledge what the intelligence agencies are saying you can acknowledge that screw still can test whether you yourself or your campaign colluded with the Russians he can’t do it Aaron he is just so invest did Inn in Franklin caring Putin’s water it is really really strange I mean you will do you normally have American Presidents you know standing up for for allies or trying to explain what they were saying to the voters at home and he doesn’t right he does it with Putin right at this Putin Putin tells me you know nothing ansys nothing’s wrong and that that’s what he said you know the last time remember when he met with a poodle on the sidelines of the summit last summer right so though and I and I want to play this for you Patrick cuz this was a little strange Adam Schiff of course the ranking member on the house intelligence committee with Sheena wrapped up its investigation with the Republican conclusion the Democrats didn’t agree with the point of shift talk to a lot of people involved in this as part of an investigation today he suggest the Russians laundered money through the Trump organization and that is why the president is seen as soft on rush it was a pretty incredible thing to come from sitting Congressman here’s what he said the Gated by the special counsel by the Congress is whether the Russians will laundering money for the Trump organization in this is leverage there applying to the president knighted states that would be four more compromising in my view than any salacious do you think that he would raise that just willy-nilly I mean for or does he have knowledge that’s causing him to race that yeah we don’t know what he’s basing that on but that is a pretty that’s a pretty powerful charge and right now the reality is we only know so much about what Mueller is investigating him in there may be other dimensions to a money has certainly been one but laundering is that’s a big charge Adam Schiff is says been out on this but you know we don’t know that to be true from him and it does take on great significance information to it to somehow substantiate it thank you so much Patrick Chief of Staff John Kelly there’s a dinner president had this week that could shed some real Clues at who was looking at chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is out front at gym you know in there as long as he hasn’t given this is where we are with their relationship what are you hearing the end of July last year yes there is a discussion where do discussion about a replacement for the chief of staff John Kelly and were told it a couple of nights ago over here at the White House president had dinner with Mick Mulvaney who is the director of The Office of Management and budget and that the subject of the if you have staff did come up he was not offered the job but it did come up and so that’s obviously going to fuel speculation that perhaps he’s looking at Mick Mulvaney of the vice president’s Chief of Staff apparently his name is also been floated as a possible successor to John Kelly now the was asked about this earlier today Erin and the deputy press secretary Lindsay Walter said she talked to the president about this personally and that he said that there is no such a conversation going on and that he described it as fake news but of course we’re hearing that this if it did come up the other night at dinner Whitehouse with Mick Mulvaney so stay tuned Prestige whatever all sorts of reasons the president doesn’t necessarily always treat these people wow is that making anyone can anyone cause job for whoever goes in any of these positions but Mick Mulvaney as she knows somebody who keeps the trains running on time and that might be somebody the president needs
President Donald Trump continues to cast doubt on US intelligence assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential contest, just as his aides announced details of his upcoming summit talks with President Vladimir Putin.

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