Trump discusses importance of Supreme Court selection – Daily Mail

and so thank you I hope you don’t mind I’ll just make a quick statement of a man I also have great respect for him get it here I think they’re doing a fantastic job with the World Cup right now it’s in Russia and I will tell you that’s exciting my son loves soccer and he loves watching the World Cup and they have really done a fantastic job with the World Cup it’s excited even if you’re non soccer fan I’m a soccer fan a little bit but not much time but I’m rooting for everybody to do well but I think the venue has been fantastic they really have shown something very special I fought very hard to get it for the United States Mexico and Canada as you probably have heard and that we were honored to be chosen and this is a great gentleman and a great soccer fan to he’s met with President Putin I haven’t gotten the full report yet but it would look like we will probably be meeting sometime in the not-too-distant future but he is a very good thing it’s good for the world that’s good for us it’s good for everybody so we’ll probably be meeting sometime around my trip to Europe hasn’t been determined yet some of my choices may be in it the selection of a Justice of the United States Supreme Court is considered I think we can all say one of the one of the most important events one of the most of things for when you see the decisions that just came down how big they are how vital they are and they can swing different ways depending on who it might home that might be in the court so it’s always been considered a tremendous tremendously important thing some people think outside of obviously war and pieces the most most important thing that you could have thank you turn off peel something well make you a suggestion don’t forget that photo has the best guy in the world don’t forget Portugal still there so that’s very important well I think we’ll be talking about so many other subjects and she of China we have every place I’ve been we have had great meetings so maybe something absolutely doing great the tariffs have been incredible and the Steel Industries doing great and our country’s doing great you seeing the results the numbers coming out from the companies are far beyond what anybody ever thought process we’re doing really good but we have to have fair trade deals and we’re working on really fair trade deals with working with your representatives thank you everybody is going to be very good probably after probably thank you very much

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