Trump critic is Mexico’s next president

when Andres Manuel Lopez obrador set his sights on the Mexican presidency he knew full well the value in Mexico of taking on Donald Trump after all as Trump’s still regularly reminds Mexico to pay for the wall and then enjoy it okay so though he won last night’s election with a campaign focused on corruption and violence in Mexico the views of the president-elect on Trump that tonight have the US buzzing in his book oil Trump or listen up Trump publish last year Lopez obrador list off how he is described Trump in the past once liking him too Hitler in the days before the Holocaust another time labeling Trump erratic and arrogant and about that border wall says Lopez obrador it goes against humanity intelligence and history and I will did I just spoke with the president-elect of Mexico at a great conversation about after a half-hour phone call between the two this morning described as respectful Trump said he thinks the relationship will be a very good one adding without I think it’s going to try and do very hard I think he’s going to try and help us with border some have likened the to because like Trump Lopez obrador is a populist an outsider who ran against Politics as Usual in pledging to put Mexico first but his views are socialists he’s Pro migrant rights and as he put it you’ll never be the pinata of any foreign government last night he pledged to work with the youth yes but with a kind of caveat it’s a relationship he said rooted in mutual respect and the defense of the immigrants who live and work in that country where does it’s all go from here will the president-elect do what the outgoing Mexican president chose not to come visit this place to sit down with Donald Trump and talk about that border Paul Hunter CBC News
Trump critic Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador is Mexico’s next president. CBC’s Paul Hunter reports.

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