Trump clashes with allies on defense spending

hi everyone I’m Elaine quijano president Trump is going to put America first as he class with NATO allies in Brussels Wednesday the president’s to the loan in his request for allies to increase spending on defense going on for decades for decades and it’s disproportionate and not fair to the taxpayers of the United States and we going to make it fair so that’ll be it has gotten far too close to Russia are Major Garrett is in Brussels with more president Trump confirmed by using the stage to criticize allies blasting natural gas pipeline deal with Russia is very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where you’re supposed to be German officials deny that the controversial pipeline will influence over their country dealing with rush-hour and we are stronger than later president Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel exchange pleasantries for the cameras during a one-on-one meeting with Merkel who grew up in communist East Germany told reporters earlier I’ve experienced myself how a part of Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union and said her country today made independent policies and independent decision don’t Afghanistan Siri are you praying and other world hotspots but president Trump appear determined to upset that tradition demanding NATO countries spend 4% of their gross domestic product on defense up from the 2% the US has previously requested Gold by 2024 something just five of the 29 Nations have done the US is at 3.5% 685 billion dollars last year launch of Wednesday’s meetings on his criticism of the alliances defense spending how much of his public remarks you think will for domestic consumption here in the US and how much were aimed at the allies and they will probably be very well received by Trump supporters who heard them during the campaign and want the president to follow through but I guarantee you and I can tell you first-hand here in Brussels they landed with a noticeable thud look there is a great concern here Elaine about the very future of this Alliance this post World War II konstrukt of mutual self defense and common military Alliance why it’s not that the president issues Burton sharing 2% of GDP maybe raising that isn’t a legitimate issue in fact many member nations of NATO agree that it is but the president’s methods go to the heart of what an alliance is at least what it means to these other member nations they United States has the most powerful economy the most powerful military force within NATO and what they’ve always believed is working in common defense and in pursuit of consensus is the way the alliance remains strong that’s early the perspective of Nations like Germany France Britain and others with the president appearing here to sew divisions with when everyone knows he’s going to leave here go to London briefly and then go to Helsinki for his first lengthy face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin a force that many Europeans worry about and what NATO to be strengthened in defense of strikes them as borderline belligerent and undermine the very bad using the very idea about consensus that the NATO alliance was always built around so can you deal with heart issues and find consensus that’s that’s a decent question presidential episode of asking in his own way but I if President Obama were part of this conversation he would say in fact you can because in 2014 and whales he was their President Obama was and told NATO member nations for years your defense allocations have been declining you’ve got to increase them and by consensus NATO members agreed to boost all of their defense spending by 2024 in fact that’s been the trajectory ever since 2014 steady increases by member nations within member nations within NATO not Nandina States so you can do this it can be done in fact President Obama did it what president Trump wants is to accelerate that process but his methods hear his language here the harshness of his presentation is left many wondering if the alliance can withstand that kind of rhetoric and that kind of intensity because of its about consensus it’s hard to find here in Brussels about that meeting that President Trump is said to have with Vladimir Putin listen to some of that it’s got to be confusing the president sense of History goes back to the day before yesterday I don’t understand to invite invested wives and their own resources into making this a success at the same time he Embraces Putin causing fine man gets it must be impossible for Allied to figure out exactly what the United States you spoke about the concern there from allies I wonder how Administration officials that you’ve spoken with are responding to this pensive concern members they will say in the president’s defense won a stronger NATO with more rapid increases in Alliance wide defense spending makes NATO itself stronger makes it more formidable makes it better capable of living up to itself. Credo so the White House would argue the present is just trying to make the alliance Stronger by demanding Nations move faster toward a common defense that’s one perspective that’s the only the president’s perspective the other thing they will say about and the cup coming meeting is the president doesn’t have a formula to find agenda he’s going to see what he can get from Putin and the European leaders are needlessly anxious that the present will be talked into something injuries to their interests or America Centris officials and sis the president going to be sandbag by Vladimir Putin he’s not going to give away things that undermine the United States or undermined Europe that’s the White House position I would just remind forward me with Kim Jeong Hoon we were told beforehand he would achieve great things and while we were there we were told to Summit did achieve great things in denuclearization would be set forth and put together and wrap it order nothing has happened since Singapore in fact all signals from Pyongyang North Korea have been the same Hardline negotiating positions that they assumed before the Singapore Summit so we have some recent history here about White House expectations being unrealised high-profile made-for-television Summits meanwhile here in the US farmers are beginning to feel the effects of retaliatory tariff on several products and it was interesting the president tweeted about them while in Brussels what does that say that’s to you major about the president’s own political situational awareness regarding his base of which farmers were a key element Lowe’s in manufacturing and lots of others supported Donald Trump because they believed in a either his America First agenda to drive a hard bargain on trade or generate more jobs for the US economy there’s no question about that the date is there for everyone to see what’s interesting now is having achieved that success created more jobs and a slight increase in wages what now appears to be as instability in the markets caused by the president’s own Hardline on trade and China and other nations are taking reciprocal tariff actions against the United States many times specifically China targeting exports from the farm belt of the United States that means price instabuild that means tonight Market access that means less Revenue Nest lest livelihood for those American farmers the present has said on Twitter and in public remarks over and over he’s going to find a way to help them out those ways have not been determined there’s no legislation Congress is going to do this the farm bill is going to a conference committee before the house and it said it it doesn’t have any particular mechanism in there to put money back into the farmers pocket if it’s lost due to a trade war or traits for mr. China or anyone else so the present Twitter promises some public relations promises on this score but so far nothing specific and if this trade Skirmish was China escalates to a full-blown trade War one of the first and most important Frontiers in that trade booby in the heartland of America
President Trump clashed with NATO allies in Brussels Wednesday over defense spending. At the same time, he pushed an America First agenda and responded to farmers in the U.S. hurting from retaliatory Chinese tariffs. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN from Brussels, Belgium to discuss.

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