Trump claims NATO allies will spend more but offers few details

let’s begin our covered with Cena and Kaitlyn Collins still in Belgium where the president just departed cable to the room after the president had sent NATO essentially into a an Emergency session because of the president’s comments about NATO then he came out to reporters at declaring Victory say that may have changed a lot over the two days and that’s the countries involved Bridge up their defense spending now that just doesn’t seem to be true to John because we’re Aaron’s in the French president who was pointing to that joint statement that President Trump signed yesterday was only committed then spending 2% of their GDP on defense meaning of pledge that they made years ago but agreed to hit by 2024 that is still the agreement from what the French president hey more than before they agreed to substantially up their commitments but then later on in that press conference at you heard from the president himself say that they had agreed to spend 2% of their GDP on defense that is not anything new agreed to do so it’s unclear why the president is declaring Victory and saying that there are going to spend more because they already pledged to meet that 2% no to be clear a lot of the countries are not if that’s too personal are actually far from it they have until 2020 to meet that goal but it was in our contract meeting President is saying that they will be meeting 2% he said he doesn’t doubt that they won’t be 2% of their GDP on military spending but that is nothing new than what it was before the president showed up in old that was already with a degree to do so really they are just repeating their pledge here despite the president saying otherwise that we also saw some stunning statements in the president really committing to the NATO allies the saying that he has great faith in them that they are fine-tuned machine until what he said during that press conference about it which sounds a lot different than what he said just a few days ago has been paying a tremendous amount of probably 90% of the cost of NATO and now going to start and countries are going to start upping their commitment so I let them know yesterday actually I’m surprised you didn’t pick it up it took till today but yesterday I let them know that I was extremely unhappy with what was happening and have substantially up their commitment you and now we’re very happy and have a very very powerful very very strong NATO much stronger than it was 2 days ago yesterday that the president suggested to these countries that they up their defense spending to 4% of the GDP I seen her that not even the United States means yet but it is not clear that any of those countries committed to doing that so it’s a White House does say that it is not fair that any country committed to spending far beyond at 2% of their GDP was that he had changed about NATO and now he is wheels up heading for London for another meeting that will also be highly scrutinized. Thank you so much I appreciate it again the president this way to the United Kingdom where I am right now joining me Sia cheap International anchor Christiana Amanpour also with me Luke Harding foreign correspondent for the guardian a Christian we’re trying to get to the bottom of the fax your because things just aren’t clear display the president said it is 40 minute news conference and he did say some things that are flat-out not true he said that the United States defense spending makes up 90% of NATO defense spending that’s just not true it somewhere around 70% he said he earn Nukem it’s for increased spending from NATO members we cannot determine if that is in fact the case the French President Emmanuel macron said they agree to nothing more than to what they had already agreed you what are you here well we hope to reveal all to you shortly because I do have an interview with Jen stoltenberg who is the NATO secretary-general as we all know famously who faced off with President Trump in that breakfast meeting and you was obviously in the room and we’ll be able to tell us the precise parameters of happened but you can see already there is confused reporting about it however French media reporting the dead president Emmanuel macron said there’s no change to the roadmap the Kohl’s for the countries to up there spending to 2%. Famous 2% that was a green back in 2014 and that should be implemented by all members by 2024 apparently there’s no changing that there’s no agreement on a 4% according to individual leaders and that’s true sort of pulled out of nobody quite knows where that came from what is interesting is that present from throughout all the soda blaster and the me myself and I and nature stronger than it was 2 days ago when I arrived yet what he did say is that so is vital nature is strong and nature is Unified those are important words to come for the president of the United States particularly as he heads off to Russia that NATO is why I’m so glad you say it clearly he did say nay toe is vital and in a way it’s the first time we have heard it over the course of these two days as he’s been highly critical of NATO allies and specifically critical of Germany the context of this news conference was we understood the secretary-general called an emergency session of NATO leaders today in inside that session the president was threatening his ally saying that the United States will do its own thing I will do my own the reports are if you do not increase your defense spending that’s what I’m hearing I like the United Kingdom or is it some kind of extreme nervousness here is to what will happen this is unprecedented we have not seen before Donald Trump and it’s important we just say yeah and we’re getting what we want out of this which was it a greater commitment to defense spending for more NATO Ally something at past present haven’t been able to do is meeting with Vladimir Putin I have to tell you that the KGB has been decades for a long time you know what you’re talking about here Christian on that point on Vladimir Putin some fascinating language in a couple of points I want to bring up your number one the president would not rule out accepting washing Annex Crimea that’s about it one will it out in the president won’t rule out canceling joint NATO exercises with the baltics what are so important to those dates which fear Russian incursion and specifically on Vladimir Putin would bring up election meddling with the president said is all I can say is did you and don’t do it again that’s true and one of the things you can do is go into a meeting squid shoulder-to-shoulder with the NATO alliance so that there is an impregnable wall of Western Democratic military and security Alliance and that is what the Allies were hoping fault on the issue of shoes that that you just brought up it is it is very difficult to see how that is going to be a win-win situation cancelling Joint Maneuvers with the Baltic states who were the front line as you correctly mentioned of a veto turn onto the former Soviet Union and being addressed as being so many tests and probing over the last few years by Russian at Crofton and personnel and others into certain Frontiers and Myspace all that kind of aggressive stuff has been going on to council joint exercises it’s just almost reminded me of what he said to Kim Jong on exercises with South Korea but what do you get in return so this is a big big issue if it’s does happen then the idea of of accepting the annexation of Crimea will none of the western allies accept the deputy secretary absolutely Kia Crimea is a part of the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine and that is what we is the United States believed so there are mixed messages going on my fear John is that we tend to be missing the big picture and all these little firecrackers in major firecrackers did the president keeps throwing out successfully and distracting and deflecting successfully so the big picture is Princess Victoria nuland wasn’t told me yesterday she was a former ambassador to Nato is that these few days The Summit in Brussels The Summit in Helsinki in her word will determine whether the United States of Donald Trump will bolster American leadership around the world or whether it signifies its debts now that is important otherwise killed all those were her words and we have to keep that in mind that is the Paradigm under which all of this is happening right now while this emergency session was going on all of our phones were going off with text messages from people connected to it with the word that the president was threatening to go It Alone saying he would do his own thing if he did not get his way in the White House Steven are just the only reporting the senior officials are saying no no no no the United States does want to stay in in NATO that’s a remarkable thing for a senior official from the administration to have to say that is not supposed to be in contention flute that supposed to be a layup as is u.s. acceptance of the annexation of Crimea any Western leaders you just say no no we’re not going to accept spell 5S common defense treaty we had a primary 2014 and launched by Russia in the east of the country facts about the major sporting events on Sunday so I think next week but one wants Trump impeached and leave will be to see what the crap the present arrive late 30 minutes late to the schedule meeting at NATO today that was designed initially to discuss Russian aggression Ford Ukraine in Georgia he arrived late to that meeting Christian the present in the air right now coming here the United Kingdom talk about the big picture here you talk about the notion of whether or not the president will disrupt the world order part of that world order yes if NATO relationship between the United States and United Kingdom talk to me about the status of a special relationship and what might happen here over the next two days absolutely right I mean it used to be a given that the relationship between the United States and Britain with Solid Rock Solid even two differences opinion on war peace and other such thing Albert shoulder-to-shoulder is always being the term to both sides of always used we actually haven’t heard that much since the inauguration of 2017 and we’ve seen instead president Trump consistently tweet against prime minister May taking and picking huge fights with the mayor of London gratuitously sadik-khan talking about meeting an essential I don’t know how to phrase it backstabber of the Prime Minister the form of foreign secretary who has had two who has resigned over disagreements that we thought he had agreed with you know all these things are very troubling the Brits would love to have the special relationship stay solid because it transcends a person and it’s about you trade security and all those things so they really really need this relationship to continue but the Europeans have started to say that America First is the new it is America alone it is America isolating to an extent they believe the president Trump is consistent in not worrying about maintaining the Integrity of the Western Alliance and laying the groundwork weather in strategic or not but in his own mind for pulling back and doing certain things on a purely biological and transactional way rather than in a multilateral Alliance way as has been the case for the last 70 years
President Donald Trump capped off his tumultuous two-day visit at NATO headquarters by boldly declaring that all NATO members agreed to increase their defense spending after he told them he was “extremely unhappy.”

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