Trump claims credit for economic growth

summertime and the spending is easy in this high-end shopping complex in downtown DC to buy a Rolls-Royce or something like that but I feel comfortable that I need to buy a new car I can make a payment I can buy some luxury got the dinner thing consumer confidence is one of the reasons US GDP grew up 4.1% in the last 3 months nearly double growth in the first quarter of 2018 the strongest expansion in 4 years economy Watchers conclude a very good solid picture good morning still good Donald Trump held an impromptu celebratory announcement at the White House many Economist disagree they worry all that spending is a one-time effective January tax cut and point out that some of that growth is due to preparations for Trump trade Showdown with countries buying up products such as soybean before tariff kick in even the president’s supporters praise him with an asterisk Americans were having the best economy of our lifetime it is mainly due to president Trump I just hope we don’t blow it all on a global trade War that’s where the uncertainty comes in the full effect of trade conflicts with China the EU and Canada hasn’t kicked in yet Trump is already trying to mitigate the impact just this week dialing back the rhetoric with the EU promising new trade talks and announcing a 12 billion dollar bailout package for Farmers a little bit but really would rather get paid by the market then have a government bailout about today’s numbers and that’s if there’s something Republicans can campaign on the next quarterly report does not come out until 11 days before the midterm elections Lindsay duncombe CBC News
U.S. President Donald Trump is taking credit for economic growth, as the U.S. GDP has grown 4.1 per cent in the last three months. It’s the fastest growth since 2014 and nearly double that of the first quarter of 2018. However there are concerns it won’t last.

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