Trump blasts movement calling to abolish ICE

hundreds of protesters planned across the country today against President Trump’s immigration policy streets of DC and end in front of the White House immigration protest in DC for going to get to that and just a moment but I do want to talk about something that the president has just tweeted about and that of course is ice we know that us some agents and former some ice agents actually sent a letter to HHS secretary as they were advocating that ice in some capacity be dismantled based on the practices that are being put into place right now by the administration of separation of family the president is tweeting right now the Democrat bus to abolish ice one of the smartest toughest and most spirited law enforcement groups of men and women that I’ve ever seen I watched ice liberate town from the graph of MS13 and clean out the toughest situations there great to the great and brave men women of ice do not worry or lose your spirit you are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements so brave the radical left dance want you out next it will all police next chance will never happen zero chance it will never happen Okay so this is what the president is saying but again is I said there are ice agents who sent a letter to the HHS secretary sing something does have to change what do you make this morning I think a lot has to change I do think the president is engaging in a bit of distraction here sleight of hand because the focus of today’s March is to reunite these families and end family detention and this come policies that go all the way up to the top to him and so the changes can be made by him and they can be made instantly in that doesn’t have to involve the dismantling of an agency to achieve it now in addition as these ice agents point out they were significant problems in ice there’s a culture problem I’ve dealt with ice for years I used to have clients who work there but again I think what happens is he sets up a strawman and send things like oh well everybody Marchant must want open borders in must love MSM MS-13 let’s nonsense what were interested in his children and babies and families being ripped apart and then when they’re ordered to get back together are going to be detained together and definitely and that’s even assuming they can get back together because this government has been so non-transparent we don’t have any evidence that they even are going to be able to put them all back together never really had a specific plan to reunite at those families once they were once they were put into custody after after crossing the border Gators have been perceived as targeting undocumented aliens instead of the transnational criminal organizations that facilitate cross-border crime impacting our communities and National Security if I’m understanding this correctly and help me out with you and just the same it sounds to me as though they’re saying this practice is distracting them from the true focus of criminals which is I think the point you were making it doesn’t have to be dismantled fully but there are parts of it that are broken how significant is it however have agents who are a nice calling for some sort of change here the police said we are going to devote every resource we have every man and woman working for our police horses going to stay make sure people come to a complete stop at stop signs instead of having their wheels roll slightly before they take off again and then as a result murders in bank robberies in other things are under investigated that’s an analogy to what’s happening right now with with the situation of zero-tolerance you’re pouring all of your resources into terrorizing families and I say terrorizing because they’ve admitted their goal is deterrence do something bad enough to these people that others won’t come and as a result you’re pulling off resources about the very thing he setting up as a thing we should be afraid of so he’s actually making the danger greater for Americans by pulling the resources off of the really dangerous in the jewels and not prioritizing people who are actually committing crimes instead terrorizing young children and babies and families it’s absolutely insane it’s backwards and frankly aside for being cruel and unjust dangerous you wrote a pizza in slate saying ultimately the burden to ensure that these families are reunited and kept say falls on the public to pick up where our leaders have failed at what’s needed now is pressure you write we saw Max in water congresswoman advocating for pressure is well let’s listen and you tell them anymore everywhere and what kind of pressure you Advocate what do you think could actually exert some change here had nothing to do with what Maxine Waters said and didn’t sound anything like hers what I’m talking about is exactly what we’re doing today there are 7 50 protest going on across the country hundreds of thousands of people have registered and nobody registers for March they should but a lot of people down and so I think the real numbers are going to be much much larger and that’s what’s needed because here we we’re having this human rights crisis artificially created by our president and our Congress decides that what’s really needed as an emergency hearing on the world’s most investigated emails of an individual who hasn’t been in government for 5 years and why are they doing that to distract us from the human rights crisis that the leader of our country has created and so what we have to do with Congress advocating its responsibility and with the Supreme Court about to belong to the president as the only third remaining check on executive power is the people and the people need to show up they need to protest they need to vote they need to make their voices heard and that’s precisely what we’re going to be doing around the country today that would want to shop thank you so much Sarah we appreciate your inside
President Donald Trump tweets that there’s “zero chance” a progressive push to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will ever happen.

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