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I’m going now by activist Nona hurkmans one of the organizers behind the Trump baby blimp I thank you for joining us what are you trying to achieve with this a baby blimp giant inflatable Trump baby we’re trying to protest basically Trump’s policies and his toxic politics but we’re kind of trying to do that with a with a humorous note humor what exactly are you trying to say Donald Trump we went with a baby because we feel that I’m Trump’s had a lot of the character characteristics of a baby such as throwing your toys out of the pram or are throwing Tantrums and we think that those qualities a very problematic for the leader of the nation so that’s why we decided to highlight those that you hope to troll and raise him personally or is your goal more to depict him this way to affect others views of him where is that when we designed the blimp I think what we were considering when we were planning to protest is kind of what would have an effect so we’ve seen that model outrage doesn’t work with Donald Trump harnesses that outraged and kind of to blame shift on to the people who he is outraging general just normal diplomacy doesn’t work with him reasoning doesn’t work with him but he really hates being mocked so that definitely came into play when we were when we were design what do you expect to happen at these protest how do you hope that they will resonate both in in your country and potentially an hours this week Trump’s disaster his policies and migrants refugees but also people who are affected by a climate change and and I guess one of the messages that were trying to send is that we’re still here and we’re still resisting and you know they’re still someone hide and from the messages that we’ve had it seems to really resonate and I feel we feel that we’ve definitely accomplished please that go with this protest thank you let’s turn to our panel and The Wider contacts for this Trump baby blimp we’ve noticed on the show Trump sensitive about these comparisons he wants asked his then campaign chair Paul manafort am I like a baby to you am I an effing baby Paul we don’t Trump actually likes to hold the baby insult towards others I was just like a little baby like a disgusting little weak pathetic baby of course little babies can’t apologize because they’re babies babies can’t talk juvenile this discussion May steemit X history also shows that form a political leaders mockery can be more upsetting than traditional policy criticism you know the whole book documenting how political cartoonist are so influential because they pushed it back is Apple a criticism reporting that Hitler was so incensed about cartoons laughing lampooning him he even secretly commissioned a book of cartoons in response Francis King Philippe had an artist in prison for drawing pictures that depicted him is a pair of the Ritz on to something we turn to our panel Tony Schwartz CEO the energy project box media tool is playing who the person will this not the baby blip will the baby blimp do you think upset him turn extended work in oh I talk to a lot of trump supporters during the campaign who told me that they would vote for Donald Trump because he was a real man and he was a tough bleeder but of course Donald Trump is not necessarily the poster boy for a tough leader a man who is comfortable with himself does not need to throw himself absolutely and we spend a lot of time during the campaign talking about the way that he attacked under insults for women Carly fiorina and her face but we did Little Marco crying Chuck now Chuck Schumer for crying these things that are emasculating or not seen as masculine he really goes after other men for not doing so obviously it’s something that he’s afraid that’s in hit himself and will be exposed UK your view Johnson who apparently is his good at Ambassador ring as he was atoning the New York Jets it doesn’t reflect the views of the people he’s talk to you weather in London for a week when they were talking about the World Cup they were talking about the political situation and in our country and all I could say was we we understand we have a problem we’re trying to correct it it’s going to take some time but please don’t blame me I mean blank call me your billing Hillary or blame you know that when he looks up in the sky and sees the the baby blimp he’ll be thinking up of T-Pain saying he wishes he could fly away Wow Mike Lupica came for paired I think anyone look up in the sky you don’t have to be president I think if you look up in the sky and you happen to see your likeness in a giant diaper-clad baby it’s going to have some effect on you which is why there’s a psychological profile of this so we cover all sides of the story I want to show himself what a beautiful baby don’t worry don’t want some mom’s running around like don’t worry about it 5 seconds later in that clip he said to get that baby out of here so I can tell you how being spent time around him when he had little children that he has less than zero interest in children the end so that’s are you asking me about the blimp I’m depressed if you are people have seen this as a way to troll him there was a long-running debate and we talked about it before on the show how do you deal with someone who dominates attention such a juvenile way but I happen to know that you don’t think this is the best way to protest him never forget way against it I just think it’s a relevant and it wont do anything in the idea of getting under his skin is not it it’s not significant who cares if we get under his skin what we want to do is get under his presidency and lift him out of it I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the fact that he has changed this debate around him and put it on his terms and it’s always being dragged down to the lowest common denominator we win no he’s about to oppose and resist him don’t win by playing the game at his level listen what was clear today more than it’s ever been is that the game here is democracy future of this country who it is we want to be who we want to be represented by it’s really big issues and they are positive meaning whatever doubts people have about what this country is we don’t want to be under an authoritarian country actually does but 70% of the country does not want to live under an authoritarian and if we can have what’s a good protest a small percentage or to go to the to the percent of the high percentage of young people who don’t vote and get them to vote it’s not important who is for Trump it’s important who is against Trump that they show up at the polls in register that his nap time is over and then people said is that really the way to go out I mean this is something that the resistance has not fully figured out okay and I think Trump operates on that on that principle but you have to admit just even though you can’t getting made fun of in Tony you better than anybody know how thin-skinned he is I do I just have gum come to a point where you know here’s the thing I gave the killary campaign during the pre-election. series of things that I thought would set Trump off during the debates she used every single one of them and in every single case that set him off did it actually redound in a positive way to Hilary know it probably didn’t and it turned out as we now know that those people who support Trump support Trump more when you are more critical of him and less were at least more when you’re more critical he is a respected leader abroad and this will disrupt that idea and might even mess with him not just on a personal level but mess on this image that he has in this obsession with control switch his you know a trip there and in every other even the way that he announced his desire for it is important places he’s respected or Saudi Arabia and and Russian what I believe is that we are we are far better off making the cakes for what we want to see and what does resonate with the vast majority of America we are here putting up lips what I’m hearing is it can be great fun and even effective to roast him and the counter argument being catharsis is not an electoral strategy this is emotionally refueling and renewing for for the resistance God Bless but yes we have a bigger we have a bigger challenge at hand which is to bring to people’s attention that this is a person who threatens in the most fun way the America we want to live in and the bigger than a baby even bigger you could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us and we appreciate that
A “Trump Baby” blimp organizer joins Ari Melber to discuss how the idea for a giant Trump baby blimp came about and why activists feel it’s an appropriate way to protests Trump’s visit to the U.K. Art of the Deal co-author Tony Schwartz notes that Trump’s supporters seem to support him more when he’s criticized, while Vox’s Liz Plank adds that Trump’s “gendered insults” towards both men and women have made him the “poster boy for fragile masculinity”.
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Trump Baby Blimp Organizer: Moral Outrage Doesn’t Work On Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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