Trump baby balloon to take flight over the streets of London

thousands of protesters are expected to pack the streets for Trump’s visit the US Embassy is actually warning America’s Atlanta to steer clear of protest or to keep their heads down but that might be hard to do or senior correspondent Susan explains why president Donald Trump isn’t even in the UK in all ready to protest have started and here’s a rather amusing way for protesters to show their not so keen on his visit here to the UK the Donald Trump inflatable baby the crowdfunded this project they got more money than they needed to build this and they’re going to fly it near the parliament buildings on Friday when big demonstration expected here in London you got to love the detail look at this there’s a cell phone in his hand for those emergency tweets he’ll be making he’s already said a few things about British politics that there in turmoil organ to say that many people here in Britain are opposed to Trump and his policies they say he’s an unreliable Allied to Britain and they want him to see this symbol he may not because he stopping very briefly in London and going out to the country deliberately going to Checkers the prime minister’s country residence and to Windsor to visit the queen but not spending a lot of time in London and he’ll be in Scotland for the weekend they may deflate this and carted up Scotland just for that Susan ormiston CBC News London
Thousands of protesters are expected to pack the streets of London for Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom. Greeting Trump on his visit will be a giant inflatable Donald Trump baby balloon flying over the streets of London.

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