Trudeau urged to help Greyhound, but private companies could be the answer

how else we supposed to get up there if we’re not going to be hitchhiking and they’re not going to put a bus I don’t have the money to take a train or plane or anything like that Greyhound bus service to a large part of Canada mainly in the was a blow to those who rely heavily on the service including Rural and Indigenous communities to the federal government to take action to replace the bus service Greyhound Canada surprised many on Monday with the news that will be shutting down all but one route and BC Alberta Manitoba Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario will be gone at the end of October Greyhound will continue serving Ontario and Quebec the federal government said today was also caught off by the news in Greyhound never told then it was coming back but no points in the conversations did Greyhound ever ever signal that they were completely cut services and that’s an important fact patience is urging the Trudeau government to step in calling this an issue of national importance the NDP says Federal funding is needed so that no Community is left stranded here in British Columbia we have the lack of bus services the highway of Tears lead to missing and murdered indigenous women who had to rely on hitchhiking because they weren’t in the Attic with bus services next week the fundamental issue around basic ability to write the transportation to where I was provincial and federal governments try to figure out how to fill the hole left by the bus Giants at least two companies they’re looking at stepping in Aaron Saltzman has a look at how this could unfold The Maritime Bus Charlottetown terminal for some it’s the only way off the island again I don’t have a car so that’s the only way I can get back to Nova Scotia to think they almost lost this service in 2012 Acadian lines pulled out of the region citing Financial loss Maritime Bus stepped in the company also operates the school bus Municipal transit in chartres so it’s more Diversified less dependent on long-haul trips leaner and more efficient you can have one singular management you can share expenses of mechanics overheads in your shop so it’s Synergy of operation collectively the divisions do work but couldn’t work in the west where Greyhound says the bus business isn’t viable I think that we can come up with a solution that would be cost-effective he says it might take government hell been probably a coalition of private companies some are already set to hit the road what we’re proposing to fill the void on the routes in Northern Ontario and Manitoba Casper will be in ski runs to Greyhounds but they use smaller vehicles and instead of State also cut cost by picking up passengers at Transit stops or in parking lot fresh ideas that some say could be an improvement busses here it didn’t sound like they were trying to grow the business he says for Francis and there would no doubt be people in Fort Frances who’d be pretty happy with that to Aaron Saltzman CBC News to run this isn’t the first time Greyhound make cutbacks in the country recently the last bus rolled out of white horse after almost 15 years of service to cbc’s Philip Moore I was on board actually a little better than average for the route which has been struggling for years it’s about a thousand km trip on the Alaska Highway Greyhound says the route was recouping about a fifth of its expenses the average ridership in 2017 was only three people on a bus with 56 seats Church says the ridership was low but people often told him the route was important to them a lot of people depend upon the Greyhound for coming to White Horse for medical appointments so what are they going to do the answer in Watson Lake says it’s looking at starting a shuttle service going to miss it immensely favorite part of the job has been people’s reactions to the scenery listening to the people who migrated to one side of the bus in order to get the great pictures of the the Bears the bison and if you’re fortunate The Wolf on the Alaska Highway
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being urged to help Greyhound with federal funding, but private companies could be the answer to providing the service. The National looks at how the Maritimes dealt with the near-loss of bus services six years ago.

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