Trudeau government to aid industries hit hard by trade dispute

millions of Canadiens will be on the water for the holiday long weekend but those who work in the Boating industry will be far from relaxed retailers are about to find out if they’re going to be caught in the middle of the Canada US trade fight dealers are just frantic as lead-up up to July 1st in fact we’ve been like in full gear for the last 3 weeks trying to figure out how we’re going to deal with this the price of an American built boat met Spike as of Sunday when Canada retaliatory tariff officially kick in tomorrow the foreign affairs minister will be in Hamilton Ontario known as steel town to announce the finalized list of American Goods that will be hit with the new duties cbcnews has learned some of the items the preliminary list announced last month have been removed after Industries Lobby the government arguing the tariffs will do more harm than good but a senior Source cautioned not everyone is going to be happy the announcement will also include details about compensation package for companies and workers hurt by the dispute to me there has to be a significant amount of money and I wish I could put a dollar figure on at the other thing there has to be some assembly surances that workers will have access to the unemployment insurance industry say the package he’s expected to include hundreds of millions of dollars in loan guarantees plus expanded employment insurance benefits that can continue to be used for however long this standoff left so Katie Simpson from Ottawa Katie we all understand a former prime minister it is heading to Washington to meet with some senior Trump officials what do we really know Stephen Harper has meetings planned next week with Larry Kudlow who is a senior Trump advisor deals with economic issues including NAFTA and prayed and he’s also expected to meet with John Bolton who is a national security advisor that lead current prime minister’s office Justin Trudeau’s office did not find out about this meeting until a strange phone call from White House yesterday at the embassy Canada’s Embassy in Washington got a phone call ring ring hello it’s the white house and they wanted more details about the prime minister’s visit next week will that caught officials at the Canadian embassy off guard who called on want to say hey you guys coming to Washington next week why didn’t you tell us a prime minister’s office and I was like we’re not coming to Washington what are you talking about they go back to the White House they meant former Prime Minister Stephen Harper so this meeting seems to have caught the current prime minister’s office a little off guard okay Katie Simpson an auto I thanks Katie thanks and this weekend current prime minister Justin Trudeau will be skipping Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill instead he will be on the road focusing the looming trade war between Canada and the United States he’ll visit Leamington in Southern Ontario meeting workers who produce made-in-canada French’s ketchup will also fly to Regina meeting steelworkers hardhat by President trumps
The Trudeau government is set to announce an aid package for industries hit hardest by the trade dispute with the U.S.

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