Trudeau addresses groping allegation

meanwhile the Prime Minister responded for the first time about a very different issue today and incident from nearly two decades ago before he was even an MP that recently resurfaced in news reports Katherine Cullen brings us that story tonight I had a good day that day I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all that day was back in August 2000 at a BC Festival Justin Trudeau was 28 years before his political career began the net stay and unsigned editorial appeared in the local newspaper the Creston Valley advanced IT accused Trudeau of groping and inappropriately handling an unnamed young female reporter there were no other specifics about the alleged physical contact Royal says when Trudeau was asked about the incident he responded I’m sorry if I had known you were reporting for National Paper I never would have been so forward CBC News has spoken by phone and email with the woman who is the subject of the editorial she said you were interested in being associated with any further coverage of the story and she asked that her name not be used and that she not be contacted about the story again CBS News has also spoken with the publisher of the newspaper from that time who remembers speaking with the reporter after the encounter my Recollections of of the conversation where she came to me because she was on settled by it she didn’t like what it happened she wasn’t sure how she should proceed with it because of course we’re talkin somebody who was going to the Canadian community publisher describe what happened as a brief touch and said in her opinion it was not sexual assault the editorial resurfaced online and in some news coverage in recent weeks but today was the first time the Prime Minister was as publicly about it I remember that day in Creston well it was a foundation Foundation event to support to just report to the Avalanche safety I had a good day that day I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all allegation itself is in sharp contrast to what Trudeau has said about his own past your actions might have not been construed the way they were intended I don’t think so I’ve been very be very careful all my life to be thoughtful and to be respectful of people’s space and and people’s people’s headspace as well what happened in Crescent now he has to wait and see whether his answer and the matter Catherine Colin CBC News Ottawa
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed a groping allegation from nearly two decades ago. CBC’s Catherine Cullen reports.
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