Toronto shooting victim’s boyfriend returns to scene of attack

I thought my best either come here and and it just just to see the site and see if I can just start the healing process it a little bit little bit quicker used to love the dance but last Sunday it’s where their lives were changed forever cane was shot in the abdomen the bullet pierced her stomach and diaphragm and shattered a vertebra her family fears she may never walk again upper sacrifice thinks and says came followed him out of the restaurant that night to help someone who was injured that’s when she was shot by so lot of a lot of guilt because Legos my finisher decision to help the wounded that’s why I love her so much but she’s such a compassionate and selfless person after her cousin first shared cane story with the national last night there’s been an outpouring of support for Cain online a go fund me page was set up by her family pay for Rehab Specialist Care and accessible housing going how are you feeling coming up to the restaurant I think I’m I think I want to see it we are here put a patio why is it important to get yourself back here to see this 2 faceless helps the lesson the anger and helps him listen to Fear and hopefully like Daniel’s ready and able to bring Daniel back here I want Daniel see it I will still together word from Daniel’s family about today’s surgery performed as I mentioned since she was shot they said the surgery was a huge success this is likely her final surgery they’re starting to wean her off the ventilator and decrease the days hopefully she will be able to speak by Monday the next step will be Rehabilitation
Toronto shooting victim Danielle Kane’s boyfriend, Jerry Pinksen, returned to the scene of the attack for the first time. Pinksen hasn’t been able to speak to Kane since that night — she’s still recovering in hospital and just underwent her fourth surgery.

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