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will you announce his presidential candidacy by attacking the globalist in-office he railed against bureaucrats in Brussels who were pursuing a European superstate that threaten America’s national he told his audience that his presidency would be built on a New Nationalism focusing on the Forgotten Americans he wanted a wall across the entire Southern border but when he was denounced as a bigot by Donald Pat Buchanan was his name they called him Pitchfork patched and if you really want to understand the moment we’re living in now and then you might as well go back to its roots back to the 1990 back when everything seemed to be humming in the mail there was low unemployment the stock market was surging peace and prosperity for everyone to enjoy but that was just the surface beneath the surface there was sweeping transformation economic technological demographics Rising tensions and then from the right a cable-television pundit who sell a chance to take advantage of it with a new kind of populism Pappy Canon went straight from CNN to the presidential campaign Trail in 1992 sitting president in the Republican primary George HW Bush won the Gulf War in 1991 but Buchanan said it was all the waist which one of the massive free-trade deal with Mexico NAFTA they called it but Buchanan said that was a sell-out the workers a sell-out of America sovereignty America First was his slogan a few years before Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to Millions who come to the country illegally and then built life but you can’t have said enough was enough it was time to roll legal immigration and also if you wanted to stop illegal immigration he said you needed a great big wall right along the Mexican border America demographics for beginning to change and Buchanan to clear that nothing less than the country’s identity we must not trade-in our sovereignty for a cushion seat at the head table of anybody’s new world order today we call for a new patriotism where Americans begin to put the needs of Americans first for New Nationalism we’re in every negotiation be at Arms Control or trade the American side seeks advantage and victory for the United Republican leaders stayed away from Pat Buchanan no Governor’s endorsing a no senator’s no members of Congress which he represents they said that’s not us that’s not our party but then came New Hampshire winning against the sitting president in 19 YouTube you can got almost 40% of the vote and some say that bush never recovered from that begin couldn’t win the nomination but he did get more than 3 million votes in 92 and Bush ended up a one-termer globalization continue to speed up piece of America continue to change for years later in 1996 Buchanan went through it again this time Bob Dole favorite but in Iowa Unsinkable Pitchfork Pat finished first establishment is coming together you can hear him right now the fax machines in the phones are buzzing in Washington DC we got to get together somebody’s got to get out and take on this they’re going to come after this campaign with everything that got do not wait for orders from headquarters Mount up everybody and Rogers Sound in the gun and in that moment it seem like Pat Buchanan might actually run away what the Republican nomination Democrats they were almost giddy he was so extreme they figured he’d be easy to beat if he ever got that nomination Republicans they were terrified they were stunned to learn that so many of their own voters didn’t mind Pitchfork patch Woody losing control of their own party with her at least not yet in 96 The Establishment had enough juice to stop Pat Buchanan tool did go on to win the nomination did go on to lose in November and Buchanan starting to get tired of the GOP 1999 the accused party leaders of rigging the primary race against him for 2,000 reading it on behalf of George W bush Buchanan decided to bolt the party he would run instead he said for the nomination of the reform started a few years before by Ross Perot and that is when happy came and got some competition for the Reform Party nomination some surprise competition celebrity billionaire named Donald Trump join the Reform Party in 1999 he said he was looking at running for president and a lot of it was just like today he disparaged enemies with schoolyard taunts you talk about making Oprah his running mate and claim to be doing great in the pool leaving when he wasn’t became a one-man continent machine for cable news channels so much so similar but with one very big difference between the Donald Trump of 1999 in the one we know today that Pat Buchanan platform but Donald Trump 1899 wanted no part of it with racism anti-Semitism xenophobia and worse than Trump said he agreed with them he called Buchanan Hitler lover and anti-semite was only drawing support from a staunch right wacko vote Trump Putin op-ed attacking Buchanan on slow days Trump wrote he attacks gay immigrants welfare recipients Zulus when cornered he says he’s misunderstood was the same but the content of Donald Trump’s message in 1999 could not be more different than what we’ve come to now tomorrow Pat Buchanan is announcing that he will be a candidate for the presidency on the Reform Party just think it’s ridiculous I want to book cuz I guess he’s an anti-semite he doesn’t like the blacks he doesn’t like the gays Bambini and Trump back out of that race and critics said hey that was proof he never been serious in the first place it was all just one big publicity stunt getting 1% of the vote that November is the Reform Party candidate total but it nonetheless Changed History when a poorly designed ballot in Palm Beach County Florida led many Al Gore supporters to accidentally check off you can’t even Buchanan said the votes were not intended for him count it for him in a state that deliver the presidency to George W bush by a grand total of 537 votes in in the bush presidency of course but which presidents he gave us the Iraq War gave us Afghanistan with the financial crisis economic meltdown and it was sometime around then in post Busch America that Donald Trump did something very on Trump like according to reporting from Tim Alberta in Politico Trump picked up the phone called Pappy Cannon and apologize for all the hurtful things he had said he made amends Bay Buchanan Pat sister and former campaign manager said of trump and I’ve been wrong and then in the America forever altered by War and by economic catastrophe Donald Trump said after run in 2015 for president for real this time on Pat Buchanan platform and here we in 2018 in Donald Trump’s America which was made in some ways by Pat Buchanan campaign in the nineties if you’d like to know more about how we got here here’s the Shameless plug parts it is available for pre-order now thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC
Long before Trump campaigned on a nationalist, anti-immigrant platform, Pat Buchanan paved the way with his ‘America First’ campaigns. But there’s a catch: Trump denounced Buchanan as being a bigot. Steve Kornacki explores the parallels between Buchanan of the 90s and the Trump of today. Steve Kornacki previews his new book.
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To Understand President Donald Trump, Look To Pat Buchanan | The Last Word | MSNBC

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