This veteran battled back from injury and depression

I’m retired army Sergeant Chris McGinnis I’m here at the 2018 Winter Games competing in wheelchair basketball see the volleyball motivation for a competition in Catahoula who I’m competing for all I have two boys there by my pride and joy we had an IDF indirect fire and that’s how I ended up entering my right knee my knee will be the size of a balloon and basketball whatever how you want to say so I spent three and a half years at Walter Reed Medical Center and I apply the mental aspect of it it’s been really hard for me over the years you know I suffered in the beginning of depression is really really hard for me because like I said comprehend you know the fact that man let’s go out in your throw up all this running around in this like oh well you know son I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to do that when you know I’m going to getting help that that’s what I needed you know that’s why I’m sitting up on you guys here today I’ll be here at the Warrior game, but since you’re going to take it I was looking at it again so I call man I’m back to not being comfortable again when we’re out here to feeding wear after each other you know what dog you will do whatever it takes no we’re going Matthew CT Mommy’s going to be the number one no matter what
On the court he’s a star. But overcoming the dark side of visible and invisible wounds is where he really shines.

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