This Marine took his pledge to serve and saved a little boy’s life

you started making like a weird noise I never heard and when I looked up he was like purple so he was choking I tried to like Sam on his back I wasn’t doing it right at all was I was thinking about it I was still in my boxers getting undressed from work I ran out into the hallway of the apartment complex I had heard he’s choking choking we have a child choking a child please don’t know what we would have done thank you listen to me very carefully Save-A-Lot we serve protect we serve and that’s very important that we get that out there not always move around Rock Hill killed when we are here sir thank you for your service service serve reserve the Marine Corps Reserve our community of the nation Sergeant Hartman your body back Spirit service
They were terrified when their toddler began choking. Their Marine neighbor knew exactly what to do.

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