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Advance Wars 8 9 months old when he first picked up the brush it was like magic to ask cannot believe that he’s creating those composition he had the direction he had an intention and he knew exactly where he wants to go and let himself to the result play perfectly honest it was my first art show so I might as well let you know that and I remember walking through the door I’m walking into the exhibit room and I just I couldn’t believe what I was seeing the colors they were just so beautiful and they just caught my attention you know if you’re not familiar with that back pain and you know some people come in and think that anybody could just throw paint on a canvas but if they understood the colors and the textures they would understand that this is just more than just paint on canvas most children will just see a few colors and wash them together and make a great mess Hance finger painting this is different this child is planning variant ghost in what he’s doing and that’s unusual however you never know what’s going to happen easily I’ve seen many many very talented young people lose interest or they even get into the art world examining and they don’t want to do it anymore so you can never tell if he’s very comfortable with the schooling and still he is able to it’s completely he’s creation is coming out of his imagination and we want to keep that going forever
Advait Kolarkar has become the youngest artist to exhibit at the ArtExpo fair in New York. The four-year-old from New Brunswick, Canada, has a queue of buyers.

Video by Dan Lytwyn

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