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Damage Rite Aid we decided to pleasure this is x-ray audio story of 15 recordings from the Soviet Union an exhibition brought to a troubled region where it’s message resonates today by the 1950s genres of music to listen to you can still hear the sound of decadence drifting of the lion cut and it was a threat from the west but an opportunity for dissidents and Bootleggers in Russia Underground I copied smuggled music onto vinyl I don’t see used Hospital X-Rays people in leningrad’s after the war used a machine which you can make individual records with they seem to have got hold of one of those and started to copy computer technology and build our own recording machines somebody somewhere along the line and find out that you could use x-ray film as a base to make records started to Cutler run records for themselves at first for that friends and then increasingly for sale they became an industry I found in st. Petersburg 5 years ago let’s walk around the clock Bill Haley so late fifties early sixties have been made his face years in prison for doing this when the KGB Court one and put him in jail it wasn’t just two phones they injected to the Press wrote the by spreading on the Soviet music world’s the people of that soul around the million discs change times in the 50s and 60s of minority featured American rock and roll Russians wanted the Forbidden sounds of their own Gypsy romance underground folk songs anti-soviet will the music of Emma grace who fled the regime it became known as music on the bone record might cost you a bottle of vodka dealers pay the higher price Rudy Fuchs spent his youth counting discs he went to jail for it freedom in music that don’t like it russian-speaking Jews left the former Soviet Union for Israel and that hundred thousand there is an understanding audience here I’d x-ray ODI was brought to Tel Aviv say it’s corrected because culture wars music is resistance echo in Israel in the occupied territories and across the Middle East today I spoke to extra al-shafie from Bahrain she doesn’t want have face Shone so I can be the risks of pushing the free expression extra runs at digital equivalent of the old phone music then it was forbidden songs in the Soviet Union now it can be cut DeSean office in Turkey if it was stripped to that indigenous identity Mideast choons the song sharing platform in the region but she says censorship and surveillance of the New Ulm we have had our dishwasher do I have been arrested in places like Morocco and places like turkey had Curtis Arkansas have been harassed intimidated obviously there are some times where I musician gets in touch with us and says can you pause my profile I don’t want to delete it but pause it for this. Of time for example of during the protest in Iran whenever it really escalate here in the West Bank City of Ramallah I’ll just talk about the music industry that struggles to develop I’m at the politics of military occupation and the social conservatism the condition that genres this is Palestine music Expo an attempt to bring worldwide talent scouts to Palestinian office from Israel the West Bank and Gaza police investigation accused him of inciting violence for the song lyric with cleared off the two years of inquiries and then Jordan when he was held off to a concert and accused of insulting religion there’s a saying there’s a huge underground attorney 15 the Arabic tattoos that you can think about and you have to be very smart about them to know how to do it and went to the weight and where so what you doing music seems to find its strongest voice with something to push against one of the UK delegates head told me of vibrant Underground Music Scene he fell his visit to Moscow simply stated a wave off the Communism collapsed even underground off ends up ossified but the Forbidden sounds keep finding new places to thrive

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