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he’s the one who famously said I take a bullet for Donald Trump well now he’s looking at prison time we’ll see if he’s willing to take a dick people think that prisoners deserve whatever they get police report described him as 5 foot 9 and 140 lb or is his only put it just right I was forced to perform oral sex on several inmates that was told you aren’t going to fight back are you sweetness someone’s going to win right now and make a joke about it slap in the face rape or sexual assault in a prison is not part of the punishment we’re still human being I was taking a shower a guy says b**** face the f****** wall or I’ll break your f****** dick I felt like this I was just there my punk was tapped by then explain to me that he owned me he had purchased me from the guy anally raped me for $20 worth of commissary items and I was now his property he was my prison husband if he wanted to utilize me to pay off can Windex have been the end of my life dance for the staff members they all laughed about it staff stick his head and walked out the door lucky you I had to sit down and urinate I had to face the wall to shower I was not allow it point in time to have me being a man or having penis I had to wear a sucker to pull back the genitals to give the appearance of a vagina it’s extremely painful to where most of the time I have to wear all the time type of deviation from his rules I lost me here I lost my Humanity here I lost I didn’t hear I lost myself an effective change make jokes about it it’s a story’s heard and its address and we can stop someone can go to prison they can Rectify their mistake they can give their second chance we have to start thinking of it like that they’re people they are just people and no person deserves
In the #MeToo era, punch lines about sexual assaults in jail remain acceptable. But to Rodney Roussell, they’re a painful reminder of the nine years he spent in prison, where he was raped and sold into sexual slavery.

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