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joining us now Alexandria ocasio-cortez the Democratic nominee for New York 14th District she’s stunned the Democratic establishment Tuesday night unseating a 10-term incumbents congressman another longtime Democratic incumbent in Missouri’s first District Welcome to both your great explanation time to the word socialist concern when you get on the big stage that could be a killer for you there are a lot of people in the middle that aren’t going to go through that explain it when they got my hard-earned dollars that’s a perfectly legitimate concern I was go back to how we won this race and we don’t win this race with labels we don’t win this race with saying I am this or I am that we always ran this race with our goals and our issues in mind we ran this race talking about Medicare for all we won this race talking about you know opening tuition-free public colleges and universities expanding our educational opportunities are Transit our banking we talk directly to the explanation that you were talking not explaining what what are these ideologies are and how people don’t wake up in the morning and say I’m a capitalist or I’m make these ideologies they try to make that the conversation points with the intent of being divisive with the intent of being alienating but at the end of the day at you know what I found in our district is that most people want to make sure that everyone has Health Care most people want to make sure every child has access to an education through college and that’s really what we’re talkin about to utilize absolutely so Alexandria’s campaign was powerful and the momentum with their it was electric and that’s what’s happening on the ground here in St Louis we have people power we may not have the money but we have people showing up we have saying that this is who I want it’s about leadership is not about loyalty it’s not about the power it’s about who is going to best represent and fight for working families and even those that may not be considered under that term people who are on disability they still don’t have a voice at the table and so that’s what I’m looking at with her with her race and that’s the same thing that’s happening with ours to spend time with him your video was amazing you have inspired people but Mitch McConnell is a tactical Beast people aren’t sending Christmas cards but they’re sending in campaign donations in position when you look at the success the Republican party has playing legit life-or-death Hardball and what are you going to do once again I think it kind of going back to to our initial message in this campaign in that video it’s people vs money we’re not going to beat them at that big money game that’s a trap we need to beat them with big organizing they need to know that you know I just I just want to race where I was out spent 10 to 1 I have shown that big organizing is possible I believe that big organizing is a future of the democratic party I believe that we will make them lose the seats because we’ve got the vote Democrats conservatives have shown this year that they do corporate lobbyist month Community Trust and to Advocate directly for their needs I think this is really the future you have electric and it’s like Corey Bush electric hand is like Ayanna Pressley that unified people excite the electorate and really what the Democratic base is non-voters I knew that going into this I knew that my bass were people who don’t usually turn out in October the campaign Corey you and Alexandria part of Justice democrats for the ride raging Pratt platform there some positions like ensuring a livable wage tied to inflation minimum wages we talk about these things we have a lot of people who come out here particular Republicans who say there’s a market that dictates wages there’s a market that didn’t dictate Healthcare we have argued many many times that market-oriented Healthcare is a bit it’s like market-oriented prison’s right we don’t actually want more demand for them how do you get these ideas into that non-voter crowd when you actually face built-in resistance $7 $8 an hour they don’t work less hard than people who make $30 an hour and so giving making sure that people have what they need to be able to support their families pay their bills and still have money left over to say should not be something we should have to beg for we have or we have company that we know of that move to $15 an hour minimum wage $50 an hour wage and their prospering they’re doing well and when I think about it so we can come up with money to be able to build these 10 cities pay $800 a day per child to be able to have thousands of children we can come up with the money to do that millions of dollars a day to have people in these detention County Detention Center but we can’t make sure that people that are working hard every single day are able to take care of their families I think that we can do better and what can you learn as a candidate from Donald Trump strategy who is wildly loyal to him exactly and forgotten millions of dollars worth and brought them to Rural America or inner cities and got faster Wi-Fi energized that kind of speaks directly to the question when people say oh these ideas who in Congress is going to resonate with these ideas well for me it’s about which of the American people are going to resonate with these idea than what we find is that I believe that that the amount electoral voters SSS Other Nation are ready for very a very bold agenda and when we try to kind of water down that agenda because of fear of what people may think or etcetera what we find is that we don’t really have a mess and we cannot run without a message Donald Trump ran with a message it was disturbing it was divisive it was based in Revere but it was very clear exactly Cedar Point for what we need to do is this is a Time Warner now more than ever to be bold to be clear to say we are a party of social economic and racial Justice for working-class Americans and that’s what we’re going to accomplish together we need to have Fighters we should have Champions people that are willing to leave the issues isn’t it’s not okay anymore to vote decent you have to stand up and fight because what’s happening with this Administration what’s happening in the White House taking people out and so right now we need people that are both that’s what the leader is your bold you’re moving into it with new ideas and you’re not afraid to stand up for the people that you’re supposed to serve thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe my clicking on that button down there and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and highlights you can get more MSNBC for free every day with our newsletters just visit News letters to sign up now
Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle are joined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush, the two break-out candidates pushing progressive issues and challenging the Democratic Party’s agenda.
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The New Faces Of The Democratic Party | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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