The National for Monday July 2, 2018 — Thailand Rescue, Toronto Shootings, Jermaine Loewen

on this Monday night in extraordinary rescue operation deep in a cave in Northern Thailand boys and their soccer coach survived 9 days feeling with flood water the dangerous journey to get them out also tonight calls for action after a violent long weekend on Toronto’s streets and overrun by Instagram the small community cracking down on the hunt for the perfect selfie this is the national there is a risky rescue operation on folding right now in Northern Thailand young soccer players and their coach who went missing 9 days ago will today Rescuers did find them deep within a complex Cave System rescuing them is going to be delicate and challenging but is very sore tells wasn’t getting to the boys and the coach was extraordinary alive one of the first questions just what day is it into the cave is part of a team outing but Heavy Rain flooded the way out traffic deep inside rescue crews including those from the UK China and the US had been painstakingly searching in the treacherous conditions will above-ground residence and relatives help vigil say that silence was broken but the sound of Cheers are younger brothers are safe that the governor of Thailand Chiang Rai Province for family members it was a news they had been desperately waiting for as further proof they were sent pictures that The Rescuers had taken of their sons in the case bucket do about the passy passy behind today is the best day she says I’ve been waiting for my son for how many days I thought he only had a 50% chance of survival but the rescue effort is far from complete Cruz have found the boys but the challenge now shifts to trying to get them out of the flooded intricate cave system course if you’ve been using scuba dear to get to them you have to scuba gear to get the mode Curren very serious navigation hazards the riskiest way to extract somebody through a dive Chester help because even though they’ve been trapped for days and have finally been found more time to try and safely get them out Briar Stewart CBC News Vancouver Marathon search has the largest ever conducted in Thailand involving more than a thousand people from half a dozen isn’t as you’ve heard there is a lot complicating the rescue efforts the boys in their coach ventured into the cave despite the signs warning people to stay away during the rainy season that runs from June to November so when my rain spell two Saturdays ago it’s swamp the tunnels and trap them inside the sprawling cave complex made it tougher Rescuers to find them a complicated network of sneaking Pathways stretching 10K Peter’s beneath the mountains of Northern Thailand the 4th longest in the country because the massive search operation was seen as the only solution keywords encounter trying to find the group or those obstacles will be the same as they try and get the boys out deep inside the cave is so dark Rescuers describe it like swimming and coffee the water so money that divers can only see 2 centimeters in front of them the corridor is so tiny and narrow Rescuers can’t go too far or they risk running out of air themselves and those water levels in some places were Rising more than 15 cm every hour green simply flooding in as they now try to pump it up as you would expect the surge has been riveting for people in Thailand and get a sense of how those people have been reacting who is just outside the caves remind us here in Canada above the assertive ups and downs of the last 9 days what’s it been like in Thailand and especially at the search site over the last few days what’s been a huge sorry for ties Across the Nation then it is really a time when in hibernation came together release to keep that support two boys that concern and at the same time every moment of anxiety over the past few days when different aspects of the such without using any results all that change overnight when the discovery was made that boys and that coach is alive really wow and you had the privilege of seeing firsthand the family member is getting the news I want to play that video that you put on Twitter let’s take a look moment and as we look at your pictures describe forest what it was like to be right there as this was happening we saw how the news was delivered and of course this really fast I mean this hasn’t been there the most easy start a cover that were times of operation and anxiety that we shared with what’s going on in the search efforts but all this change now since the discovery and we hope that the next Face-Off be a successful thank you very much for speaking with us thank you after Canada hit back of the US with its own Terrace will look at the escalating trade war and when NASA to go she Asians resume will be new player the table the newly-elected Mexican president who is rail against Donald Trump in the past the first the city of Toronto trying to get a handle on gun violence after a violent long weekend on Saturday shooting in the cities Entertainment District left two people dead and 1 injured and then last night got in fire again bring out in the downtown core four people were hurt the police chief insist the city is safe but at a vigil for one victim not everyone has reassured a 21 year old rapper known as smoke dog with one of the people killed on Saturday Jaclyn when is at a gathering to remember him in the people here want the violence to stop this is a display of what Javonte smart meant to his family his friends in the community is also a reflection of an unsettling reality of how violence in the city is taking the lives of young people just last night there was another Candlelight vigil Earnest madekwe was shot and killed Saturday along with Smart in broad daylight well Sunday is Vigil was happening more shots rang out in the tourist area of Kensington Market four people were injured one seriously haven’t said if any arrests have been made makes me feel very uncomfortable knowing that somebody might be behind me with the gun police haven’t revealed any suspects in Saturday’s deadly shooting either Toronto’s mayor blames it on gang violence yesterday he repeatedly seemed to imply those involved were repeat offenders we’ve got to get a lot tougher on letting people out on bail who have previous history with gun offenses didn’t know where his information came from and today the mirror seem to walk it back slightly saying in a statement I’ve always advocated for tougher gun control and tougher bail conditions for gun crime concern that whoever is involved may not stop consequences even start up and I really really mean that are you worried that were at busiest city police chief Mark Saunders says people shouldn’t worried that they don’t feel safe that they’re afraid for themselves and for other young and in the community in one young girl here said that she’s afraid for her brother may be difficult for some to find all of this reassuring when they’re told the city is basically safe what would we know about last night shooting it well yeah it’s been almost 24 hours and we still don’t know much we don’t know who the injured people are why they were targeted if they were targeted and who was doing the shooting and and we still don’t know if there’s a connection between Sunday shooting and what happened on Saturday so as you said when the police chief mention that this city is safe and not to worry it’s difficult for some people here to do that there are still so many questions and says he is going to reach out to the premier of Ontario and the federal Public Safety minister to mount some kind of joint effort against the violence surround for the first so-called Summer of the gun that may sound familiar it’s just it’s gotten out of hand we need to do to solve this problem of the gun actually extended throw 2005 in nightclubs on streets even in a church Toronto Saw gun violence on a level it hadn’t experienced in decades the Vic as young as for the car right there where that gray car is then decide to shoot me in the city’s busiest shopping area that left a 15 year old dad politicians responded to the pressure to act should they choose to become a criminal with a gun then we will work as hard as we can more prosecutors were hired Moore police and Toronto the new police task force then moved into trouble neighborhoods this area here as well as hot to trot controversial it relied heavily on police checks known as karting traumatized community in ways that today you didn’t even work well from a 2005 homicide rate of two killings for 100,000 residents Toronto’s gun homicide rate started to Trend downward usually but it appears that a couple of years ago it started Rising again as of this summer and gun homicides are already up about 40% from the same time last year weather Toronto strategy was responsible for reducing the gun vinyl is not clear but Travis was disbanded last year and Ontario’s Premier campaigned on a promise to bring it back to Auto in our officials are staring down new uncertainties about the future of the North can Free Trade Agreement and it’s not just because of Donald Trump but a new president-elect in Mexico this comes as Canada and the United States have become increasingly embroiled in a messy trade dispute as Katherine Collins houses negotiation you’re getting even more complicated by the day even the humble hot dog isn’t immune think ketchup and mustard Belong Together trade bite has them on on equal footing u.s. made ketchup like Heinz is now subject to a 10% tariff from Canada mustard remains Terrace free creating a condiment conundrum economic consequences for a second I got questions about this felt pens and body wash why are you putting that on your list but they are few American seemed more focused on the fact that Canada’s response just isn’t very nice very nice to Canada for many years and they’ve taken advantage of the Hat Canadian official say they had no choice but to push back pointing out Canada’s retaliation is intended to be exactly equal to what the US did first from seed Ministry doesn’t see it that way exclamation tariffs against the United States does nothing to help Canada and it only hurts American workers the president is working to fix the broken system and he’s going to continue pushing for that also at the White House today former Prime Minister Stephen Harper The West Wing after his private meeting with senior Trump officials no word on what was discussed Canadians and Americans are both welcoming a new player to the trade table Mexico just elected left-leaning populist Andres Manuel Lopez obrador the one-time NAFTA skeptic now says he does want to sign a new deal what does he have in mind on the United States when you estimate did not align with his interest CBC News Ottawa relationship he might have with his American counterpart as Paul Hunter reports he’s had some Choice words for Donald Trump when Andres Manuel Lopez obrador set his sights on the Mexican presidency he knew full well the value in Mexico of taking on Donald after all As Trump still regularly reminds Mexico corruption violence in Mexico it’s the views of the president-elect on Trump that tonight have the US buzzing in his book oil Trump or listen up Trump publish last year Lopez obrador list off how he is described Trump past once liking him to Hitler in the days before the Holocaust another time labeling Trump erratic and arrogant and about that border wall says Lopez obrador it goes against humanity until the and history and I will say that I just spoke with the president-elect of Mexico at a great conversation about after a half-hour phone call between the two this morning described as respectful Trump said he thinks the relationship will be very good one adding without explanation I think it’s going to try and do very hard I think he’s going to try and help us with border some have likened the to because like Trump Lopez obrador is a populist an outsider hooray against Politics as Usual in effect pledging to put Mexico first but his views are socialists he’s Pro migrant rights and as he put it you’ll never be the pinata of any foreign government last night he pledged to work with the u.s. but with a kind of caveat mutual respect and the defense of the immigrants who live and work in that country alimente one question for where does this all go from here will the president elect do what the outgoing Mexican president chose not to come visit this place to sit down with Donald Trump and talk about that border call Hunter CBC News Washington for watching some other developing stories out of Washington tonight the White House says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will for his third visit North Korea Wall Street Journal the North Korea has been expanding a facility that Bill’s ballistic missiles what I can tell you is that we’re continuing to make progress Sandra said us a North Korean officials met this weekend in the demilitarized zone details of pompeo’s trip are still to come ABC’s George Stephanopoulos began dropping details of an off-camera interview this weekend in which colon reportedly said he put family and Country ahead of his loyalty to the president of a signal to phone is ready to make a deal with Mueller investigation over here today to announce the rest of Demetrius Nathaniel tips also known as abdur-rahim for feet terror attack plan for Cleveland’s Fourth of July parade the suspect an American citizen allegedly thought he was falling with al-qaida he didn’t know that the operative he was dealing with was actually an undercover agent its first came under surveillance in 20s after expressing hatred for the United States and the desire to join Al-Qaeda on social media ahead tonight on the national is one of the first of its kind in this country a hospice for the homeless you’ll need the dog finding to bring Comfort to people living on the street in their dying days and why testing your food for Dangerous bacteria itsumi is easier pulling out your smartphone and a little later he says it’s a dream come true will hear from the first Jamaican born player drafted to the NHL and the Canadian family who adopted him and you realize where he came from the lost the experience in his life Early Childhood to go from that to this moment it’s kind of like if someone has me nervous fire up the barbecue we’re reminded to cook me thoroughly or risk getting seriously sick from toxic bacteria now a group of scientist to McMaster University is developing an easy way to know if meat is contaminated before you throw it on the grill or on Charles went to their lab Hamilton to check it out eusepi is a graduate student in engineering but lately she’s been handling a lot of ground beef at this lab at McMaster University not to make burgers but the the new quick method for determining if the meat is contaminated with a potentially deadly e-coli bacteria getting sick or losing a family member when it comes in contact with contaminated meat and they stay there Professor toheed the door says the simple looking patch which she calls Sentinel wrap has a lot of potential this is a tiny thin flexible plastic patch this could be need sample for example in patches made by this sophisticated jet printer that lays on a few molecules of DNA that react specifically to E.coli by luminescing an ultraviolet light the DNA itself does not contaminate the food other DNA molecules could react to other pathogens we are working hard to expand the repertoire off all the sections that we can make twinkle better bacteria like salmonella listeria hydroculture that sample or try to do different laboratory-based experiments to find out what’s going on to avoid that so that you can get real-time information even shumpert’s could use a smartphone camera and an app to see if a patch has changed color and determine if the food is safe to eat Ron Charles CBC News Hamilton people a home in their Dying Days the national documentary takes you inside a groundbreaking hospice it’s good that we live differently during our life but should be really die differently if we really can’t get what it my life is worth at the end of life for people who are the most vulnerable and most Marshall I don’t know what we’re doing every night in the country’s biggest city more than 5,000 people sleep on the street they face hardship that wears down their health and touch their life short when death comes for the homeless the comforts home are more distant than ever tonight our national documentary takes a raw look at their plight as well as the groundbreaking efforts to give them a place to Die In Peace So their final Journey can be a journey home Toronto’s very interesting place I mean it’s a beautiful city you know you got the CN tower you got great views I got to Harbourfront but what people don’t visibly see is that there is this whole population in our city falling through the crack having a serious illness is hard enough to deal with having a terminal diagnosis and then to see people dealing with out on the street on top of it all I can’t imagine what that life is like Caesar are you having any nausea or vomiting I usually do need so you’re eating a lot less you mean different ways and through different Pathways and before you even enter a person space in that space can be the street it can be a shelter but it’s their space is to recognize the trauma the trauma that the people are serving have experience in NBA on the street and be in being ill or where was the pain you were feeling and so do you wake up with that pain every day it’s about building Rapport and tryouts so told us you don’t want CPR if your heart stops you wanted and you you wanted passed away peacefully doing with the resilience and courage and do it while they’re on the street dealing with a terminal diagnosis then we can do we can do better okay take care bye my friend if you had the choice where would you want to dye 90% of Canadians say they want to die at home experience is at the homeless say the same thing I want to die at home over 70% of homeless people in a country like Canada and up dying in emergency departments acute medical Wars or transitional spaces like the park bench for example I went to a conference and I heard me hate speaking about this issue of of the homelessness and the issue of palliative care and the shorten life span and the care that they needed and we’re getting or not getting on the street happening in self after he came down off the stage I just went over and introduce myself and I said you know and I hate you and I we need to work together on this we need to make this happen Okay so this is going to be the kitchen the countertops are here we are not even a year-and-a-half later and this is the very beginning of our first stuff for bed residential hospice for the homeless population the question is where do people who don’t have a home go to die they’re dying in alleys in streets and under bridges and it’s a very sad today well this will be their home little bad and then a nice lounge chair so that guests can stay overnight or friends like to have here too nice when this place opens I hope that it will be a warm supportive safe environment their families will be welcomed their street families are welcome here and it says it will be a really unique environments it will be a great space for them and when I hit that they can call their own this is the place where people will be coming to die with dignity as you know where we’re starting this new project it’s called journey home hospice and give me what’s been going on with you we love to offer you a spot to kind of tepid support you need basically next week yeah yeah Pandora in a very difficult scenario because she’s dealing with a significant heart disease issue vegetation all infectious endocarditis and unfortunately that she would need not been deemed a candidate Forum you had a question of whether we can have oxygen there and yeah we can absolutely support having oxygen for you so you can breathe better right she’s at the shelter where she can’t have oxygen to the various rules she’s breathless her oxygen saturation drops when she walks just a few stops she has pain and yet time keeps ticking and her quality of life I feel like I’m dying giving homeless off and on since I was 15 I found that the way to avoid confrontation with my father beat it come home at 3 a.m. when he be too tired to to fight with me and you just have to go to work and I then sleep until you know noon and and continue off my my way of being a delinquent right and doing it one night my boyfriend really hurts me to go home and I didn’t listen to him I found some guys are drinking to park and I got too drunk and I ended up being and after it was all said and done I realized that I didn’t have my keys anymore and that in order to gain access to my home I have to face my dad and I really really heartbreaking to my father and so I knew that there was no way I could stand there and look him in the eye and get yelled at for being a screw-up and a stupid kid and in that moment I considered myself homeless very nice to meet you thanks I really appreciate it great to see so many people here and support we’re sitting in Pandora’s feature room actually this is exactly where she’s going to come she’ll still sleep there while our Focus here is good palliative care and a positive approach to care the potential that someone like Pandora could actually thrive in an environment like this and do better and they actually live longer as a result of the care We Gather today is those who share the journey with Pandora when I heard that Pandora had pasta and I think I felt mixed emotion when she moved in her eyes lit up she was bright she was she was home and then she even about to us was a beautiful kind of like a homecoming for her it was surreal to see how someone was dealing with so much drama and sadness and anger and frustration and don’t get me wrong that was still but when she saw her room she lit options like she had during 8 home I think about the world that we live in and I think about the world that I dream of four our future generation and I think it should be a world where we care about each other done so amazing you know that right so resilient live differently during our life but should we really I definitely if we really can’t get what a human life is worth at the end of life for people who are the most vulnerable and most marginalized I don’t know what we’re doing but it’s possible there is a community compassion people do care in the opening of Journey Home hospice is a testament to that and the statistics for people who live on the street 4 times more likely to have cancer than the general population there chance of having heart disease is 5 times greater the risk of hepatitis C 28 Times Higher and perhaps the next number drives that all home the average life Tennessee of a person living on the street in Canada is 47 Canadiens Journey from a Jamaican orphanage to making history in the NHL children’s almost like a fight to survive but one thing I showed was still out of spite of it all the things that people did to me and don’t forget to subscribe CBC News. CA / Dinesh on the national tonight disgraced filmed Harvey Weinstein is now facing a potential life sentence today Manhattan district attorney announce new criminal charges to average relate to a new allegation then Weinstein for sex on a woman in 2006 but what’s new are the two charges of predatory sexual assault Each of which carries a maximum life sentence one of them relates to an alleged Assault 4 which is already facing other charges qualifiers continue to spread in California he’s in Western Yolo County near the city of Sacramento it’s triggered several evacuations the fire escalated over the weekend charring at least 130 square kilometers Flames are currently only 2% contained German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed today to build camps for asylum-seekers and tighten the border with Austria all in a deal to save her government 4 weeks her own interior Minister threatened to bring down Virtual School unless you were reversed an Open Door immigration policy this is a spectacular about-face from Merkel Cheesesteak your legacy on welcoming hundreds of thousands of Migrant into German the world in Brazil and Mexico was traumatic for Mexico a chance to break a streak of six consecutive failure to get to the quarter-final a Command Performance from Brazil’s Neymar locked Mexico out though he drew criticism for what pediatrics after the two nothing win Brazil advances every top-level athlete has a story about where they came from and what it took to reach their dream but you have a tail like 20 year old Jermaine Amanda Tobin was selected by the Dallas Stars at last month’s entry draft but is Karen paules tells us low in story was inspiring long before the NHL Came Calling Jermaine will win for the last 4 years of Winger with the Western Hockey League tablet flavors I know a Dallas Stars Prospect when you realize where he came from the lost the experience in his life Early Childhood to go from that to this moment it’s kind of like pop Germaine’s birth parents abandoned him when he was one-year-old he was sent to live and in Jamaican orphanage something I chose to love in spite of it all the things that people did to me in even to this day like all the memories that come back I just really try to just forgive everyday the Christian organization in Jamaica when they met Jermaine in the orphanage they fell in love with him and decided to adopt him there was something really special or Jermaine from the beginning he just he just looked like he needed a family I didn’t know what parents was really chill should I point Mommy and Daddy and paperwork they finally brought their son home to rural Manitoba his resiliency and courage was obvious even back then and his I’m not giving up and I think lots of that preserve urine sand and resiliency has really ultimate hockey as well Jermaine got his first pair of hockey skates as a Christmas gift when he was six he played his first indoor hockey game here at the arburg arena just before his 11th birthday six years later he was picked up by the Kamloops Blazers of the open hockey league and now he’s been drafted by the Dallas Stars he’s earned it back at home people are thrilled for him family is proudest of all he did really good and that I will keep hoping and hoping that he will do is dream we see God’s fingerprints are all over his life and his journey he just has had so many really amazing opportunities and doors open to him there’s no guarantee Jermaine will ever play a single NHL game but he’s met in the most of this opportunity listen to instruction the best of my abilities and I’m just be a person that people want to be around hoping I will be inspired by his story dreams can come true Karen Paul’s CBC News Arborg Manitoba community in British Columbia the perfect selfie first time actually it so my family said it was really nice views I loved it it was worth it we just wanted a quick easy hike that was local somewhere with the Brew Pub at the bottom wrap up at the bottom Rampage you’ll also find exclusive video on Facebook and feel free to tweet us anytime at CBC the national he is always been a big drama in this age of social media to learn may be stronger than ever especially when that gorgeous backdrop is just a day trip away and when amateur hikers arrive there can be problems can I we focus Deep Cove a tiny bit of Heaven of the edge of North Vancouver the promise of a great shot for Instagram seems to be making it to popular the cbc’s Laura Lynch shows us the downside the serenity the Solitude of a peaceful walk in the woods until hikers arrived to this it was worth it to quick easy hike that was local somewhere with the Brew Pub at the bottom or top of the bottom this is what’s causing the swarming of the mountains and social media enticed Evermore people onto the trail despite the natural Splendor it’s not entirely a pretty picture with you is a lot different from down here almost 15 years the biggest challenge I guess is it’s traffic because we have really limited infrastructure we were built as a small community of vacation Cottages the infrastructure just doesn’t support a lot of cars current persuaded the local government to restrict parking and the number of people on the trails and the problem is more widespread this pretty late north of Whistler was so jammed with cars and people posting on social media that BC and dogs claiming too many of them hurt the environment the social media Spotlight has also potentially deadly consequences it prevents and challenges that’s for sure rescue calls is 2014 they can be in the city that can be in their shorts and their flip flops no they don’t recognize that the conditions can change very rapidly when you’re in mountainous terrain one recent example the first time hikers separated from her friends I’m still snowy Trail by the time we got to her she was hypothermic she was absolutely dehydrated but still they keep coming and coming cooking and posting the crowds and the problems that come with them are unlikely to go away Laura Lynch CBC News North Vancouver British Columbia and that Heatwave is not letting up it felt like over 40 degrees today sending people running to beaches and pools come get soaking wet in the water and Toronto despite the sunny and clear skies Jays fans that under a closed roof and Rogers Centre shielded from the Heat beautiful day we’re all sunscreen dup but we’re hoping at the gym will be closed so I don’t bring my kids back home to my wife sunburn so those of you dreaming of cold weather well guess what happened BC this morning woke up to snow in July Chris hawryluk was one of them he manages the bike park at the big white ski resort in the Okanagan Valley that taste of winter in the summer is our moment of the day looking at their webcams on the Upper Mountain so this morning I’ve seen a large accumulation of snow in the upper bike park so immediately morning trying to open the park well it’s improved here the village still rather windy up top there still snow on the trails still snow falling from the sky so it’s making for some very challenging slippery and muddy conditions in the Upper Park very unusual this time hi beautiful sunny weather in the high 20s or 30s great summer conditions great dirt out the bike park so it makes for a really unusual July ski resorts but 5000 feet at the base of big white goes up to 7500 feet at the top that’s why it’s a bit colder but snow July 2nd shouldn’t be that way at is the national thanks for lunch
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