The National for June 28, 2018 — Maryland Shooting, Drug Thefts, EU Summit

or inside a local news room in the United States a gunman opens fire killing injuring and sparking a police response painting several City mass shootings in the United States become all-too-common but tonight this targeted attack on journalists as put other American newsrooms on edge or following the latest developments reporter behind bars in the US. For his life for what he uncovered on this Thursday night a troubling question has the truth itself become a Target this is finished it is a rare month in the United States when a mass shooting doesn’t shake a community or grab headlines but tonight it’s different the community Shakin writes the headlines armed with a shotgun fired into a news room in Annapolis Maryland offices of a local newspaper what I can tell you what I can confirm is around 2:40 we were called to 888 Bestgate Road Annapolis or report of an active shooter details trickle down by the hour people are dead please say the suspect use smoke bombs in his attack and is now in custody according to the newspaper police identified the suspect of Jared Ramos a 38 year old Maryland resident who pleaded guilty to a harassment charge in 2011 and allegedly had a long-running beef with the newspaper but it’s all Hunter explains while it’s still far from Clear why this happened with learn more about the how in this country First Responders Race To The Sea and even as the event unfolds police dispatchers hearing from First Responders who got inside within seconds desperate to find the shooter away from the scene of yet another Mass shooting this one at the offices of the Annapolis Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland I saw a guy holding a gun the door the capitals that have been blown to Pieces it was in shattered pieces on the carpet and this guy was holding it look like shotgun and moving across the entrance of the Capital Gazette office pointing the gun deeper into the outlet Gazette crime reporter Phil Davis tweeted there’s nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple deep get shot while you’re under your desk and then here the gunman reload police say a white male with a ponytail said to being found cowering under a desk was arrested with a long gun and smoke grenades near he was taken into custody by Officer there was no gunfire exchange between ulcers in the suspect police later described it as a targeted attack on the news paper siding prior grievances by the suspect they described him as having wondered about the first floor looking for victims but because it was a newsroom at a time in this country when political rhetoric against journalist has broadly tonight in New York a police presence outside the offices of the New York Times just in case back in Annapolis as investigators try to learn more those who work at the Capital Gazette did what they could to make is it themselves they say they’ll publish a paper tomorrow Paul Hunter CBC News Washington that’s important to know just how rare killings of journalists are in the United States how unusual that is 4 News to be targeted like this according to the committee to protect journalists the five killed in today’s attack alone will make 2018 the deadliest year in the u.s. for journalist since they started tracking the numbers at all in fact it’s not far the total number of journalist killed in the u.s. in the last quarter-century 7 since 1992 about the shooting tonight saying journalists tell the stories of our communities protector Christian off and put their lives on the line just to do their jobs today’s attack in Annapolis is devastating our hearts go out to all the victims and their family Emilio Gutierrez Soto returning to Mexico would be certain death but the US has denied Asylum claim we take you inside the Detention Center where he has been hell for months castigation is millions of missing prescription drug addicts can take when pharmacies climbs down this weekend and CBC News has learned the truth of government will announce tomorrow and Aid package for Industries hardest hit in this trade dispute Katie Simpson now on what we can expect all day long weekend but those who work in the Boating industry will be far from relaxed retailers are both to find out if they’re going to be caught in the middle of the Canada US trade fight the dealers are just frantic as well pop up to July the 1st in fact we’ve been like in full gear for the last 3 weeks trying to figure out how we’re going to deal with this the price of an American built boat May Spike as of Sunday when Canada’s retaliatory tariff officially kick in call the foreign affairs minister will be in Hamilton Ontario known as steel town to announce the finalized list of American Goods that will be hit with the new duties CBC News has learned some of the items on the preliminary list announce last month have been removed after Industries Lobby the government arguing the tariffs will do more harm than good but as senior Source cautioned not everyone is going to be happy the announcement will also include details about a compensation package for companies and workers hurt the dispute to me there has to be a significant amount of money and I wish I could put a dollar figure on it that the other thing there has to be some assembly sure answers that workers will have access to the unemployment insurance industry millions of dollars in loan guarantees plus expanded employment insurance benefits that can continue to be used for however long this standoff left so Katie Simpson joins us from Ottawa Katie we all understand the former prime minister in Washington to meet with some senior Trump officials what do we really know her Prime Minister Stephen Harper has meetings planned next week with Larry Kudlow who is a senior Trump advisor who deals with economic issues including NAFTA and trade and he’s also expected to meet with John Bolton who is a national security advisor that lead current prime minister’s office Justin Trudeau’s office did not find out about this meeting until of a strange phone call from the White House yesterday at the embassy Canada embassy Washington got a phone call ring ring hello it’s the white house and they wanted more details about the prime minister’s visit next week will that caught the officials at the Canadian embassy off-guard who called on want to say hey are you guys coming to Washington next week why didn’t you tell us prime minister’s office and I was like we’re not coming to Washington what are you talking about they go back to the White House they meant former Prime Minister Stephen Harper so this meeting seems to have caught the current prime minister’s office a little off-guard okay Katie Simpson in Ottawa text Katie thanks and this weekend current prime minister Justin Trudeau will be skipping kind of Day festivities on Parliament Hill instead he will be on the road focusing on the looming trade war between Canada and the United States your visit Leamington in Southern Ontario meeting workers who produce made-in-canada French’s ketchup will also fly to Regina meeting steelworkers hardhat by President Trump’s tariffs and provincial and territorial health Winnipeg for two days of meetings tomorrow that we joined by the federal health Minister and they’ve all got one thing on their mind what funding role will Ottowa be taking back the question I want to provide more services we understand what’s at stake we understand the needs we also live on a daily basis the limitations that we have in our capacity to deliver those services opioid addiction as yesterday we brought you a CBC investigation about highly addictive drugs being stolen from pharmacies in the efforts to stop that from happening but as health reporter Vic Adelphia learned those efforts could actually have dire consequences for it’s a daily tribute a mother wishes she didn’t have to make this could be the last time you see them but you don’t really believe that you really and truly don’t her son Scott opioid abuse began with a routine prescription for painkillers after having his wisdom teeth out the medication ran out so he turned to the street as the grip of addiction tightened he lost his partner his home and his plans to be a chef in Calgary then came his final attempt at treatment he was there for 3 months successfully completed the program and relapse within 12 hours and was gone for suspected mix of heroin and no ended her son’s life 2 years ago tantardinis says Scott should have had access to a safe replacement for street drugs people who you know never touched before who are addicted to opioids and they’re there dying because they have to get their fixed deciphering the trends in opioid use and abuse in Canada is complex as we found out thefts in losses from pharmacies are going up even though the total quantity of opioids being pride is declining and at the same time the number of people dying from opioid related overdoses has hit an alarming High suggesting the demand for hard drugs in Canada is unrelenting Supply goes still left with a much less safest supply of illegal drugs British Columbia’s former Chief medical officer was at the Forefront of the opioid crisis which saw a surge in overdoses fueled by Fentanyl people who had their prescriptions contact us move to the streets for to the degree that prescription opioids for being diverted to the streets they be replaced by much more dangerous and toxic elicit opioids that says it’s tightening monitoring of pharmacies by auditing them regularly in addition to doctor is cutting back opioid prescribing the government also wants to restrict the marketing of prescription painkillers his pharmacist in research does the changes are only one part of the equation and we’re just trying to dress up like honestly cuz they’re the easiest policies in place since Scott’s death Health Canada has loosened access to prescription heroin and methadone hard to say if that would have saved him it’s like leaks in the Grand Canyon and you know we’re putting bubble gum in the holes and hoping it holds dealing with the same pain she also honors her son’s memory in other ways such as this tree planted with some of his ashes and this tattoo so Scott’s always with her just like the grief they could go PSU news Toronto simply he’s off for the clampdown on prescription opioids addiction doesn’t care about policy change in fact clamping down on another opioid may have helped open the door are the fentanyl crisis in the first place back in 2012 Ontario lead to other Canadian provinces in pulling Oxycontin from Pharmacy shelves it was replaced with a new version called oxyneo that was build is tamper-resistant and harder to abused but look at the rise of fentanyl since that happened in 2012 217 street drug samples tested positive for fentanyl since then the numbers and basically doubled each year by 20 19 more than 6400 samples contained fentanyl that pattern continues in 2018 and just look at how those figures overlap with these in 2012 fentanyl was only detected in full what percent of fatal drug overdoses in British Columbia one of the hardest-hit provinces by 2015 it was almost a third by last year 84% this year’s early figures are tracking the same way it is a humanitarian crisis that’s dividing an entire continent tonight in Europe there are more signs the differences over migrants could tear apart the EU the biggest today leaders from 28 European countries gathered in Brussels for a two-day Summit topping the agenda what to do about all the Asylum Seekers still crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa and how to control the migration of refugees already within the EU agreement to strengthen EU borders was about to be announced but at the last minute and use conference was cancelled because Italy’s new populist prime minister refused to sign on since his demands weren’t met it’s not just the eu’s future dressed as well and you can take your pick Germany spectacular tumble out of the World Cup in the early stages for the political fortunes of Angela Merkel and the European Union appeared before the bundestag in Berlin saying immigration could be a make-or-break issue for the EU heckled by members of the far-right and under sure over immigration from within her own conservative faction Miracle said she has no regrets over opening the door to refugees 3 years ago in hindsight she said who believed that was right Bamberg north of Munich a world heritage site once home to the enlightenment hey there still trying to shine a light right now we see your policy shift in Europe and we find it we deem it to be necessary who helped my grandkids in German schools with integration we can see actually that’s right now country so I get to Lee and Martha they’re trying to compete who who cares less Italy’s decision to refuse age ships carrying rescued asylum-seekers permission to is what’s been driving the current crisis putting pressure on it see you Partners Malta allowed one ship turned away by Italy to Doc yesterday but says it’s a one-off Shrek says his country should do more we are going to make power and political power Swain somewhat along with that of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel struggling to navigate so the forces lined up against her and so back to the gloom and Horizon that remains murky on two fronts despite the Gathering on migration and Brussels or perhaps because of it that’s why it is existential for the European Union but it certainly is for the German Chancellor as well Margaret Evans CBC News Munich the arrest of almost 600 protesters in Washington DC a lot of people most of the women flooded the Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill to protest the president’s show called zero tolerance stance on immigration many wrap themselves in foil blanket similar to those given to my grandchildren when they were separated from their families at the US border it took place about 90 minutes to clear everyone out also women in Quebec who where the kneecap Allah was supposed to kick in on Sunday that would require them to show their faces when accessing public services but today I come back judge suspended that new law until it can be heard in court because he says The Violet try to write and the queen pulled out of a public event today because f****** Impala said she was feeling under the weather the 92 year-old was set to attend the special service at St Paul’s Cathedral but the Duke of Kent went in the palace Palace doesn’t seem alarm by any of it though it says the queen is not seeing a doctor and we’ll spend the weekend in Windsor as usual still ahead on the national no more teachers no more books The Joy over the end of school in most of the country is our moment of the day after an early exit in 2014 England’s footy fans are cautiously optimistic during a World Cup that seems to be anybody’s game Mexican journalist who’s been sitting in the US Detention Center 4 months after a judge denied his Asylum claim deportation would mean death but the weight and prisons is taking its toll El momento de la muerte in Mexico the Prime Minister of Belgium arrived at the EU Summit bearing gifts for his British counterpart AAA Belgium soccer jersey between his country and England but he did not go away empty-handed free Lions shirt and exchange ultimately Belgium Prevail One Nail but both teams have qualified for The Knockout round barely need an excuse to get excited about the game but as Bright Start in Russia they’re taking their passion to a new level Thomas text so far this has been the most unusual of English sub with uncharacteristically nice weather and unexpected optimism about the national soccer team we’ve only the most hardcore supporters would have believed that just a couple of weeks ago in international soccer the English have become all too accustomed to disappointment time England young Squad already has two wins at a World Cup it could have missed all together by no fault of its own the nerve agent attack targeting of former Russian spy in Salisbury poisoned relations London and Moscow leading to calls for England to boycott Russia’s World Cup and that’s not the only issue that people of different cities and LGBT find the still particularly vulnerable to talk to Vonda Penguins fans generate thousands of those supporters are making the trip and there’s a sudden surge in bookings with the English apparently emboldened by their team success packages to the World Cup a pretty significant increase in interest form of pride is hard to miss with the English flag specially flying next to the Union Jack above the prime minister the office then across town There’s this neighborhood and there’s no guessing who they are cheering for this coming Friday wants to buy even with an arrow lost to Jim there’s no dampening Spirits here England is off to the next round and that’s better than last time Thomas Dagwood CBC News London so after 2 weeks Group Play teams remain welcome to the 2018 World Cup of surprises Germany in the defending Champion is already out and some of the other big teams are underperforming use of Germany and that is a seismic proportion J there is no Rhyme or Reason Why Germany has stumbled in this world cup to say they just want good enough they look they didn’t inspired they didn’t look great if they look vulnerable like a lot of other teams but Jeremy doesn’t make these mistakes it always shows up at every World Cup everyone except this one Argentina and in the pool lights Belgium me about teams like Uruguay about France and Russia but equally everybody knows that hosts usually when they are staging the World Cup begins on Saturday with the first game being Argentina versus France the winter next on a national rotting in detention when deportation means death make the Mexican journalist stuck in limbo because the United States says it’s safe for him to go home you’ll be fine then Mexico because there is a gram to protect journalists I mean your face immediately just screwed up when you make of that Affairs to be here and they only protection he has is that this program of the government is like juice list examples of how this program have failed Kerr that was the message from demonstrators outside the US justice department today calling for an end to the Detention of Migrant families at the US Mexico border family detention family separation a lot of the debate in recent weeks in the US has been about how to treat asylum-seekers about who deserves Asylum there are any number of reasons to cross that border for 1 asylum-seeker a Mexican journalist named Emilio Gutierrez Soto it was the threat of death the threat to journalist in Mexico is very real last year according to reporters Without Borders it was the deadliest place in the world reported ahead of Syria and Iraq that’s not a fluke take the three most places for journalist over the past 5 years and it’s supposed to Middle Eastern hot spots and Mexico this year so far it’s number two behind Afghanistan we sought out Gutierrez Soto to get his account of the struggle to avoid coming one of those statistics fighting his deportation from the US Detention Center in El Paso along with his son journalist is ask for Asylum because he says the military is threaten to kill it alright El Paso processing center 15 minutes Channel Drive tour North same frame Street okay you’re the boss was writing about corruption in the Mexican military and that’s when he was haunted and threatened an attack by the Mexican military so it was around that time but he tried to seek asylum in the United States since cases Benoit it’s way to the courts ever sent an American judge decided that Emilio should be deported to Emilio and his son have been in detention here in El Paso since December and we’ve been trying to get in in the final word is that yes we can but we can only get audio not video which is what this is all about there’s so many questions to ask these to including you know how long do you think you can hang on what exactly is likely to happen if you do get sent back to Mexico we’ll see what we get how are you tonight sweetie dentists in Mexico I’m like talking like that because we’re together you know and if you the new Samsung reborn dangerous if go back into Mexico Aeromexico and then also said that the Mexican government has a program to protect it the duck does the program so we’re on our way from the from the government to Mexico put under protection Quintanilla the longer you stay in here the longer your son has to stay in here I mean at some point you are fight might be hurting him gluteus Louis you want to do when you grow up what do you want to do I want to be American okay we’ll get on that okay thank you so much I have chosen to specialize in Mexican political Asylum and so what what I basically do is it is try to give Refuge to the refugees I’m wondering anything surprised you about that when you’ve not committed a crime because she is now being persecuted by the American government this is outright persecution into his pay back for him to Mexico announcing the US and there’s no other reason why he shouldn’t be released absolutely none of Americans listening to the saying I don’t care be so what did he say what are they not getting what they’re not getting is it that the best and I think only hope for a 4-4 democracy in Mexico is transparency and accountability and and and the one institution that is in the best position to do that is the Mexican Pres unable to file complaints and deal with human rights abuses even work without fear of being killed for it it’s just another Troublemaker that needs to be taken care of so to figure out for a journalist to Mexico we’re going to head into Juarez till we were heading is right to that red X at the sculptor right in the middle of Juarez you got more it’s one of the most violent hundred people have been killed this year does Wheels problem in the police department right now is corrupt she works for a newspaper called el Diario Doris so Sandra Rodriguez his years digging into what and who is behind the violence and Enterprise she left Warriors for a few years after some specific threats and just there right by her desk is a shrine to a fellow reporter killed in the storm of danger here she’s broken by the Detention Center there is a program to protect journalists I mean your face immediately just screwed up what you make of that if she fears to be here and they only protection he has his that this program of the government is like useless a lot of examples of how this program have failed to other journalists like a specific examples of people killed or thread is it part of the problem to that if you’re writing about the military and the government which are so connected and you’re writing about corruption within two of them how can you trust those organizations to protect you operation Islamic because you don’t trust that’s the worst digital now in this environment you don’t know what what is a threat in Mexico actually for you look like what does that sound like because I was like testing what can you do with you cannot do and I thought that she is worse particularly dangerous and they stayed down please send message about it because so use you stopped writing about that subject what kind of fluids and we did it how are you do you know what the next images for you hola amigo como esta is Adrienne if something happens with your case so Andrew we tried to find some kind of clarity on Gutierrez Soto State from officials who went to US citizenship and immigration the Department of Homeland Security the justice department all said nope and terms I’m talking about his case specifically or do any sort of movies with us so Adrian where does the case he wasn’t up to Snuff that that is fears are incredible and so you know they are agreeing to him having a another hearing it’s probably scheduled for August but like so much of this case it’s definitely not a sure thing you can by the way I find more pictures and more about Emilio story on her Instagram page CBC ganache welcome back we are keeping a close watch on Annapolis Maryland we’re just moments ago police released the names of the five people kill inside the Capital Gazette newspaper first victim’s name is Wendy Winters II is Rebecca Smith third victim is Robert hyacin fourth victim is Gerald Fishman and the fifth victim is John McNamara Associated reporting that all people worked for the newspaper for journalists one sales assistant now heavy machinery is part of the search for a youth soccer team believed to be trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand workers are drilling holes in the side and the the mountain try to drain water and also trying to create another way out cruising the US and UK are also shipping in 12 boys and their coach have been missing since Saturday and always trying to make it easier to catch people who Point Lake scissors at airplanes it’s already a federal offense to do that but it can be difficult to prosecute so today the government announced an outright ban on having a high-powered laser on you if you’re out and about it applies to people within 10 km of an air court or heliport or anywhere within greater Montreal Toronto and Vancouver so if fleas see someone so much of holding a laser in a restricted Zone they can issue a fine up to $5,000 right there on the spot well if you’ve ever been part of rush hour in an urban center you’ve seen it cyclist and drivers at each other’s throats but a new polls suggest who gets blamed depends on who you ask 70% of cyclists drivers 67% of drivers blame cyclist gauge turns out to be a factor too more than half of younger people who are also more likely to be cyclist blame drivers while 3/4 of older Canadians blame cyclist surprise surprise right it’s always someone else’s fault but maybe here in the other side I could go a long way and easing the animosity and improving commutes so we took a red chair to Vancouver today to give cyclists and motorists there say so the question is who is more of a hazard on the road or drivers because cyclist don’t always stop at stop signs they don’t always have by the rules of the road but at the same time drivers have to watch out for the cyclist and they don’t always stop at stops it definitely would be drivers as a cyclist I no longer ride my bike on a main street because it’s just a danger zone I mean there’s totally so many people that I’ve encountered as a pedestrian or cyclist walking across my life do you want to to do and Driver into Jax and it’s like an oopsie matter like oh I didn’t see you there through without regard to the stop sign it puts danger to just not only the pedestrian but two cars into everyone else it’s mainly concerned with the driver it’s actually going to impact and cause more damage to a cyclist then the other way around like how much time much can it like this do to your car so I would definitely say the driver no no one answer so head on the Nationals school is out for kids across the country in that means the seemingly endless run of summer days has been good we dropped by a few schools to see how they feel about it spoiler alert the excitement factor is pretty hot and will also introduce you to one Edmonton Elementary School principal who went above and beyond to keep a promise to his student that is in our moment of the day and remember you can get a little bit of the national in your inbox earlier in play every weekday the national today goes deep on several notable stories Explorer stories you might have missed in today’s newsletter tracking a shocking new weapon of choice in crimes across the country bear spray seriously subscribe CA / well it’s official schools out for kids across Canada kicking off two months of fun and Adventure we visited a few schools across the country to gauge the excitement today and their enthusiasm is hands-down our moment of the day Toronto are understandably over the moon even if some of them are still a little reluctant to leave the schoolyard go home already might be excited but some teachers almost seem kind of sad it’s also a little bit bittersweet because I’m going to be missing them very much as well but it is one Elementary School made a deal with his students a better reading assignment this past year will let him explain we ended up setting up a large goal in the school to have got to come by and 40000 nights of reading and we part of the incentive for the goal was to if we reach that goal I promised I would kiss a goat and when they came through that was always true to his word he slapped and ravishing red lipstick when did the big one rate on that gorgeous I was looking into this and apparently the goat wasn’t the only animal there on the last day of apparently the school had a whole petting zoos worth of animals are including a giant pig so if you ask me the principal got off lucky because if the goat was sick or otherwise have an off-day you know who was subbing in right of school but what I do remember is no finer moments than the last 10 seconds before the last battle of the year and you know that paradise is around the corner and I don’t care how old you are that moment never leaves you National for Thursday June 28th school is out
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