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on this Thursday night we told you about the Lions lost half of the Danforth shooting tonight in exclusive looking one of the lives forever changed when gunfire rang out Daniel Kane and her boyfriend ran to help with Victor only to be shot herself tonight she’s in the ICU or fight to recover and the Doctor Who Saved her life Seth Rogen to bring his comedy to SkyTrain this is the national the day after the Danforth attack we Toronto’s police chief describe some of the Wounded is having life-altering injuries Daniel Kane is one of those people it’s 31 years old on Sunday she was enjoying a night out now she’s waiting for another operation in facing the possibility never walk again for the first time tonight her family sharing her story with the national night his cousin Daniel Kane and her boyfriend Jerry Pinkston we’re having dinner when they heard someone have been shot Kingston an emergency room nurse went out of side door to help paying a nursing student was right behind that’s when they came face-to-face with a shooter who was walking by he turned human eye contact with Jerry and Jerry said he doesn’t remember seeing a gun but he remembers hearing a sound or something and then seeing that him lift his arm Swardson injury was able to duck out of the way of Huntington patio tables and I think was the moment the door and just walked into now a below says it’s not clear if his cousin will walk again she was hit in the spine by a bullet and that’s just one of her challenges though she remains at Saint Michael’s Hospital in intensive care the bullet rupture stomach and her diaphragm and some of the fluids from her stomach were getting into the abdomen so as we speak right now and they’re a couple of surgeries and procedures I washed out make sure it’s clean and if things go well tomorrow morning show there’s injuries were spine not life-threatening but almost certainly like changing strong and opinionated and to think that you might not be able to do the things that she loves to do like dancing Daniel’s family to speak publicly but he says they know they’re not the only one struggling whole Community is grieving loss and what’s the deal with the Fallout from this tragic event and so Daniel’s family continues to support her at her Hospital bedside and launching a GoFundMe campaign for what will be along food to recovery and later tonight we’ll hear from one of the people who help save canes Life along with several other victims dr. najma Ahmed at st. Michael’s Hospital here in Toronto and small excerpt from that conversation where she says that some of the survivors still have a long road ahead many days about how this happened and what the hell he will survive and who didn’t survive but for patients who are so who suffer trauma Viet from a motor vehicle crash from motorcycle accidents or or a gunshot wound there are going to be in the hospital months months then they require Rehabilitation for months and months they’re often young people as I’ve outlines but it changes our life and they’re never the same and it’s never the same for the family that the Fizz Coburn of injury is huge at not to mention the psychological burden she got the call to respond one of those things that you you prepare for but never fully expect victim she said but as she was doing her work that bit someone targeted these victims many of them so young in an act so senseless and there’s lots more on the program here tonight business reporter Jaclyn Jansen the loss of confidence may be the bigger blow another deadline for the kids have been returned to their parents serious criminal charges laid against the Toronto teacher after one of the students died on a field trip. The teacher could be held responsible in that way maybe unprecedented since a school canoe trip ended in tragedy what was supposed to be an adventure in the outdoors for Toronto high school student turned into a desperate search operation it ended with diverse pain the body of 15 year-old Jeremiah Perry he drowned while swimming in big trout lake Algonquin Park Ontario Provincial Police launched an investigation and today announced they were charging Nicholas Mills at teacher from Jeremiah’s High School who organized supervise the trip with criminal negligence causing death the Toronto district school board says Mills has been on home assignment since the accident happened continue to be very troubled by the fact that it would it would appear that safety requirements were not followed on this trip over a year ago no safety requirements include a swim test at the time the board said every student who went on the camping trip had to have passed it it turned out half of them including Jeremiah failed it this Toronto defense lawyer says he’s never seen a teacher face a charge like this after an accident on a school trip part of the province without the parents and basically the only adult supervisors are going to be the teacher’s for appear for a few days or a few nights I can certainly see surprise of the Court doesn’t find that the pair the teachers are stepping into the role of the parents in those circumstances Joshua Anderson Jeremiah’s father says the charge is warranted in a statement today he said although nothing that happens now can bring back Jeremiah or take away the pain of losing him we hope that having the case see through the criminal justice system will be one important step and ensuring that a tragedy like this never happens again on a school trip to make sure it doesn’t the school board says it now requires parents to acknowledge they’ve seen the results of their children swim test and if they don’t pass they don’t go on field trips involving water Nichole Ireland CBC News Toronto teachers will have to answer for themselves union rep for his thoughts on both the employer teacher involved are fully aware of the responsibilities in the processes and I’m just a strict adherence to the M&M insurance that there that are rigid and well followed is what I hope for but there could be chilling effect to look over and approve the rules around field trips and to keep students safe now to the worst day of trading for one of the world’s biggest companies Facebook set a record for the most money lost in a single day on walls a huge chunk 19% of its market value disappeared were talking more than 100 billion dollars weigh more than the GDP of some small countries was bringing our business reporter Jaclyn Jansen who’s been looking into why let’s begin with what happened today yeah I mean up until today was a bit of a surprise today when we saw this drop because up until today Facebook’s growth seemed practically Unstoppable but we did see that that seems to be not the case anymore and the company’s conference call yesterday Mark Zuckerberg was pretty Frank about the company’s weak spots cuz it can’t keep up its rapid growth while it spends more money on privacy and security Union to protect consumer privacy that’s already slowing advertising growth there but it was Facebook’s plan to shift ads from news feeds two stories a newer feature of photos and videos that last just 24 hours that made some animal skeptical does an argument to be made that they’re switching to stories attention away from the really successful on model because the other had model was failing with respect to security and that means that they aren’t being proactive actually are being reactive and they don’t necessarily have a plan they don’t know it’s going to work plus it has another potential problem users aren’t signing up at the rate say used to in this expert points to one possible reason there’s an entire younger generation younger demographics political data Scandal lingering privacy concerns and the spread of fake news all likely testing users trust but will they leave because it is so big I don’t think it’s going to be any kind of immediate drop-off that we see but could this be beginning of a slow decline for the platform I think that there’s no doubt that that’s the case so what we saw today was investors reacting to some pretty big concerns the cost of privacy rules in the EU it’s slowing user and revenue growth and a warning that profit will likely be squeeze four quarters if not years to come but despite all that you and this is as you said still one of the most valuable tech companies in the world but what it lost today along with drop and its market value was investors many investors confidence in the company the company’s bottom line stalling user growth in the United States and Canada is farce carrier that show you what we mean Facebook makes an average of nearly $6 or Revenue per person that’s globally but let’s break it down by region the average value of European user was supposed to $9 but an American or Canadian user almost $26 the big difference is that advertisers were almost all of Facebook’s Revenue comes from see users in the US and Canada is more affluent so what you’re worth to Facebook what about what Facebook is worth of Mark Zuckerberg while today’s stock drop hit his personal stake as well his net worth losing close to 16 billion dollars but it still doing just fine worth of 67 billion that’s according to Forbes or the US government scrambled today to reunite migrant children with their families they were separated under the Trump Administration Zero Tolerance policy for people trying to slip across the border and a judge order the government to fix that by today it says mission accomplished but critics aren’t so sure today is deadline was to bring children 5 and over back together with their families the justice department says around 8 100 of them have been reunited with their parents or released to relatives or other sponsors but they’re still hundreds of children in government custody so can the Trump Administration call this a win reveal a mass that defies accountability it’s a tricky question that we asked all Hunter to take on a kind of Chaos efforts to reunite families forcibly separated at the US Mexico border hear children taken from their parents by the US government were part of a last-minute court-ordered push to be taken back to their parents by today but it’s unclear how many made it or where they ended up though there’s been evidence lately of cheerfully happy reunions critics underline your applause it doesn’t excuse what the government did but we are going to be enormously please that children are in their parents arms indeed under a directed by the Trump Administration earlier this year anyone caught Crossing into the US illegally even those fleeing stryfe were to be federally prosecuted that meant cages in detention centers in Texas and children taken from their parents and the backlash led to a California judge ordering the government to reunite the family’s the government says it’s made great progress but acknowledges it’s lost track of some parents and more than 400 other parents have already being deployed without their children it’s unclear how or even if they’ll ever be reunited in Washington today children and other demonstrators March toward Capital help to press the US gov want to find a way to make sure all families are eventually reunited even as the Trump Administration defended its position that US immigration policy must be hardened you do not get to come to him the unlawfully let’s just make that clear this system is built on making your application and waiting your turn indeed even the tearful reunions come with a caveat deportation here now awake for most the deadline has come and gone and they’re still kids in custody so what now yeah well good question no one knows it’s kind of Uncharted Territory it is a coup order so consequences are possible for example of government officials could be fined or imprisoned that said it’s much more likely that a judge would see good faith that the government been trying to get this done on time and allow some leeway still the whole idea of the deadline was to get it done so they’re likely wouldn’t be too much wiggle room but you know what keep in mind this is a problem entirely of the US government’s own making and in that it’s also the government that’s now departed those 400-plus parents without their kids already your guess is as good as anyone’s as I say how they’ll ever get reunited The Washington Post today wrote a particularly scathing at a toy about all of it telling the whole episode a contentious cruel noxious humanitarian outraged so it’s clear that regardless of any penalty by the courts if any the Trump administration’s already paid a stiff price in the public eye for protalus okay thanks Paul and some of the other developing Stories We Are tracking tonight including update from authorities in Greece they think this week’s deadly fire may have been started deliberately here’s a look from earlier today at what’s left in a coastal town near Athens after being ravished by Wildfire 82 people are dead a hundred eighty seven others were hurt including more than 20 children Authority say they suspect images in-ground inspection suggests the fire broke out in multiple places in a relatively short time frame Pakistan’s general election we’re still waiting on final results so we don’t know yet if his party will get a majority or be forced to form a coalition but Khan’s Rivals have already rejected the outcome they say the vote count was Rick text make any public comment about the case and mr. Hogarth Position will become clear innjoo course that is the lawyer for Hadley’s lead singer Jacob Hogarth outside of the courthouse today he was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference his lawyer appeared in court on his behalf but it was short this case was put over until next month so head on the National League pictures of Discovery mutated strains of HIV in Saskatchewan than make AIDS develop faster will take you through the new study plus the and how one tweet brought a famous Vancouver voice to the transit system it’s our moment of the day Canadian people is an opportunity I will take there is a compelling Yuri to get tested for HIV in Saskatchewan researchers have discovered mutated strains of the virus there which can lead to faster developing age-related illnesses Olivia stefanovic couldn’t believe it’s my heart my life just flashed before me because I knew was going to be totally changed first nation in Saskatchewan where HIV rates are 11 times higher than the national average a lot of these people are covering up sexual trauma to the Turner area to the bottle or to the needle 80% of people have HIV in the province or indigenous for other health reasons he wants others to know people with the virus can live long comfortable lives today’s study in a scientific journal AIDS underscores that researchers heard about an HIV mutation in Japan and went looking for in Saskatchewan they found it especially but not only in the Indigenous population we’re all humans we all share the same gene pool the study found anyone with a mutation could develop illnesses for that antiviral drugs work if the HIV is caught early the medic that we have to treat HIV work equally well to prevent the spread of HIV workers say more education is needed we are so finding that people are not fully using these resources and and that’s mainly because of a lack of awareness looking for more people to get tested and Saskatchewan is spending an additional $600,000 this year for HIV medications Olivia stefanovic Regina about 25000 Canadians have HIV but one in five don’t know it which makes transmitting the virus much more likely in 2016 there were more than 2,300 new HIV infection that’s more than 11% the year before and Saskatchewan has the highest diagnosis rate more than double the national average and Nova Scotia has seen 16 new HIV cases in the first six months of 2018 that’s usually with a province he’s in entire year that’s unclear what caused the junk but it’s prompted The Province to take steps it’s expanding access to pre-exposure prophylaxis or prep jurisdictions that fund the medication have reported a 40% decrease in uhi he cases and coming up on the National Aviation World remembers a Pioneer who made history we will tell you the story of Mary Ellis and my full interview with Aunt through najma Ahmed she tells us what it was like in St Michael’s Sunday night S5 of the victims were rushed there after the deadly shooting on the Dance Floor very much serious the mood was very much I get your head in the game a lot like I’ll pull the same direction and make sure that we save as many lies and minimize as much damage as we can you want to be here at the food say that this isn’t okay and we’re not Garrett memorial for victims of last Sunday’s mass shooting on the Danforth a March visual through thousands of people last night including Mayor John Tory and the Ontario Premier Doug Ford Field for your support for the victims has been huge less well-known of the stories of those who responded I spoke with dr. najma Ahmed surgeon at st. Michael’s Hospital here in Toronto said one of the teams that work through the night to save victims live I met her in an operating room where we required to wear scrubs over are closed in our conversation she describes just how quickly the fancy response unfold let’s start with when you got the call you were at home on Sunday night what time did you get the car so dr. Lawless was the primary trauma surgeon on call and I got a text you around multiple GSW is Michael gunshot wounds and I answered yeah I’m at home text me if you need me five minutes later or less than five minutes later actually the chief of critical care I called me on my phone and said there’s no Code Orange at the hospital so Code Orange means that there’s a catastrophe in the city there’s a mass casualty or some other emergency in the city and so it’s all hands on deck means that nobody who currently in the hospital can go home even if their shift is over or whatever that includes the Porter’s everybody stays put call in backup teams from home so highly about 10 minutes in the hospital so I got into my car and I drove into the hospital and as I came down shooter I could see there’s lots of ambulances and lots of police cars and I had a sense then it was going to be a tough night and something catastrophic it happened in the city did you get a clear sense of how big it was able to get a clear sense of how big it was for a few hours as as I came in I was told that dr. laws regarding the operating room performing surgery on the first patient and then there was multiple other patients that I try and realize that the second page needs to go to the Merchant Link to the operating room so we rushed that patient upstairs we got the VOR was on standby as is the case for Mass Cash situation we got started almost immediately and I don’t think it was until about 4 in the morning really but I got a clear sense of the scale of what happened how many patients had gone to which hospitals how many patients require surgery stuff I hear if I’ve been able to walk around where you were walking around that night very much serious very much in the game save as many lives and minimize as much damage as we can and every single person that I saw that night I saw that in their eyes for people on the street in the Danforth there were so many questions there was so much uncertainty it was also unsettling a sense of unease it it was there any of that here or was there appointed which that kind of seeped into here as well where Toronto Air Canada this does not happen here for sure that that was seeping into everyone’s Consciousness as the hours World by in the moment I think we were all very much focused on the job that we had to do right then and since then of course there has been a lot of May and concern about how this could have happened and what we’re going to do about it was there anything different when you were in the or that night and it in the next day given the nature of this event you know what you have to do when you get very laser-focused to do what you have to do is stand over the patient and you are organizing your team and you fix injuries I think because of the circumstances because it was in the Heart of the City and because the loss of life has been so tragic and it’s such a innocent age I think I said I got a sense that this was different that for me was you know it’s kind of question can a soul-crushing when that information started trickling into the opportunities we were Opera treating patients as the night and the next days went by Wheatley know we see a loss of life but this kind of mass casualty gunman thing in the heart of the city is is not something that will come custom too and it’s Toronto I normally wouldn’t an interview ask somebody a question that involves their religion but Muhammad Lila reporter who used to work for CDC who’s Muslim tweeted that that the gunman was Muslim that’s so too was one of the key doctors the actor one of the acting director is at St Michael’s Hospital and you saw that tweeting you were touched by this was talking about I guess I would say that no everyday millions and billions of people on planet Earth get up regardless of their face of their religion or even if they don’t have faith in my god get up and every day and go about business and try and make the world a better place and I’m just one of those billions of people I just happened to be in the business of saving lives and that night my job was to save these lives lot of people in Toronto I’ve wondered is there citysafe has their City changed what can they do to make their City better have you had any moments like that for sure for sure or something like this affect the way we think about our community and about our city I don’t think it’ll ever be go back to being the same and what can be done about it is a very important question what can be done about it is I think we have to think of very deliberately and carefully about gun safety legislation and Firearm legislation in our country because I I personally believe it’s a slippery slope unless we get a handle on it we’re going to be a place that we maybe don’t want to be in in the decades to come all three of those operations you can find more on the exclusive stories we brought you from the Danforth tonight on our Instagram page at CBC the national before we go to break we do want to show you the story of another remarkable woman search resumes among those paying tribute today to marielys a trailblazing Aviator she’s died at the age of a hundred and one after long being one of the few surviving female pilots from the Second World War Ellis was on hand the spring to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the royal Air Force in organization she predated by one year during the war she joined the Air transport auxiliary delivering aircraft factories to the front line at first women were trusted only with trainers and transport plan but a labor shortage meant she was soon flying Spitfires Wellington’s and dozens of other warplane she recalled how I believe a woman that delivered their new bomber you must be Ellison her colleagues for the first women’s receive equal pay from the British government for doing the same work as men after the war Ellis moved to the Isle of Wight where she managed the local airport for 20 years fashionary the pilot never forgot the exhilarating freedom of flight occasionally I would take when I go and pay with the clouds which was so wonderful that was foo foo foo foo Johnny sua Jack walking back on the national tonight look at that menacing looking clouds rolling over the Toronto skyline I got people buzzing on social media with lots of folks sharing photos as the city suddenly got dark but it was surrounding areas but took the brunt of the storm I hail ice pellets the size of nickel the time yes there was ice but it was also hot with the humidex making temperatures feel like the mid-30s another project by Quebec director Rivera lapage has been cancelled following allegations of cultural approach members of the indigenous Community had criticized the play called Canada for his lack of meaningful involvement of indigenous people in a statement lapage company said it made the decision after American co-producers withdrew their support call earlier this month the Montreal Jazz Festival dropped another lapage production that show too was criticized for cultural appropriation I want to take to my friends my family my friends thank you for support those UFC fighter Conor McGregor after pleading guilty today to disorderly conduct he was facing multiple charges after a brawl earlier this year at a New York Arena with today’s please he avoids jail time but he has to undergo anger management treatment and complete 5 days of community service in a rocky start this week can soccer clubs first-ever joint or by their men’s and women’s teams after it emerged only the men got the flying business class fans of FC Barcelona’s women’s team criticized economy the club says it was a logistical issue that the flight was booked before it was decided that the women’s team would join and not enough business seats were available 2 years ago this month the Supreme Court implemented the Jordan decision a ruling intended to improve access to Speedy trials I keep playing in the criminal code instead it is caused severely strained resources grinding parts of the system to a near halt we’ll look at that impact starting with our Rob antle who explores how the ruling in conjunction with recent Decisions by the RCMP created a whole new problem getting Federal prosecutor Adam Stephen Bonnie has seen the justice system from both sides but he’s never seen it under pressure the way it is now the Supreme Court of Canada made it clear the culture of complacency is dead it’s over two years ago the top cordsets Trek timelines for the right to a speedy trial but there’s work to do before those cases get to course and it’s taking longer and longer for RCMP Labs the process Firearms forensic reports for the prosecutor it creates a cannibal State of Affairs for the accused especially those who are innocent it’s completely unacceptable many police forces across the country rely on the RCMP to do work like this testing guns analyzing bullets and RCMP statistics show the results are slower to arrive four years ago routine Firearms testing took about 56 days in the past year that red balloon to 238 days behind the RCMP operates one of its three lives a few years back it close three others a decision decided not to relocate creating a resource crisis that’s been felt in the courtroom when the love comes back and tells me that they have 230 days turnaround time to get a report back on a gun that’s an enormous problem for us pewter Rick Woodburn survey colleagues across Canada and the news is not good from reports that I’m getting across the country charges are being a stayed charges are being reduced and sometimes even withdrawn prosecutors have because of the delays in getting those reports back in one Newfoundland murder trial a preliminary inquiry ground to a halt for 7 months waiting for a gun testing report and in Manitoba delays in disclosed forensic results factored into a judge’s decision to throw out weapons charges the good news is the mounties now believe they are turning the corner lab jobs May soon be filled and turnaround times have gone down in recent months all this is neustadt show that gun violence in Canada is still on the rise Broadband told CBC News Ottawa but here’s a little more on those rates of gun violence Rob mentioned according to statistics Canada they are up cross the country statscan recorded more than 2,700 violent gun crimes last year that’s up more than 7% from 2016 the biggest Spike wasn’t Saskatchewan with a jump of almost 50% 2nd at 10% homicides committed with a gun are also up according to the most recent numbers there were 223 firearm-related homicides in 2016 more than half related to gang activity mostly in Toronto Vancouver the earlier Rob examine the effects of the Jordan decision on criminal law affecting civil law as well by effectively robbing Peter to pay Paul in a wooded lot of half hour north of Edmonton sand repaired areas living a life more rustic than she ever could have imagined firewood for heat from a wood stove don’t know no running water no electricity rotary’s common-law husband died 4 years ago but there’s a legal battle over the estate’s she can’t get her rightful share until it’s settled she’s broke living mainly on a survey pension and the Goodwill of others her lawyer says if that case goes to trial it probably won’t be scheduled before 20-21 I get it I got to start over but I didn’t think I was going to have to start over from under the barrel. Even the ball Twisted hers is 1 of an Untold number of civil cases facing lengthy delays systemic delays that in some jurisdictions seem to grow only longer with each passing Month part of the problem comes courtesy of the Supreme Court of Canada in what’s known as the Jordan decision of July 2016 it rules criminal trials must be completed within 18 months for relatively minor cases or 30 months for more serious offenses the system is straining to meet those deadlines and in some provinces they’re using civil court resources to do it recently retired Chief Justice of Alberta Neil Whitman says the civil court system is suffering as a result keep up the pace that this court is presently being subjected to for long periods of time and I get the quality of justice that I think the public deserve it mean average 90 two weeks this year that weight has doubled Alberta is perhaps the least prepared to deal with all of this because the federal government has failed to fill a dozen judicial vacancies so far maybe one Mark Feehan is president of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association and Sandra parodies lawyer walking the streets and we all understand that but the people that have none for less serious like family law or estate arguments or personal injury they all just kind of got put on the back-burner people like me I don’t even think we’re on the back burner I think we’ve been put on the side too cool where she counts the days waiting for justice Carolyn Dunn CBC news near Edmonton Cooper Seth Rogen is about to get an unusual role in Hollywood North Side even more awesome I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for him but that doesn’t mean is Rogan us some pictures of Vancouver SkyTrain a campaign to get his voice on TransLink is our moment of the day the first we want to show you a piece of a story that we’re bringing you on Monday night on the national O’Neill Yates for the preview of a town is going to Great Lengths to make everyone feel well population less than 4,000 located on the southwest tip of Newfoundland somehow though this place is figured out enough to be labeled Canada’s most autism-friendly Town very committed parents and a very accepting community a lot of isolation what comes with the diagnosis of autism so when you have this community that rallies around you feels for autism includes me she’s made it a priority sounds autistic kids with the whole community group of authors and I think this is why we’re getting so much support from the public the result has made kids with autism feel just like everyone else sometimes in other places you could get bullied for what you’re doing you could get made fun off that call names and put a bass by here is not like that love you go you EZ Forms that’s coming soon on the national set a reminder that the national today takes you inside or journalism every afternoon that’s our newsletter goes deeper on the top stories and highlights the stories that you may have missed today official end to the Korean War signals of a peace agreement between North and South celebrate Summer with the CBC TV app over there here in The Great Outdoors stream hundreds of shows anytime you’re free I left cooking out at the horizons International possibility Foo Foo job Johnny crazy the lineup Vancouver here’s a tip to make your Transit ride even more awesome that will soon be burned into Vancouver commuters brains today TransLink in charge of the city’s public transit announced Hometown Boys new voice of public service announcements is deep baritone and the story of how we got the new gig is our moment of the day the web had the story on my phone while sitting on a bus and sending it into The Newsroom reporter Stephanie it for what you’ll soon here on Vancouver’s frames I know your bag is probably very nice and you care deeply for him but that doesn’t mean it needs it the boys were supposed to be Morgan Freeman as part of a Visa campaign and some others found a little puzzling there wasn’t somebody local that we could have hired instead in my first thought was Seth Rogen so she fired off a funny tweet and soon after sexual harassment allegations came out against Freeman and TransLink dropped him if tweets turned into hit me up from Rogan and swell friends like this sometimes I think it feels like you’re just yelling into the voice and it was fun this time to throw something out there and have people respond to it as well as they did wives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take those are very nice so I take the Canada Line when I’m back in Vancouver and I hope that his announcements are on there when I get back next and you know Andrew we were a country famous for comedy so what about Brent butt and Russell Peters and Martin Short on other transit systems I hope this becomes a friend well I’ll tell you what I hope this is as someone who does take public transit to work everyday I hope that that that laugh but it is unique I hope it doesn’t slowly drive me insane open mind we’ll see I don’t know but I wish I wish I could do that would have been the perfect time but I’ll cross my fingers one can only hope that seems to be the theme for the night I have a good night good night
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