The National for July 11, 2018 — NATO, Rescued Thai Boys, Greyhound

it’s Wednesday July 11th and on this night the truck baby ready to take to the skies as the president himself takes on his friend his NATO allies confronted like fools and freeloader they might not like that you might be right this is a day when countries have gone to their Corners also today when Greyhound goes subject in England right now after a bad day on the pitch this is the night in principle NATO is the strongest military Alliance in the world and wild Donald Trump may have doubts about it Justin Trudeau doesn’t something the Prime Minister affirmed while announcing a new Canadian mission to Iraq today now we have to rebuild that democracy and strengthen it NATO is going to take a significant role in that encounter this going to commit 250 troops a number of helicopters and we are actually offering to command that mission for the first year this is some what we believe in different troops in Iraq something Trudeau has pointed out since Trump started demanding NATO allies increase their spending but it wasn’t just Canada on the defensive it today so Katherine Cullen explains from Brussels 1A country is getting his energy from it the person you want protection against or from the group if you want to text him is making Russia richer so don’t be fooled by the photo op Gran’s the military Alliance is not one big happy family right now Trump has been demanding all countries fulfill their pledge and spend more on defense and not 5 years from now immediately who we are as Canadians but not new spending and even though Justin Trudeau signed a joint declaration committing Tomatoes Financial targets he also says Canada won’t meet them we don’t think about you know who’s who’s doing more who’s doing less we will do what we can and what we feel is right then decided to up the pressure behind closed doors he told leaders they should double their military spending goals to 4% of each country’s economic output discussions challenges but wouldn’t bite on Trump suggestion Germany’s Angela Merkel must stink going from this this and then this relationship to Germany is it wanting to see more cooperation is Canada’s prime minister Trudeau and Trump met today as well why does that matter would Justin Trudeau said that he was looking forward to this conversation with Donald Trump which might come as a bit of a surprise when you can see about the last time these two spoke afterwards the US president tweeted that Trudeau was very weak and dishonest and that was inspired by a dispute about trade and it was trade that they discuss today according to the prime minister’s office now this is a meeting sidelines of the summit not a formal sit-down we understand that they discuss NAFTA how the newly-elected Mexican president might change the dynamic and Canadian official say it was a good conversation which suggests I’m calling all right Catherine thanks very much Kathryn cullinan Brussels tonight Trump’s next stop London for his first visit to the UK and many there have had just about enough of his transatlantic taunt so much that if Trump wants to see what many Brits think of him he can just look up in diapers cell phone in hand will fly for London Friday morning with the approval of Mary sadik-khan who is no stranger to Trump’s colorful criticism Khan signed off on the protest blimp last week and then a group crowdfunded a baby sadik-khan blimp that may also fly this course has come to this we are also expecting anti-trump protests across the UK tomorrow not wholly surprising because as Margaret Evans explains the president has been a regular critic of the usli former British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill first coined the phrase the special relationship to describe anglo-american relations back in 1946 and it’s been a much cherish here ever since but it hasn’t offered written immunity from insult when it comes to the US administration of Donald J Trump so let us count the ways no go zones even before mr. Trump became president Trump he was wrestling feathers on this side of the pond in 2015 he claimed they were radicalized no go zones that the British police were afraid to enter and then when he was in office falsely blamed rise and UK crime and what he called radical Islamic Terror City, he’s been targeted more than once by the US president offended were the ones that came right in the midst of the London Bridge attack first Trump used it to justify his call for a travel ban on six muslim-majority countries then he called the London mayor pathetic and took his comment londoners to remain calm out-of-context backing the far-right in November Donald Trump retweet it a series of anti-muslim videos posted by an extreme right group called Britain first and even though anxious to reach a post brexit trade deal with from the British prime minister Theresa May felt compelled to intervene telling trump it was wrong to give voice to hateful narratives Remember When Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower and then his spokesman push the envelope even further by repeating some media reports that British intelligence and help them do it is James Bond agencies were not amused that gchq the surveillance agency actually issued ridiculous service if there’s one thing you really don’t want to mess with him Britain it is the NHS it’s right up there with the monarchy and football when it comes to British values for grits even celebrated the NHS in the open ceremonies at the London Olympics in 2012 earlier this year Trump sent out a tweet to crying Universal Health Care in flying Brits were marching against it tweeted back the British Labour leader Jeremy corbyn people marched because we love our NHS Healthcare is a human right and that is just a small taste of Margaret Evans BBC News London busy Friday he will hold talks with Theresa May a Checkers the prime minister’s country Retreat after press conference it’s off to Windsor Castle to me then he will fly to Scotland to stay at one of his golf courses on Sunday he leaves for Helsinki for next week’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin here’s what else were working on tonight buy Greyhound cancel bus service politicians across the country are calling for solutions to help people in smaller Community plus a dark side to the beautiful game activist in the UK Warren of an increase in domestic violence England is on the pitch refers to Thailand where we now have the first images of that boys soccer team and their coach a day after the last of them for finally rescued from that flooded paid they’re all being treated in hospital and doctors expect most will be discharged in a week are very short is there with more in the team’s ordeal in the Dangerous Mission that got them up gather again no longer huddled on that Rocky ledge but side by side in hospital beds some way for the cameras will Overjoyed relatives looked on from behind the protective barrier because they’re still in isolation how to align the video was released as part of a massive Marathon news conference they gave a clear picture of just what cruise were up again we had to work fast this time because we didn’t know when the at the start it was Rising by 8 centimeters an hour the Thai Navy Seals had never navigated a flooded dark cave before and the divers were out of contact for hours at a time it was very stressful for me and my team he says because we didn’t know if they would come back alive and 1 didn’t even after the boys were discovered it was still a dangerous operation setting up oxygen canisters that very real risk with why officials are so grateful for the extra diapers who stepped in to help it was a pair from the UK that was able to swim further into the cave and find the team in the first place English driver got there he says the kids were running to see him looking for 14 year old LG Simon his teachers always stress the importance of learning languages and salmon speaks for his parents are from an unrecognized state in Myanmar and he came to Thailand alone to go to school like 80% of the students here he’s an ethnic minority and stateless but celebrated by his classmates he’s kind and helpful towards his friend she says he’s hard-working and a diligent student the school setup display to order him and includes handwritten notes that he’ll be able to read when he finally returns but for now he remains with the rest of the team spending time in close quarters for just a little longer Briar Stewart CBC News Chiang Rai mention the one Tai boy who spoke English as stateless that means he doesn’t technically have a nationality or paperwork when it comes to citizenship the same applies to some of his teammates their coach and many others thousands of flight to Northern Thailand from Hill tribes and other ethnic groups around the Golden Triangle a lawless wedge of land that bisects Thailand Myanmar and lows they’re denied political Refugee status how to live in some areas with few rights they aren’t allowed to vote own property or work legally know what do they have access to healthcare or passport for travel about 480000 people in Thailand are stateless according to un Refugee agency but some human rights groups claim the number could be as high as 3 million in a nation of nearly 70 million killer Bruce MacArthur after returning to a Toronto house a few days ago investigators have been digging through piles of compost and as you enter miliotis explains it Sac into an archaeological dig tape is back up media is back at a distance while investigators behind this house keep off their gruesome search police haven’t said what human remains the coroner’s office came to collect last week only that it may take weeks to attach a name and a murdered life to them you can later put all those clothes together into a story how would they be trying to figure that out at this point of course they’re going to be looking to see if there are any elements that were missing from the sets of remains that they’ve already found please are still literally piecing together a criminal puzzle found last week May belong to anyone of Bruce MacArthur’s 8 alleged victims 7 sets of remains all dismembered have been found but some are not complete and majeed K has remains have not been identified but please do have DNA profiles of every man using animal bone woman walks us through what it takes to make a match from several sites in the body to extract DNA how long is that take anywhere from days to weeks depending on the quality of the DNA enough smallest piece Candy Crush on an extraordinary glimpse of the scene last week investigators were also looking for other Clues to figure out how long the compost piles have been there if they were dumped Play hidden or deliberately scattered if all of the bones belong to the same individual but they’re at these multiple layers then it’s possible that these remains were deliberately mixed to trying to construct the story not just figure out who these remains belong to absolutely please believe the latest remains could belong to the last name to fix him or someone else entirely and as his crime scene wines down they may be getting closer to closing and unprecedented investigation why didn’t is even further you want to remotely Otis CBC News Toronto Trump Administration says it expects that all migrant children under the age of 5 who are eligible to be reunited with their parents will be by tomorrow morning the government failed to meet a court order deadline yesterday to reunite all 102 children with their families it’s cited a number of issues including that some parents hadn’t yet been located Robert Latimer is asking for either a pardon or a new trial the Saskatchewan farmer was convicted of second-degree murder in 1997 for the killing of his severely disabled daughter he called it a mercy killing Latimer’s now asking for a rare ministerial review of his case as I always said promises made Promises Kept Ontario bring you done for today announcing that Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt is out and so is his board of directors this comes after how’s the fire the CEO during the election campaign he called Schmidt Six Million Dollar Man for his annual salary and bonuses and Ford blame Hydro One for Ontario Hydro rates right on the last Greyhound bus as it rolls out of white horse behind the scenes buy bat cave up there if we’re not going to be hitchhiking and they’re not going to put a bus I don’t have the money to take a train or plane or anything like that Greyhound bus service for large part of Canada mainly in the West my heavily on the service including Rural and Indigenous communities and summer calling for the federal government to take action to replace the bus service Greyhound Canada surprised many on Monday with the news that it will be shutting down all the rooting BC Alberta Manitoba Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario they’ll be gone in the end of October Greyhound will continue serving Ontario and Quebec the federal government said today was also caught off guard by the news and Greyhound Turtle then it was cutting back that no points in the conversations did the Greyhound ever ever signal that they were completely cut services and that’s an important fact step in calling this an issue of national important the NDP says Federal funding is needed so that no Community is left stranded here in British Columbia we have the documented fact that the lack of bus services along the highway of Tears lead II missing and murdered indigenous women who had to rely on hitchhiking because it weren’t in the Attic bus services next week mental issue around a basic ability to write the transportation to where I was provincial and federal governments try to figure out how to fill the hole left by the bus giant at least two companies say they’re looking at stepping in Salzman has a look at how this could unfold The Maritime Bus Charlottetown terminal for some it’s the only way off the island I’m heading to Halifax I don’t have a car anyway I can get back to Nova Scotia to think they almost lost this service in 2012 Acadian lines pulled out of the deciding Financial losses Maritime Bus the company also operates the school bus Municipal Transit and Charters so which more Diversified less dependent on long-haul trips leaner and more efficient you can have one singular Management Group you can share it pictures of mechanics overheads in your shop so a Synergy of operation collectively the divisions do work but couldn’t work in the west where Greyhound says the bus business is enviable think that we can come up with a solution that would be cost-effective he says it might take government help and probably a coalition of private companies some are already set to hit the road what we’re proposing is that we’re going to fill the void the roots in Northern Ontario and Manitoba Casper would be in ski runs Casper Transportation Thunder Bay his service would be comprable to Greyhounds but they use smaller vehicles and instead of big terminals they also cut cost picking up passengers at Transit stops or in parking lot fresh ideas that some say could be an improvement older buses here sounds to me like they were trying to grow the business operations might be more viable there would no doubt be people in Fort Frances who would be pretty happy with that to Aaron Saltzman CBC News in the first time Greyhound make cutbacks in the country recently the last bus rolled out of Whitehorse almost 50 years of service the cbc’s Philip Moore I was on board on the bus come on down actually a little better than average for the root which is been struggling for years thousand kilometer trip on the Alaska Highway Greyhound says the route was recouping about 1/5 of its expenses the average ridership in 2017 was only three people that’s on a bus with 56 seats Church says the ridership was low but people often told him the route was important to them lost people depend upon the Greyhound for coming to White Horse for medical appointments so what are they going to do the answer maybe another company does the yard first nation in Watson Lake says it’s looking at starting a shuttle service going to miss it immensely job people’s reactions to the scenery listening to their that you can almost feel the bus sometimes as you know 1415 peoples migrated to one side of the bus in order to get the great pictures of the the Bears the bison and if fortunately wolf on the Alaska Highway National the agony of defeat for English soccer fans with the World Cup another blow amidst the turmoil at home but there is Joy today for Croatian fans celebrating their teams first trip to the World Cup final when you mobile camping setup in Northern Ontario for Crews working to get a number of forest fires under control one of the communities under threat is to Mahogany Northeast of Sunbury so far nearly two dozen homes have been put under evacuation other people have been warned to be ready to leave if things get worse brain is not expected in this area until Friday see you in real says it’s Cruiser responding tonight to a train derailment North Pemberton here in BC as you can see several cars went off the tracks at least one of them into the lake CN says it doesn’t believe any dangerous goods were on board the company believes the cars were carrying wood products and there are no reports of injuries strong and most importantly inflation Is On Target in this context higher interest rates will be warranted to keep inflation near Target 1.5% increase of .25 percentage point this is the 4th time in about a year that the central bank has decided to raise its rate it will affect how much consumers pay for things like mortgages and lines of credit and Canada’s me look brownish lost his match at Wimbledon today he felt American John Isner in the tournament quarterfinals I said after that he felt like he tore a muscle in his leg early in the match as long as his injury isn’t serious rounded should play the Rogers Cup in Toronto in August for the first time ever Croatia is heading to the World Cup final Quite a feat for a nation with a population of less than five million this was Croatia’s Capital moments after it beat England 2-1 in the semifinals the celebrations been rippled across the globe have a look at this the Croatian Cultural Center in Vancouver my daughter being born this is probably the greatest moment of my life to show them how you play a game of football I’m sorry we’re going for we’re going all the way we’re going to take the whole thing it’s not coming home you’re going home England and it’s coming of the Adriatic Croatia will Battlefield thanks for the World Cup the Sunday of course today’s game brought some English fans literally to tears rcbc team in Ottawa caught up with one of them shortly after the game 75 inch and spokesman England’s World Cup Journey was remarkable for many it was a welcome break from a string of negative headlines despite over-performing the loss is still a bloated English psyche from London here’s the sea is Thomas dick if only for a moment decisions dissolved brexit took a backseat on everyone’s face this nation became one for nothing to do with religion nothing to do with politics it’s just to do it every single person only society and tree this selfies London neighborhood like all of England became glued to the Dream On Screen after all their team hadn’t made it this far in 28 years it’s coming on yes football in every corner of England O’Reilly and Cry 4 point in a song in 96 lately serving as an unofficial national anthem even performed at Buckingham Palace World Cup fever boosted not only National morale but the brexit battered economy to soccer fan spent nearly a billion dollars just for this week semi-finals the English snatched up waistcoat an Ode to the signature style of Gareth Southgate team manager and new national hero is should probably run a fashion item suddenly so hot team sponsor Marks & Spencer couldn’t keep it in Store in Fashion icons so it’s rather strange to feel that way now after all that what England had left was won last goal too little for Croatia Who Silence London’s Hyde Park beating England 2-1 Christy guys the nation United one more night this time and it’s dismay, CBC News London the long night ahead of him now while soccer is called the beautiful game and current campaign in the UK is highlighting and uglier side this graphic posters from the national Center for domestic violence blood from a woman’s mouth forms the flag of England st. George’s cross with the tagline when England gets beaten so does she the campaign draws on Research that looked at the number of domestic violence incidents reported to police during 3 previous world the studies found a 38% spike in domestic violence when England lost a match and a 26% Spike when it won or tied it was also an 11% increase and reports the date after when played no matter the outcome maybe it’s the alcohol maybe it’s the emotion either way police departments across the UK have tweeted out their own warning this one from a police service but it’s response to domestic abuse calls England matches National Center for domestic violence warrants this isn’t just an England problem it also released to posters in time for the France Belgium game yesterday small piece in a large puzzle the Canadian diver who helped rescue 12 boys and their coach from that cave in Thailand top stories on our Instagram page today images will never get tired of the incredible scenes as Thailand celebrated the rescue of the wild boars follow us at STC the Nash deadlift off a Russian cargo ship made history this week when it down to the International Space Station less than 4 hours after liftoff that is a new record for the fastest Mission ever to the space station a trip to normally takes 2 days the robotic spacecraft deliver nearly 3 tons of food Fuel and other supplies for the crew Davidson shock will be part of that crew on the International Space Station the Canadian astronaut says he dreamed of exploring space how he made it to this point is an impressive journey in itself working in the field for two years before going back to school for a PhD in astrophysics after that he worked in some of the world’s top facilities but then still in his thirties another career call to him he went to medical school choosing to practice in far north in a small intimate community on the eastern shore of Hudson’s Bay between climbing mountains and sailing ocean also got his commercial pilot’s license by the way he speaks 5 languages humbled by this cuz I know it says the past lies ahead is is yuge and when he was selected by Canada Space Program he still hadn’t hit 40 pretty impressive the year since we’ve been spent training for The Greatest Adventure of cenegenics life I got a chance to see that process up close this spring and the Johnson Space Center in Houston has been making of an astronaut when an illustration of just how complex in challenging Astronaut training is neutral buoyancy laboratory we’re going underwater house prepared that it’s an exact for going into space just getting dressed as cumbersome this already bulky suit will stiffen when it’s pressure on and when he goes underwater to work on them what size replica of the International Space Station every move he makes will be washed and assessed by team of scientists all these training session you must know and I must Master not to try to please any structure or to pass a test I must know them want to survive and so that added sense of reality of urgency of this kind of anime all fear is what drives me to refocus we are the active response gravity offload system and it’s going to simulate zero gravity for you it goes from underwater to mid air sensors become very close we were told to matching the challenge of weightlessness on the ISS your body is not used to having gravity or a wall or the floor to push against contract against one of the things about the spaceflight is the absence of that putting in water we can train and water but water you can’t swim so we train our goes to learn that to learn the art for example cuz if I push and then I’m going to keep sending and maybe nervous is too weak to the fight that yes yes yes yes yes and everybody says I’m bored that’s no cuz I was a senior crew and they’ve been there for a month and then when the rookies come in there bouncing all over the place and withstand the g-forces of blast off and the return to Earth the stamina to work out of a 2 hours a day on the ISS to try to maintain muscle and bone mass but in an instant survival in space can require more than just brought the trees and some chemicals so many acronyms even the instructor gets mixed up will be responsible for maintenance on the Columbus lab and conducting experiments on astronaut helped in the destiny and unity Labs as well as controlling the Canada training in this virtual reality lab if you make it if you make an effort to put yourself there and you said today I am really in the cupola and space station really about the capture spacecraft worth several hundreds of millions of dollars and the whole world watching I must not screw this up anything make you nervous or anxious now evaluated this may be my last chance to try this this may be the last time I have instructor available to answer this question on this topic is a sense of urgency in the nearing area get to the launch the more responsible you feel for your own tree and the more you realize that the other day it’s just between you and yourself whether you’re ready ready ready for this December just over 5 months from now the Russians now provide transport to the International Space Station and says he has been training to copilot the soyuz launch from Kazakhstan alongside Russian cosmonaut American astronaut and the clean is the third member of this mission that mean you’re going to be the mediator up there interesting question you know between us the croup astronauts cosmonauts from different countries we’re like brothers and sisters in arms we’re really feel that we are above the Earth he fights even right now because I mean you can’t help it look at the headlines and see the tensions between Russia and the United States that does any of that seep into your world that we are in lock step is the bed one of the beauties of the Space Program to me is one of the things I’m most proud of to be part of one of those areas of human endeavor where we actually honestly you want to work together to you and come and go is there anything in your life up until now you have this such an accomplished background but is there anything in particular that more than anything prepared you for this moment looking back it all contributed to some extent certainly dealing with medical emergencies maybe from a psychological perspective is it was pretty near to that but then working at an astrophysicist on very expensive equipment doing repairs there you also get the sense of sense of responsibility don’t want to mess that up and then you know perhaps living as a married man with children and you learn a lot about teamwork here in a lot about sitting out for other people’s emotions and at the end of the day I think we see from receipt from experience that majority of problem is people ever have and space flights are based on your relationships and communication so you have to feel ready for her for that aspect so you’re not just there to put buttons it has been two years of mastering his skills and Europe Russia Japan and of course in the US Miracle of international collaboration that represents especially this day and age should never forget that space station was built by 16 Nations before biggest contributor is being the United States Russia Germany and Japan and you have to go back long to come back an area where there was a brutal collaboration between discrimination so space. That’s it is one of those Arenas where humans work play well together and honestly want to achieve the same goal and that is a thing I think I can blast off on his first mission on December 20th and there is currently another Canadian in space it’s an honor and privilege for me to be a part of this international program took over as the commander the International Space Station last month he’s a jewel Canadian American citizen and one of the world’s most experienced spacewalkers and worked as a geophysicist in Kingston Ontario before becoming astronaut still has the Canadian at the center of the tight rescue effort his incredible story is our moment of the day but first we want to show you a story will bring you tomorrow night on the national adoptions he’s a brand new character in the second season of the CBC drama and you may not remember him from the books he’s a Bentley’s first ever black character his name is Sebastian he’s from Trinidad and it’s beyond assuming that discovers his presence is part of a growing Trend in. Dramas to include more diverse characters and make the story more historically accurate so I said to her did you have any idea that there been black people Rhode Island since 1751 and she was like no I didn’t and I was like most people don’t let me tell you every bit of news about that boys cartoon trapped in Thailand grab the world’s attention and with it came a rollercoaster of emotions from the joy of finally finding them to fears over how to get them out there rescue seemed nearly impossible including too though using to know for the first time we are now hearing from a Canadian diver who was part of the rescue effort he help support divers in the UK during the mission so here is some of what Eric Brown shared by phone the cbc’s Heather hiscox moment of the day let me see Zero visibility Day evening zero visibility you can’t see anything you always confident that you’ll be able to carry this off or where there any questions in your mind as you embarked on this section which is the 25 minutes or you’re underwater swim yeah in my head I was like this Jesse comes down to the US Military you are cute are you sort of processing it in your mind what you been apart of what you’ve been able to accomplish earlier today one of our reporters in Vancouver I need a bath spoke with Erik’s Big Brother Kirk about what this moment has meant for them to let’s have a listen to that not just on how we handle himself during the rescue but how he’s handled discussing it after he’s just talked to the prodigal daughter Britney’s work with how they were a team and it doesn’t surprise me he was there it doesn’t surprise me that he’s being good stink so humble I’m just proud all around and let’s not lose sight Adrienne of the risks involved here I saw an interview earlier today with the US Air Force Major I think we part of the plan he said the risk a 70% chance of success 70% chance they would succeed and that would almost certainly include he said casualties among the soccer team so an incredible feat long time there’s a lot to learn from this is the national for Wednesday July 11th goodnight
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