The National for July 10, 2018 — Thai Cave Rescue, NATO, Humboldt Broncos

find the Tuesday night 12 boys and their culture in the hospital recovering after dramatic rescue from that cave after successful seemed impossible what’s next for the boys who won volunteer calls the world’s kids again accuses allies of freeloading off the United States but here’s the thing is he right this is the national it’s been more than two and a half weeks in darkness 12 boys and their soccer coach malnourished trapped by floodwaters just days ago it seemed their story might end in tragedy but Thailand’s daring rescue plan came through ambulances fairy The Lost Boys the hospital you can hear the crowds cheering them on the man in charge of the rescue operation jubilant heaping praise divers medical personnel and support staff he was interrupted is the last Navy Seals exited the cave overcome by emotion overwhelmed by their success and they aren’t alone seemingly all the Thailand has been celebrating deeply relieve the boys and their coach are safe and sound as well as store tells us tonight from Chiang Rai right now the wild boars are more famous than any World Cup team is begin as soon as the last of the team reach the mouth of the cave that they Faithfully answered 18 days ago and its celebrations went well into the night more than happy to be updated to hear the news and really put it in among those quietly watching and finally unwinding over a hot meal accrue who it’s bent days pumping water out of the cape it’s pretty much sums up how everyone is feel that the children are all that one man says and I’m very proud to play a small part in the success the final four boys in their coach made it out and we’re on the way to the hospital in less than 10 hours after the rescue began the tiny hey coz I’ve been with the team in the chamber followed shortly after but even with the Jubilation never far from mine was Sergeant setting goonan the former Tai Navy SEAL who died after running out of oxygen as for the team after spending so long cramp together on a dry slab of rock the reunited again they’re all on the same floor of the hospital with her in isolation for the time being a small community that borders me and Mark and lies just a few kilometers from the K 15 year old everyone will like welcome them back with the love included me because even for those who knew nothing of the boys or the team before they feel a deep personal connection to them now then show me the Kitsap Chiang Rai not the kids of Thailand but they have become the world’s kids for the past 10 days in Eupora has worked as a volunteer helping to translate and she’s now overcome with emotion it’s not test the kids with their parents anymore they have become all kids as well keep rallying around to see the boys win like that happen more will soon but there can’t be any kind of physical contact no hugging or anything like that because their concerns over infection it’s believed that two of the boys are suffering from mild pneumonia as for the group that left the cave first there said to be doing well and Heather take back there eating solid food but nothing too spicy and the entire group has to wear a type of sunglasses to protect their eyes from any harsh light because after all they’ve been underground in the dark for so long with the cave itself visitors were already warned not to go in the cave during the rainy season but Tai officials say they’re going to have to take extra precautions they’re talking about monitoring the entrance putting up more lights and interesting we enough in there also talk about turning the cave into an international tourist destination they seen just how people around the world have been gripped by the dramatic rescue and their bedding that quite a few people might want to visit the case in only a select few can describe what it was really like in those caves and what those boys have to go through they are getting forced to do something that it is not in anyway normal driving and thinking about he was stationed near a difficult stretch of the cave about halfway along the root helping to replace oxygen tanks and help guide people through the cold water 28 million L of water but they seem remarkably strong giving the ordeal but they were deal isn’t over and the urging new priority is there help Nicole Ireland looks of the threats they could face and why they’ve got more than a Fighting Chance from the moment the world has wondered about their health dark it’s it’s quite cold in in in these environments we have to be concerned about things like hypothermia the second thing is that certainly in a cave and especially a flooded cave there are some infections that to be addressed that are potentially problematic officials have said the boys can’t have contact with their parents yet because of that infection risk they could be fungal infections like histoplasmosis sometimes called cave dizzy people can get it when they inhale the spores of a fungus they could also be bacterial infections from the unhygienic environments and water the boys had to drink to stay alive but those infections should be easily treated that we know of young healthy young men the longer-term concern is their mental health clinical psychologist fill Richie says there’s no question they’ve been through a traumatic experience being separated from their parents would would contribute to some of the they might have experience but being with teammates teammates I think I may have a mitigating of fact I think that being collectively in something is much easier than being alone or with people that you don’t know the kids will need support he says that might be informed from family and friends some might need counseling or they might be just fine we don’t want to just assume that that all these kids are really scarred for life you know there is something called post-traumatic growth that sometimes we get as well where we’re actually people kids and adults will integrate a traumatic experience in a way that really allows them to move forward and and and make sense make meaning out of what they’ve been through the most important next she says please as soon as possible and get them back to their normal life including playing soccer again Nicole Ireland CBC News Toronto now that they’re safe and sound subwoofers are rolling in the soccer team received a pretty nice invitation from FIFA tickets to the World Cup final this Sunday in Moscow unfortunately doctors say the kids should make the trip so they will to watch on television instead but the offer stands and FIFA says the boys will be invited to another event when they’re fit to travel that’s not the only international trip on offer Manchester United post it on Facebook today we would be honored to how come the team from wild boars football club in The Rescuers to Old Trafford this coming season and the boys may have something special to wear when they get their England Defender Kyle Walker says he wants to send the new shirts after at least one that was spotted in the cave sporting this England Jersey driver appeared in front of a courtroom today fight and friends not posed are once again in his sight this time he is taking a Matt is NATO allies including Canada ahead of a summit in Brussels tomorrow it will be the first face-to-face meeting between Trump and Jen Trudeau since the G7 meeting that did not go terribly well as Catherine calling reports Trump’s job today immediately put Trudeau on the defensive make no mistake wants to show off flexing Canada’s military muscle to counter this and they pay part to Little Canada is include did not condemnation but the prime minister is pushing back on that and fears Donald Trump’s commitment to Nato is wavering ounce Canadian would keep leading the NATO mission in Latvia until 2023 and increase the number of troops by 85 to a total of 540 the aim discouraging any possible Russian aggression the US president plans to meet one-on-one with Russia’s president next week and there are already concerns about where his favor lies so I have UK which is in somewhat turmoil and I have Putin frankly Putin may be the easiest of them all back to Nato Canada along with other members agreed to up defense spending aiming for a goal of 2% of GDP I-20 2400 said today Canada is spending more but it won’t need that Target or no plans to double our defense budget so we’ll try to convince Trump and others this is about more than just numbers ultimately the more important metrics are always at your our country stepping up consistently with the capacities that NATO needs foals when they meet tomorrow and US president is already tweeting today but not only are many NATO countries not meeting their targets but they’ve been quote delinquent for many years in payments but that’s not how NATO there are no payments at 2% is how much countries are supposed to spend on their own militaries so that should make for some interesting discussion here tomorrow Brussels so does Donald don’t have a valid point but NATO is not treating the us fairly and that the United States has been shouldering too much of the burden as David, and found out he is not entirely wrong as Donald Trump arrives to complain about NATO US soldiers are training alongside other NATO Nations no talk of money here just Mission NATO’s core mission of deterring Russia especially with threats to territory and a push for influence Donald Trump is dumping on other alliance members sending letters like this one to Justin Trudeau obtained by politics key allies like Canada have not stepped up defense spending as promised and Trump is Right sort of Global presence and in fact it often could be said that it overspends in a lot of areas as well the Benchmark amount for nay donation do 2% of their economic output on military spending it’s a gold obligation just released this year’s numbers Canada in 18th spot at 1.23% of GDP nearly all members are increasing spending but the fact remains America spend way more 3 quarters of the alliance’s total military spending but NATO was set up with this model in mind this is the story of the way of life of people who live under the star of NATO the reason neither was created in 1945 as it’s been famously put is to keep the Russians out the Germans down and the Americans in and the reason is is that what the American president has done is provided to security guarantee and that means that other European nations don’t have to build up their arms that they don’t have to acquire things like nuclear weapons in order to feel secure so this is importance of NATO Trump May pick a fight at this week’s summit we’re go bigger drawdown us troop levels in your up substantially perhaps even pull soldiers from high Readiness Ride Along even withdraw from NATO it undermines the notion that there is unity in the west this is something that Putin has long shot it’s something the Soviet Union start to achieve during the Cold War in under my meaning of the unity across the Atlantic Ocean and I mean it’s astonishing now we have a present the United States who is contributing to the undermining of the West shift away from traditional Allied liberal democracies and instead cozying up to strong-arm autocrats comes just as his own military along with Canadians and others are conducting the world’s largest military exercise 2 it also comes as the biggest build up of a lion’s armies in a quarter-century is underway right now in Eastern Europe pushing back against Russia CBC News Toronto the truck driver charged and the deadly humbled Broncos bus bus crash is out on bail tonight after facing a packed courtroom in Saskatchewan Calgary things to do charged with 29 counts of dangerous driving his court appearance today was short but as a Livia stefanovic tells us some families felt the need to be there Evan Thomas are everywhere game in April the cause of the crash is still on semi driver just you what’s things to do is facing 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm that’s one criminal offense for each person who is on the humble Broncos bus when it collided with seduce truck the 29 year-old from Calgary made his first court appearance today in Saskatchewan surrounded by a large police presence Thomas felt compelled to be there and make icon with to do sure there was why but I was just like a big void in the bottom of my stomach to do was released for $1,000 with conditions a curfew note driving and he had to surrender his passport so do was composed but appear tired he looked at the gallery briefly and its eyes became watery as the judge read out his condition he came to Canada a few years go to start a new life the owner of a dash deal Trucking excessive do was receiving training one month before the Fatal collision and was only on the job for 2 weeks after court today it’s gone Thomas got one the reminder of his son right now is a picture that my daughter took at the funeral home the one set of hands is hers and then the other set of hands is my son’s a reminder of how this tragedy so many lives will be at stefanovic CBC News Milford Saskatchewan possibly from extreme heat revealing three recent deaths are under investigation now that’s much lower than the 70 that’s under investigation and Quebec you might be wondering why the discrepancy possibly because in Quebec a death can be deemed health-related if someone has a chronic condition in Ontario it’s only counted when he is believed to be the direct cause as in a child being left in a hot car we strongly believe that the DNA located is that of Candice Fitzpatrick police investigation is expanding in Ontario after second missing woman’s DNA was found in an Oshawa apartment Candice Fitzpatrick DNA was found in the same apartment where body parts belonging to 18 year old Rory we’re found a 45 year old man has been arrested but no murder charges have been laid next midterm elections in the Digital streaming age pages on pages if you write lyrics to this song Down you love me I said really pot president Trump has made his Supreme Court pick and now Republicans and Democrats alike are making Brett Kavanaugh their mission for Kavanagh he needs the support of at least $0.51 to be confirmed and today he started that work on Capitol Hill or Steven D’Souza has a look at how this could unfold visit to Capitol Hill to strategize away forward with Republican leadership Seether ready to drill down into Cavanaugh’s resume from his time investigating Bill Clinton and Issa Stafford to George W bush to the Costa 300 decisions From the Bench they’ll examine every opinion targeting Healthcare and abortion question of Roe v Wade if confirm to the DC circuit I would follow Roe v Wade faithfully and fully nations with Trump and Tangled in the Mueller probe Democrats say that’s concerning no investigation of a president is it any wonder that President Trump chose Cavanagh from the list of 25 when we know he’s obsessed with this in navigation ultimately confirmation is a numbers game Republicans hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate so all eyes will be on two female Republican Senators voted independently in the past and about 10 so called State Democrats are up for reelection in States Trump won if any brake rank the real drama will begin ultimately Democrat the hearings to shape their message heading into November is midterm elections Democrats are going to try to paint Republicans as rubber stamps for president Trump I’m try to really Associated on the Republican party with not being able to provide a check I’m on the president that sets the stage for political theater of the highest order a process that will test fault lines within the parties and the country itself Steven D’Souza CBC News New York movies are cashing in on talk with endorsement deals with is it even legal this is a human rights abuse and cause for concern not only hear in Congress free manga American people frustration from the Democratic Congressman after the Trump Administration admitted it wouldn’t need today’s deadline to reunite young migrant children with their parents of course given the government until tonight under 5 the government said it expected more than 50 Children would be reunited by tonight but only half of those separated preparations underway in London today for Donald Trump’s visit the head of his arrival Thursday workers install the security fence around the property where you’ll be staying warning protest could keep a low profile John Lennon once famously said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and by that measure Dre has got to be feeling pretty good right now I feel good songs has I don’t like his new album scorpion made history today 7 songs on Billboard top 10 at the same time that breaks the previous record of five said bye The Beatles in 1964 tracks from scorpion had made Billboard’s Hot 100 and it’s the first album to ever hit a billion streams in one week so no question that he’s talented and has Legion fans but is Eli glasner found out there’s something else behind drinks phenomenal rise Williams if you wrote down the lyrics to hip hop songs you turning pages on pages on pages if you’re right lyrics to this song Down you love me I said it only partly Mom I’m sorry that’s about it it’s very very sparse but I think it’s also adding to what are brains need right now different signs tough guy and that ranges help them generate that to you there’s something about him that you you can’t necessarily pinned down that allows him to have many personas in his under his 1 umbrellas what is the reaction she says break vulnerability is part of the appeal but she says his Real Genius is taking a city signature sound so just Toronto’s Caribbean flavors and using it to connect two fans around the world but that’s a beautiful everyone feels like the hometown guy is wrapping them cuz when I’m in Atlanta they feel like the home he’s he’s our guy in Memphis there like that’s our boy in England you know what I mean so they all feel like this is our guy O’Connell’s. No trouble in those sales now factor into the Billboard Music chart which means Drake’s double-album makes an even bigger you don’t get to the numbers that he’s getting too if everybody’s going in and listening to it once and then going well yep I heard the new trick that’s all I need they’re going back and listening over and over and over and when you go 25 songs deep that’s something new as 25 things for people to discover and with hip hop music now the biggest genre in streaming Drake’s rain shows no signs of ending so buy one measure drink is in the same camp as the Beatles heresy to some I know but you can see it yourself on the most influential u.s. music chart the Billboard Hot 100 music in the way we listen what is changed a lot since beatlemania and it turns out so has the way the charts determine what the hit and Hey Jude was dominating it held the top spot on the hot 104 9 weeks What mattered then to billboard we’re just two things radio play and record sales aspect I bet ways to call up the record stores to find out what singles were actually being moved out of the store and you can manipulate that buy record labels kind of giving Paola and money to different record store saying that song can you say that this one is selling a lot it was the early 90s before Billboards change the bar of Entry tracking barcode scan of what albums were being bought suddenly grunge and Country Music we’re on the charts in the air of Drake making it to the Hot 100 his way to even more things downloads streaming both paid and free some say billboard has gotten better over the years and reflecting what’s actually popular it’s the best system that we have because it’s really showing not necessarily how the record labels are working the chart for them but truly was an accurate portrayal of what is the most popular tracks in America for Beatle fans to here but Drake is more popular at least on the Billboard charts and so I put my co-host Adrienne on the spot break Adrienne or the Beatles question out there and got lots of responses and most people maybe it’s the demographic of the people who use Twitter or watch our show or like it really and it’s the Beatles for sure so we’ll let them debate it Paul McCartney even arrested for it but with cannabis legalization on the horizon celebrities aren’t just smoking is he part companies are starting to link famous faces to their brands but is that legal well that’s where it gets a little hazy Dianne Buckner has a closer look at what’s behind the strategy and of course what’s at stake a concert unlike any other the Glorious Sons is Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip is up cannabis a new brand and the company behind this music and nature festival for media only members of the hip our shareholders the event next on the list as well as Gord Sinclair explains Ops various strains of cannabis are named for the band song you going to have a lot to last you have lots of energy is it legal to connect cannabis to Rockstar’s Canada’s new cannabis act prohibits the promotion of recreational Cannabis by means of a person Jeopardy character or animal also not allowed a testimonial or endorsement however displayed or communicated just like with alcohol and tobacco the government will restrict how cannabis can be advertised and marketed hit the folks at the Opera come up if there are the real deal they’re really good when we see different strains of cannabis no I think I did was gorgeous doing and what we’re trying to do is promote awareness of cannabis which is quite different and promoting the product the very strange Tybee cannabis lawyer Matt Maurer says the new legislation doesn’t take effect till October 17th there’s really nothing for him using celebrities at the moment to help build up your brand and to endorse your products so to speak as early there’s something to be said for building up your brand recognition between now and October so that when you do have to pull back from these two advertisement if that’s the way it’s going to go you sort of already built up a whole bunch of brand recognition and Goodwill during a short period of time when you were technically able to do so how much do you want for this under the hair nets and lab coats movie director and star Kevin Smith and his co-star Jason Mewes better known as Jay and Silent Bob in a series of cult comedies time to kick back song about from Los Angeles after recruiting smitham use to work with the company today they do I was getting their first look at believes facility in their movies and also in the latest video from Drake Jay and Silent Bob are Meryl aficionados Cheech and Chong maybe Harold and Kumar but on the cheaper end Jay and Silent Bob the company has 3 photographers here getting shots of its new celebrity Partners on site but believe insist the Stars will simply consult on new strains of cannabis not promote the product how’s it not the endorsement and Jay and Silent Bob are suddenly partnered with leave again spreading actually a great message about a great company I mean this is going to be a behemoth Invictus – but you knew that in some cases their celebrity partners are shareholders talkin out the company not the product or they’re being described as advisors are just for Consultants Mountain Dew commercials for it so it’s not like we’re commercial spokespeople as much as I would love to you don’t know what you’re doing you know if you’ve never tried it go slow have a friend with you allowing celebrities certainly is contrary to the spirit of what the government’s trying to do and one would expect that the government’s not going to allow that to continue to happen once the law comes into effect not obeying the law could lose their license or face up to five million dollars in fines for now though it appears the summer maybe a free-for-all of celebrity connections Dianne Buckner cbcnews cream or on and it’s not just the usual suspects like Tommy Chong or Snoop Dogg who are lending their names Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge have both wants to brands that promote cannabis as a health supplement and Whoopi’s cases a treatment menstrual cramps after it pushes pot as a way to help with cancer symptoms and as you saw and Diane fees Gene Simmons is also an investor in sure the kiss frontman has that kiss image but he routinely says he’s never been high or drunk Canibus for him is just all about the business we thought it was a construction site for a long time because we didn’t know that this sort of thing happened but I guess there’s oil here indigenous and environmental activism Minnesota to stop the massive line 3 pipeline replacement through the state even after Regulators unanimously approved Jack last month in Bridge argues and needs to replace line 3 which was built in the 60s because it’s increasingly prone to corrosion and cracking the pipeline process to indigenous reserves who’s tribes strongly opposed fast oil feels and drilling sites are also popping up in densely populated cities and the physical impact of the oil industry is very much becoming an urban issue is can bring whoever shows up for a surprise number of people is close to home right in their backyards it looks like a decent enough place to live a cozy two-story downtown apartment near the University of Southern California walk around the corner and you find this so close you can see I can touch the the window and the wall at the same time be on this wall and oil drilling site we thought it was a construction site for a long time because we didn’t know that this sort of thing happened but I guess there’s oil here there’s a Los Angeles is home to the largest urban oil field in the country they’re almost underactive wells in the city of Los Angeles and almost 4,000 in LA county it’s one of the things that surprised me most when I moved to LA not just how many pump jacks there were in the cities core but how close they were the people’s home drive a little further and you end up here in this beautiful Park widen out the shot are they are moving rhythmically like giant metronomes in this area in South how late they’re almost 100 Wells on average tennis court lengths away from residential neighborhoods behind this wall there’s a slant drilling operation right across from houses there and you can see right next to a baseball Dymond my golden krasner Center for biological diversity came up to meet mean you’re one of the Jack meters away from the skies cookout packing some places is dirtier and more energy intensive even then Canadian tar Sands and drilling itself has huge impact it can release hydrogen sulfide so it can cause burning lungs nose bleeds dizziness it releases Benzene and other similar chemicals that are carcinogens closed for about 6 years ever since she first smelled it to other things we suffer a lot from headaches it’s terminated are from up here on the roof you can see it a drilling site that for years never say made them sick because I have a lot of headache when I go back to that first sight Town LA and meet up with Community organizer Nikki Wong from bedroom windows and there’s no local notifications and neighbors that this extremely toxic corrosive substance coming into close proximity to them that exam at the health effects of drilling sites companies will save all we test the air in Elder know you know adverse effects being found on those limits are really set for worker safety it doesn’t consider I’m to live next to the site 24/7 Urban drilling sites take this downtown neighborhood it has the second-lowest household income levels in the city 70% of the residents or not white is a very clear braces so I do starting in Beverly Hills unlike the downtown ones this drilling site is totally covered the next one better this guy’s first I couldn’t find it but you can see it there it just looks like an office building no windows the entire pumping operations totally kidding so it’s not an eyesore and it’s totally enclosed so rents pollution big difference a report by the end aacp released this week found that African-Americans are exposed to 38% more polluted air than white Americans because so many of them live so close to oil gas operations and then there are the leaks pumpjack here you can see and just last week residence pound bags of dirt soaked with oil evidence of a 6000 spill which wasn’t disclosed by the operator and you can still smell the oil now the city of Los Angeles is studying new regulations a mandatory 760m buffer oil production and homeschool parks and churches but here for instance when we can see it right across the street that wouldn’t be possible you have to shut this one down for instance Jack’s are like roots and branches in the city authorities predict that the buffer would shut down 90% of the city’s oil production industry Advocates say that would kill a potential oil since Los Angeles is sitting on one of the richest shale-oil reserves in the if the city of La and the state of California in a really props itself up as climate leaders in the country I think this will be a real important sort of testing ground for if we’re going to actual hold that back at the downtown site McCandless is heading out to yoga before classes she still doesn’t know what to make of what’s Happening feet from her bedroom Beyond the Wall so moving would be too expensive for only hope she says that buffer the cities debating which would push this operation out of her neighborhood for good hope they listen to our voices she says and that officials will help us in our battle until then she says we’ll have to play indoors and keep their windows closed Kimberly Hoover CBC News Los Angeles the Beat Around urban oil isn’t going away just two weeks ago Los Angeles is City controller called on LA to step up its oversight and be more proactive on inspecting Urban oilfield he Slam City for taking a laxative approach to monitoring and enforcing rules meant to address health and environmental concern is next to those oil and gas drilling sites of raise CBC News journalist all day long find those powerful images on Instagram exclusive video on Facebook and Twitter at CBC the national the cave rescue in Northern Thailand captured the world’s attention and for the past few weeks divers and splunkers brought us into their world tonight hours after a successful rescue we reached out to their messages to the wild boars soccer team so that’s our moment of the day pricing to the thousands of volunteers thank you for your dedication and to the family of some on I hope you know that everyone knows he’s a hero call Journey very very closely and looked at all the twists and turns that it took I wanted to let you know that I wish you a speedy recovery and quick return to soccer your family just remember you guys lived through the one of the toughest ordeals ever so just know that from this day forward you can do anything y’all can talk with this forever I was just going to say I hope those kids at some point can and they have no idea what people have been thinking about in for them and I hope they can hang on to it and they they learn some of the stories that are out there because there are so many of them so much grace out of that so much generosity you were talking about the woman who you saw an interview with who lives not far from where the entrance to the cave site that’s okay as long as those boys are right that seems to be the spirit Island the way it did but I think tonight is a night to celebrate an amazing plans and tremendous courage and call did finally end well one death of course from the diver but they’re all of the kids in the coach I would safely that is the national for July 10th good night
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