The National for Friday June 29, 2018 — Retaliatory Tariffs, Doug Ford, Humboldt Broncos

on this Friday night Canada fights back with pinpoint accuracy revealing exactly which American Products will be hit with terrorist but will Donald Trump is the target you made YouTube are some of the cost and three weeks after Ontario voted for change it has arrived Doug Ford takes over promise me to Blazin you Trail for the province and potentially for the rest of the country this is the national so heading into the Canada Day long weekend consider this a range of products you may be using this holiday from sleeping bags for the camping trip to catch up on your burger even a shot of bourbon at the end of the day they’re all about to get more expensive if they’re imported from the US there on the Canadian government’s final list of American products that will be hit with in you 10% tariff beginning on Canada Day Perry has a look at the possible impact on consumers on the lengthy list of u.s. good Canada has targeted for tariffs u.s. made kitchen appliances Big Ticket items about to get hit with a 10% Levy in our industry attitude absolutely kick in customers may consider products made in Mexico or Europe Instead This shop already feeling the effects of a cooling relationship between Canada and the US first thing this morning one of the manufacturer’s representative came into the store and removed all the made-in-america signs from their product us protectionism already up pressing issue for some Shoppers that we’re looking at different brands now the certainly the European Brands higher price point but I am just really a little anti-American and what I’m purchasing now it has been a disaster Donald Trump has upset many Canadians but foreign affairs minister Kristina Freeland today try to play down any anti-American sentiment as she announced the new Terrace they regret with which we take these countermeasures we are asking very much in Soro not in Anger Canadian steel and aluminum observe Canada has no choice but to retaliate with a measured perfectly reciprocal dollar-for-dollar response 25% of American Steel and 10% on aluminum is also pledging to billion dollars to prop up Canada steel and aluminum sector trying to limit the impact of a trade war on jobs and the economy the very powerful message and that’s something we’ve been advocating from day one don’t back off you have to take this on head on Donald Trump meanwhile is already threatening further action against the auto sector leave us trade Partners bracing for more uncertainty Tom Perry CBC News Ottawa the prime minister’s phone to the US president today for the first time since the G7 Summit in that Publix fat Justin Trudeau Express condolences to the victims of yesterday shooting in Maryland but he also convey the Canada had no choice but to impose tariffs on some American Goods because the US put tariffs on aluminum and steel earlier this month so you see a price increase at the grocery store from this latest round of tariff increases not an easy question to answer but experts say it won’t be immediate any businesses that said they’ll absorb the increased cost while they wait to see if the Terrace or long-term it also depends on how much supplies on hand soap right now and say you’re looking your grocery bill the u.s. jar of pickles cost of a 349 in a few months he could potentially go up to almost $4 that is a significant percentage increase those already worried about the cost of food there might be Canadian or european alternatives to beat the new price tag but increased demand may drive up prices for those products as well and there was another political stories today with economic implications Ford sworn in as premier of Ontario to protect the province’s industries and workers my friends opportunity liberal Kathleen Wynn the key Finance portfolio goes to Vic fedeli was forced out the first thing from your part did was announce the end of cap and trade tax in Ontario I think that’s what’s a fabulous start it’s over the big bunch of Health Ministry We Stand by that I Caroline Maroone as attorney general Ontario to its rightful place as the economic engine of this great country economy by cutting taxes and regulations that whole business is back there are lots of opinions on what Ford should and will do tonight we thought we’d hear a conservative perspective I a strategist Chad Rogers if Premier Ford can deliver on his promise more taxes and greater Prosperity well it’s been said that Ontario is the engine of Canada Canada’s economy and I think Doug Ford understand that that’s his first job is to get the Ontario economy going again creating jobs and the first thing he’s directly in control of cutting costs for small businesses and regular periods so I think you’re going to see an urgent cut to the gas tax and I think fairly soon we’re going to hear about how he’s implementing a small business tax cut corporate tax cut and low income tax cut between a fall economic statement and a budget in the new year so tax cuts is what he promised is presumably why a lot of people voted for him economy well when you cut the gas taxes and you cut income tax right away you throw it off a lot of money back into the economy both that individual ontarians can spend and that small and medium-sized businesses are paying and tax and he’s committed to keep those promises this year I think that’s why we’re going to see and bring back the legislature fairly quickly and why he’s put so many experience hands and Senior economic portfolios duck for Ghost Whisperer Springer’s conference the carbon tax is going to be a pretty uncomfortable issue around the table and he’s going to have to figure a pass away from cap-and-trade he’s announce that until he is departing from that exchange and he’s going to have to come up with a replacement button turns the Ontario economy he’s taxes right away which is going to put some creative pressure some competitive pressure for the previous around the table was this a lots of perspectives thanks for yours well that and we’ll see what impact it has on other problem he confronts the damage from the new one begins what are they in my son say they go too far let’s see you later strike a deal on migration but the difference is room is needed hundreds of Africa Prince rescued off of Libya’s Coast by the Coast Guard close to 350 of them cutting short their attempt to reach Europe a hundred others did not make it they drowned after their boat overturned exactly why the EU says is it doesn’t want anyone attempting the perilous Crossing officials have reached the shaky agreement to share responsibility for those who survived and is Margaret Evans tells us the real challenge will be in implementing it the beer gardens in Munich on a Friday afternoon the long way away from the failure European union leaders narrowly managed to avoid everything a deal on migration however vague in the wee hours of the morning but divisions between EU member states on this subject I’ve been pulling at the seams of the union for years now and it best lease agreement is aspirational just listen to the European Council Donald to describe it different leaders emphasized different points Poland is Happy Refugee quotas will be voluntary Austria is applauding proposals for migrant screening centers detention camps a critics in Africa and has been promised it will be harder for so-called secondary asylum-seekers to move around something Angela merkel’s Coalition Partners or pressuring her to deliver many bavarians in particular worry that Germany continue to be a draw for migrants because they believe they’ll be entitled to Greater social benefits here and in other EU countries not everyone in Germany believes migration is a problem the number of Asylum claims have dropped Drew across the EU yes we had a problem 2 years ago there was so many coming we wanted to do the right thing is I still think it’s the right thing to give home and to all that people there’s no unity in Europe and its only Germany and France to try to speak and all the the Eastern Europe countries don’t want to pull up pull up the same role in Munich destroyed during the second world war and troubling for those who remember why the European Union was created to begin with CBC News Munich the migration issue is a pending Party politics across Europe threatening to collapse governments foursome the feeling is still one of Crisis but as you heard Margaret mention the facts of change clear sense of urgency was the year of panic desperation and death the Northerners and still they are driven to take such Extreme Measures cuz it genuinely was a crisis that you’re more than a million asylum-seekers cross spicy into Europe but the total last year a hundred and seventy thousand so far this year 45000 the numbers have colors spy an order of magnitude so this is largely about the Asylum Seekers Europe has already absorbed in Germany for example there is anxiety about potential immigrant crime gruesome rape and murder of a 14 year old student allegedly by Anna Rocky Asylum Seeker thing is statistically fears of a crime wave scene overblown violent crime did rise in 2015 and 2016 but now it’s falling again in Germany last year Crimes by non-nationals fell by 23% and crime overall in the country hit its lowest level in 25 years but if this isn’t real a migration crisis it’s definitely a political one with no end in sight weird elephant Farm the bombs rockets and guns storm the headquarters of the G5 military passport is made up of soldiers from five nearby countries and was set up last year to root out violence at spokesperson 6 people were killed including two soldiers and for Salient Al-Qaeda has reportedly claimed responsibility this attack coming as an advance team of Canadian soldiers at started arriving for un peacekeeping mission the fellow was there to kill as many people as you can also tonight we’re learning more about that yesterday shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper Jared Ramos appeared in court today charged with five counts of first-degree murder he was denied bail official save the 38 year-old barricaded a back door The Newsroom to prevent people from escaping and open fire using a pump action shotgun that he bought legally a year ago and police in Alberta have arrested a long time family doctor in Sylvan Lake who was also president of the Alberta College of family physician dr. Fred janki has been charged with making arrangements to commit sexual offenses against a child as well as making and distributing child pronography this 62 year old allegedly had sexually explicit conversation with a person he met online in which you trying to arrange for sex with the person five-year-old daughter person turned out to be an undercover officer the charges have not been proven in court that identical twins are born with two young indigenous brother’s trying to make sense of the world through each other season 2 rise British Columbia devastating loss at all and think about I guess the impact afterward is forest fire season in western Canada here in British Columbia alone there are already more than a hundred active fires some of them out of control last year was a catastrophic one for the province more than half a billion dollars in damage the loss of a million hectares of Timber the landscape left profoundly changed and now if small army of people is at work investigating the follow as big fire it’s become the new normal in a warming climate Greg Rasmussen explains it’s dusty it’s dirty everybody goes home at night there block so you end up with the three part being burnt in some cases it burns right into the fiber but it’s erase these trees diode and dry they become worthless this area known as a cut block is about a thousand Hector’s normally be logged in small chunks over 10 or 20 years now they’re trying to harvest the whole thing in less than one year now it’s just devastating this would have been a long-term job and now it’s turned into you know a year and it’s all going to be gone Timber that log galande slowly over decades decide forcing us to clear cut it to log it all and think about I guess the impact afterward set up by the University of British Columbia is now a giant experiment in fire recovery 1 new fear and explosion of tree killing bugs that’s what the Beatles are looking for burnt Timber but they can spread killing healthy treats now we take a population of beetles that was already quite large adprime habitat with weather conditions if they’re right the summer it could be a very large epidemic can I break your fire temporarily closed Williams like airport in the forest next to the runway lessons on how removing potential fuel ahead of time so the fire to save buildings on this side although it burnt and burned much lower intensity than that side where the hadn’t been any sitting so much more during catastrophic fire seasons in a in a more concerted effort the hard way aftermath of a tough season in the woods near Williams Lake BC April bus crash that took the lives of 60 members of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team we have heard about the families Touch by the tragedy and the survivors of some of these young young men had girlfriends too and as High School proms and graduations Asian stick by these aren’t easy days for that but as Olivia stefanovic tells us they have each other I heard them say the word Humboldt Broncos bus and I just felt my TV says check was halfway across the world in Thailand having what she thought was one of the best days of her life when she was pulled aside and told her boyfriend was in a collision kept on saying that I just wanted to wake up cuz I thought that I would I hope that I would sometimes I still hope I do Jacob white died in the Humboldt Broncos crash since then Kaylee has been trying to keep his she graduated high school last night she found strength to cross the podium from a new Sisterhood born out of tragedy you never see my thoughts are with the girlfriends you see it with their friends and fam and I don’t feel like I fit quieted to either those categories I feel like a little bit of a mixture of them Queen Courtney I bringing the girlfriends together they’re spread out across western Canada they met for the first time last weekend they all mean something really special to me encourage the women to make customized jackets with the names and jersey numbers of their boyfriend’s angel wings for the deceased and wore them to the arena for the Broncos play having everybody together is the first time I’ve really been able to what people mean by the term Humboldt strong or by you are so strong their strength in numbers and the girls provide proof of that the girlfriends are in constant communication sharing stories advice and words of encouragement I say it’s sticking together forever just like and all the guys will do and I think it’s really strong team with this special bond that no one else a bond that’s growing stronger now that things women have their own team will be at stefanovic CBC News Prince Albert Saskatchewan players on that bus were injured but survived I’ve made astonishing recoveries for others the road is been longer eighteen-year-old Lane Mattituck spent a month in a coma struggling with a brain injury he still cannot speak today his family released a statement we wish we could tell you it’s getting easier the reality is it’s not at this point we’re not sure when Lane will get to leave hospital but we can tell you is we believe he gets a little closer everyday believe is the word were holding on to these days Lane’s coach talked about this off and he believed the team was not a fifth-place team but a number one team he told the players that they had to believe in order to accomplish something today we believe still head tonight’s National then deny will students behind a science project that is out of this world and is this political correctness at play the trend in theatre triggers and the controversy about them fan of wanting to tell somebody exactly everything there about to experience National we sometimes give you a warning as we introduce a story easy images in it are so graphic they might disturb some viewers earlier this year Netflix out of warnings to the second season of it’s controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why after critics said the first season might actually encourage suicide trigger warnings are now catching on and Canada’s theater scene but not without debate is Deanna souva not Johnson explains some see those warning it’s just a spoiler by another name the use of trigger warnings new advisories that Florida about specific flood point that may trigger psychological trauma in some audience members beforehand and they’re not blindsided by it then they don’t have a reaction to western Canada theaters recent staging of musical children of God came with a warning about mature in potentially triggering scenes involving residential schools and sexual abuse Armstrong’s wore a play about an injured Afghanistan vet was said to contain some potentially triggering content about the horrors of war and Mental Illness but we have to make sure that we provide an environment in which the audience can feel that they can undergo this experience is in a safe environment with other people andronicus by Shakespeare’s Globe that had people fainting in the aisles there’s a demand by both the audience and Theatre establishment be mindful of people’s emotional welfare even England’s famous World trigger warnings but not everyone thinks trigger warnings are a good idea this is the Shaw Festival home of Canada second biggest Theater Company like many other classical Theatre establishments it’s looking to evolve make it Productions edgier will not trigger somebody we simply feel strongly that people should be advised what the content of the pieces they’re coming to our and that we give some age-appropriate frames around narrative and language and beyond that we let people make their own decisions theater companies have different reasons for objecting to the use of trigger warning Montreal’s emigo theater does not shy away from difficult subject like this play about rape during war waiting for that I’m not a fan of wanting to tell somebody exactly everything there about to experience I think we will always have some kind of reaction and I think that’s great in fact reaction is what we’re looking for James McDonald agrees he thinks using them actually allows him to continue staging challenging material while still minding his audiences needs we have to find a way that we don’t avoid and continue to provide a forum but the positive nature of it is that I think that we in the theater have also realized our responsibility in that is not to just presented and then say send people out into the night and the need for theater to elicit emotion or part of The Growing Pains of one of the oldest are formed as it adapts to the demands of the Modern Age Deanna Johnson CBC News Toronto movie Black Panther has been seen by millions of people but according to the website this could be triggering you should think twice about going if there’s a chance you’ll be triggered by trauma you’ve suffered from the death of a parent racism the abandonment of a child are car accidents few of the other stories were watching live on the national tonight rescue crews have found a plane that went missing yesterday morning the Cessna 182 took off from Calgary and was found near hope British Columbia clear what went wrong the pilot and owner of the plane can come back and his passenger were killed the manager said if you don’t take the hat off I we won’t serve you and said that the young gentleman left that was easy delayed to the firing of a restaurant manager in Vancouver who refuse service to a trump supporter wearing a make America great again hat but the manager says he has absolutely no regrets racism and bigotry this comes just a week after press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia because of her association with the president and his first woman in space Roberta bondar was related to the highest level of the Order of Canada today he’s joined by Beverly McLaughlin the first female in longest-serving Canadian Chief Justice as a companion of the order also Saturday Night Live Creator Lorne Michaels was elevated for comedy you can see the list of more than 100 Canadians honored today on our website still had on the national looking at life through the lens of indigenous twins a spirited pair of identical Curry Brothers try to make sense of their culture or their family and their relationship to each other the one good and one evil do you believe in that one twin is evil and went when is good and keep him I need to get stories from CBC News journalist all day long purple images on Instagram exclusive video on Facebook and Twitter at CBC the national then people could look alike actually does make sense year old they are very good at having fun Rochas occasionally and each other’s throats 10 is an interesting age of curious age and these two have a lot of questions especially about what it means to be twins in Cree Culture help the twins explore their identity Jewels procession is a Cree filmmaker from attawapiskat First Nation and tonight we are proud to conclude are months of highlighting indigenous documentaries with her family story this is mistletoe walk two bodies one heart my name is halfway 192 TC Carson and from my name’s for sinks at Chasm and I’m from Madawaska Boykin Nina I need to see me cast soon I don’t need to check in my name means truth is Estelle’s dress I am made of course and I like hockey have 3 Brothers like to put myself out there a lot time pretty quiet Awakenings totem and I don’t really know what totem means because I haven’t really learned it my twin brother Paul again is sort of hyper actually really hyper he likes anything I do he tries to compete a lot being twins like fun and bad at the same time people make this up a lot I find out pretty annoying the best thing of having a twin brother is that you’re never lonely and it’s sometimes fun to have company my favorite friend is probably my other brother’s it was a boy or girl I don’t remember who is your mom your dad that came out and they looked at me like it’s twins I looked at them could I’ve ever being spoiled I missed being the baby of the family I guess but I’ll let you guys cuz you guys were cute little things twins I was absolutely certain that they were girls and I said okay you can name them if their boys cuz they’re not going to be boys from my grandparents and anyways so my grandmother was always telling stories about truth so that way would means to tell the truth and my grandfather was like a very large larger inspirational person in my life who died anyways so he was my total in many ways he was like my guardian spirit and so that’s where your name comes from told him the truth 8 of twins is different from other culture a weird occurrence I guess that I think there has to be different stories and pass for twins and every single cultural things could be I don’t know about any of them but I think of you I never heard any twin stories not even one the one good and one evil do you believe in that one twin is evil and one twin is good no I don’t believe that 123 getting 120 would be bad guess that’s just what they’re choose to be what is the responsibilities as older brothers around but when it comes to my value and care about especially towards you guys my younger brother’s is I invest in myself I mean the best person I can be so I can then be a light on your path I don’t really protect you from everything I want to be there so you know where you could go if you get lost I think I need to protect you in every way I can and I love you guys so I want what’s best for you guys I want to instill in your head that you guys can do whatever you guys want weather be making Sports in education whatever you guys want I think I’m always going to be on your side and I’ll always be here for you guys no matter what action thing has made fight all the time but without each other you guys be lost only do with each other exactly so you guys are never by yourself you always have each other which is pretty awesome I think the next thing we have to concern ourselves with is cutting your hair when your 12 and having that ceremony a coming-of-age when you guys become men what are we going to do with the hair cuz I still have to see if I can Mohicans here after we cut there’s really grows hair means it carries all your memories and then when you hit puberty when you become men so we give those memories back to the and then you go on the next your next Journey so that we cut your hair so that you have new memories of being a you throw young man and then you can cut your hair again later in the next phase of your life if you wanted to okay what does 2 baht is 1 heart mean to you Bodies In the Belly right and what part of your mom’s heart Origins what is the two bodies one heart means you guys like some Spirits over mom said scared in the heart Neal twins have a special connection come into the world together it’s very unique situation at the special situation and I think so the first people here you know this is our land turtle Island so we have like thousands and thousands and thousands of years of stories and traditions and culture so that of course is going to inform you and how you live your lives and how dad and I parent you I think there’s something special Like Me So Tay walk the way that we understand twins might be a little bit different than other cultures for us nice Otay which means two bodies one heart so it means that you’re one purse one Spirit just living in two different bodies so there’s a special connection there I don’t know what other cultural teaching is there about twins but I think it’s very special for us a Zachry family that we have a set of twins the family altar June we’ve been highlighting indigenous filmmakers is part of indigenous history month or the calendar do flips to July but we encourage you to continue exploring me stories online including a longer version of a dog you just saw you can find them all at / short Docs today and what may look like a routine resupply mission for SpaceX 3-2-1 we have ignition and liftoff hi I’m making Puerto Rico and I’m out of jail settlers into space I really doing this by talking the text message of the supplement I’ll try teen and stop 11 from around the world 34 were chosen so making the cut was a pretty big deal forgetting to watch it blast-off scenes with almost done them he’s Canadian kids have in mind we’ll help astronauts retain their muscle mass while in space 17 First World War soldiers in a nurse from Newfoundland I to broaden might have been forgotten he’s not for elementary school kids in London England and now a group of those kids are on a very special trip to Newfoundland Chris O’Neill Yates has the story of history and a little kindness and make some surprising connections across the ocean across Generations began here 15 years ago students at Beatrix Potter School London England notice of while the rest of the graves were cared for these didn’t even have a poppy for Remembrance Day kids from the school have been tending them ever since get ready now if you need people why and now we do it because because we know who they are now I’m going to the families we know the family is grateful a nurse from Newfoundland to care for them and to learn more about their stories these school kids are now touring the towns that came from a special task today placing a wooden cross at the war memorial and bridges or nurse Eclipse name is inscribed she helped she helped soldiers get back there and and and basically help me get through the injuries she ducked off till the weekend dead soldiers and what was Spanish for you cuz nothing of them is quite like interesting like learning about where she’s for my like they stay lifestyle and yeah it is quite emotional pretending the graves of 17 soldiers they’ve learned a lot about the cost of War on this province they wanted to join the walk they thought it was too like tour the world but it wasn’t and that it was like a whole generation wiped out and and they signed up to come on July 1st Memorial Day in this province they’ve been invited to march with the Royal Newfoundland regiment St John’s war memorial honor for a group of English school children who have guaranteed that these Graves that appeared forgotten are forgotten no more for some Neil Gates CBC News brigus Newfoundland Chris Mansion Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador keep in mind the Dominion of Newfoundland didn’t join Confederation until after the war and they Newfoundland July 1st as tragic connotation it marks the 1916 Beaumont Hamel on the first day of the song the fence it within about 30 minutes women’s 700 youth Landers with killed 90% of their regiment obliterated Memorial Day commemorates that sacrifice yesterday afternoon there was some panic and it’s rental subway station when a blind man stumbled onto the tracks but he wasn’t there long because within seconds strangers came running among them fellow passenger Biscayne quickly jump down to save a man’s life terrified to train was coming Julie Camellia captured a photo right after the man was listed to safety and that picture went viral with people looking for the young Heroes to praise so CBC News caught up with Kyle and Julie and together their tail is our moment of the day it was like the help me help help and then that’s when I jump into action coming down on the platform help lift about I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t help somebody that’s obviously needed the help really in need it’s a really surreal feeling to me because what I think I did it I think I just did which is what Heroes always say Julie the woman who took that photograph and said that as soon as it happened someone on on the opposite platform maybe it was a train operator passenger ran to the platform and there’s a switch apparently that allows you to turn off electricity to the tracks just to make sure that Kyle and the other Rescuers and then obviously that man didn’t get electrocuted I didn’t know this but that’s which is a accessible to anyone in the event of emergency and someone had the wherewithal to go right there do something smart like that but also the heroism it is incredible you know you the story on social media and it’s cuz of you that we we stayed in all day so good on you Adrian don’t always get your time and we see that everyday as reporters you see that going around the world to some of the worst places still many good people that is the national for this Friday June 29th
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