The National for Friday July 27, 2018 – Doug Ford, Danforth Shooting, Wildfires

on this Friday night Doug for Dropped a Bomb on Toronto politics and leave them there fuming his sudden decision to slash Toronto City Council before voting day is just the latest controversial move from the new premier so how much has Ontario changed and just 28 short days also tonight the explosive California and the chaotic rush to get tens of thousands of people out of Harm’s Way plus he saw his girlfriend gun down their lives changed forever tonight we go with him back to the den for this is the nest Ontario’s new premier was a was once a single term city counselor in Toronto end today very clear what he thinks of his former colleagues people are tired of watching City Hall it’s like a comedy show down at City Hall they go around and around and around nothing gets done for the plan to change that down the number of counselors the ranks were actually do to grow from 44 to 47 instead they’ll drop by almost half to 2520 gone there Ward boundary overhaul to align with feathers Pronto’s downtown core could see the most change and think about it come election time almost every sitting councillor will now have to Duke it out with other incumbent counselors Ford says it’s about saving money 25 million over 4 years but it’s how he’s going about it which may be the biggest issue here as Ron Charles shows us his approach has the number of people off Toronto City councilor he his brother mayor Rob Ford wage the pitch battle against most of the Cities elected representatives Rob Ford crack-smoking admission and others candles lit City councilors to strip him of much of his mayoral power the Ford Brothers then called for Council to be cut in half today is Premier Ford is forcing the issue it is the most dysfunctional political arena in the country City Hall the reason is so dysfunctional we have 44 people trying to make a decision board himself ran for mayor of Toronto and lost in 2014 the man who beat him Mayor John Tory is furious at Ford surprise announcement what we don’t need and what I just can’t support is change being rammed down our throats without a single second of public consultation and on top of that done in the middle of the election. Itself municipal election is in just 3 months leaving Tom Benson hundreds of candidate unsure of where or if they will be running the Optics of Ford’s move raise questions somebody who defeated you and that’s so that’s what’s happening with John Tory and I’m sure he’s quite put out and it doesn’t it’s not a target for the future relations between Toronto and Ontario’s off position NDP leader question Ford’s motives as well he is taking Vengeance on his former political opponents he’s behaving in a very mean-spirited way and his bullying approach to politics is odious protesters showed up tonight outside Toronto City Hall while inside the council meeting descended into anger during the debate about the city’s response about this in advance it has been suggested that somebody knew about this in advance and didn’t bring it to our attention for getting up and then that kind of that that that way we’re just kind of implying it but not saying it the mayor says he’s considering the city’s options everything from a referendum to a court challenge run Charles CBC News Toronto Beyond just Toronto not one to hold back was pretty critical of Ford’s timing and more for you to say to those folks who put their lives on hold only because they want to do public service by the way the job that you’re running for doesn’t exist anymore it’s unconscionable and I stand with me or Tori on this and say that is a direct affront on Democracy that is tin pot dictator stuff the concern to democracy is representation properly almost 3 million growing in one councillor would represent about a hundred and twelve thousand constituents the closest Canadian comparison 84000 people compare last Montreal which has 65 City Council Members that’s one for every 26 thousand people and that range perhaps is Ford’s point that it doesn’t matter how many counselors the city has and good governance will overcome any flights to Los Angeles as an example in Los Angeles we had 44 counselors and we had to vote 2.8 million people roughly they looked at me like we had three heads now 4 days right it has 15 City councilors for a population of 4 million that’s one councillor for 265,000 residents but is that more efficient cost-effective well that’s where it gets a little complicated a Los Angeles counselor makes a little over $240,000 Canadian per year makes less than half that have 19 staff members who of course are paid and can help men workload Toronto the average is 3 to 4 staff now on the flipside all of this Ford and his supporters would say this is simply what he was elected to do change things for Ontarian sand in less than a month on the job you can point to quite a number of major policy changes for starters Ford’s government struck a deal with Ontario’s utility Hydro One which led to its CEO and board resigning forced large companies to pay for carbon dioxide emission on the education front Ford rollback the sexual education curriculum to the old program one that doesn’t teach about consent gender identity or Online safety and just yes media reports suggested he’s going to allow private retailers to sell cannabis once it becomes legal to load things are moving quick and this very likely more to come so let’s get some insight on Ford strategy from Jenny rodjeni your ass in Arkansas Crestview strategy a conservative strategist end we should tell your husband works for a current provincial minister so so Jenna tells which of the public understand about how Doug Ford is operating here change and he’s making a lot of changed it because she’s got this single minded focus on getting things done quickly and making sure that it’s for the people that was his that was his mandate that’s his approach but he’s approaching all of the decision-making what can you do with this quickly and instill get it right if they don’t think you were politicians instead of more if they don’t see the size up and call some government going down then we’re not doing things right and if they don’t see it quickly then they won’t get the Mandate that they ask for when they go to for us renew their learning on the job but so long as you see this discipline I think it’s always worth leaning forward as he’s doing and getting results look forward what you think might be coming down the pipe that that perhaps may have as big of a splashes is today’s news coming I think is financial on the budget on the the fall economic statement they look at the books there they have a commission that’s looking into beside the cost of government some of the ramp and waste that we saw from the last government and I don’t think we’re going to be good and that’s going to mean that they’re going to have to dig in and find those savings but that’s what they’re looking for and I can think of for looking forward to it in Northern California where officials say a fast-moving Wildfire is just 3% contained homes are burning also after a tough week for Donald Trump some good news update helping him at home the first something that hits very close to home an emotional moment on the Danforth tonight in Toronto then I have a little fun and she even noticed that something that happened he said why is the street taped off and that’s heartbreaking for me so she returned to the Danforth this evening to join in moment of silence organized by the businesses that line that Lively strip and their employees the latest stepping a long road back to normal and it will be a long road especially for people like Danielle Kane a nursing student with an a to help others she was the one being cared for today as doctors perform her fourth surgery cane was with her boyfriend Jerry Pinkston Sunday night when she was shot and today seems he has Jaclyn Jansen joined Pinkston on the Danforth he made the difficult Journey Back to the spot where everything changed I thought it’d be best if you come here and and it just this just to see the site and see if I can just start the healing process a little bit so the quicker Jerry Pinkston and his girlfriend Danielle Kane used to love the Danforth but last Sunday it’s where their lives were changed forever Kaine was shot in the abdomen the bullet pierced her stomach and diaphragm battered of vertebra her family fears she may never walk again sacrifice thinks and says came followed him out of the restaurant that night to help someone who was injured that’s when she was shot initially I saw a lot of a lot of guilt because it was my decision to help the wounded and she and she got injured choose the person who wants to help last night there’s been an pouring of support for cane online a GoFundMe page was set up by her family to help pay for Rehab Specialized Care and accessible housing dreamforce how much I love her pills me all and it allows me to keep going how are you feeling coming up to the restaurant but we are here we were here we came out of apps to lessen the anger and housing listen to Fear and hopefully like when Daniel ready and able to bring Daniel back here I want Daniel see it together CBC News Toronto today we got word from Danielle’s family about today’s surgery for fourth as I mentioned since she was shot they said the surgery was a huge success this is lie play her final surgery they’re starting to wean her off the ventilator and decreased sedation hopefully she’ll be able to speak by Monday the next step will be rehabilitation 2nd West to California now at work fast-moving Wildfire has killed two people it’s known as the car fire burning in the state’s North and that wall of flames being fueled by dry conditions and extremely hot temperatures already burned down dozens of buildings and it’s now surging towards major residential areas that had emergency officials putting out an urgent plea for people in reading about 3 hours north of Sacramento the warning to evacuate immediately this is just some of what’s being posted online you see the night sky a glow with orange and red Flames as a Fire tour through the mountains west of Redding it is the Region’s largest city so pretty scary stuff now imagine having just moved in my co-workers were like oh the fire is coming in everybody from California is like pretty used to fires so me being from the Midwest and I was like what if he comes here in like I lose all my stuff like I have to go get my things keep going through things that I forgot to bring it on like an old man like in their stupid things but I just keep thinking about it and I’m like it that’s everyday she’s originally from Detroit she moved to reading just a few months ago right into the path of the fire tornado in a blizzard right now she’s in a safe place but that fire still burning and will for some time its just 3% contained and the weather isn’t expected offer any relief in the coming days news for the nearly 2,000 firefighters on hand or number of wildfires are also burning on this side of the Border there are air quality statements in BC and in Ontario there are at least a dozen wildfires ever look these are pictures fire burning your parasound south of Sudbury this one is almost 7,000 hectares in size and Alberta firefighter was also killed battling a wildfire north of Thunder Bay in Ontario he died while trying to protect the town of Red Lake here’s a look at what else were tracking tonight charges have been laid in what police are calling a hate-motivated crime the altercation caught on video it happened Monday evening the man appearing on the video to yell racist insults at a family and pushing one of them to 50 year-old laundry ball appeared in court this morning on charges of assault and uttering death threats jch winners is going to court or taking the car that was Mike it is Nova Scotia woman has followed through on her threat she is suing her nephew over a 1.2 million dollar chase the ace jackpot bar Braddock’s name was on the winning ticket but so is her nephew’s so when they won the charity running the contest split the prize right down the middle but Reddick says she paid for the ticket and her nephew’s name was only written on it for good luck and stargazers from Europe to Australia got quite a treat today the longest total lunar eclipses any human will see this Century lasted an hour and 42 minutes that’s the Earth right between the Sun and full moon in a straight line giving the Moon that deep red color which is why folks call it a Blood Moon you don’t see one as long as today’s for another hundred years or so near 2123 while start seeing more sizes and more clothing stores as always it’s all about the bottom line bus a very British ad campaign made-in-canada our first look at the Target in brexit made by Canadian company some say suede the boat and a thirteen-year-old from Toronto Wows the crowd on US National Television combination of nervousness excitement and all I wanted to do was to sing Mike stipend ask Donald Trump who deserves credit for serves in the economy and he’ll say he does a lot of people but this time even some of his biggest attractors admit he might be right you numbers released today showed up from April through June this year the US screw it it’s fastest picks since 2014 but as the cbc’s Lindsay done come tells us mini or no asking how long can it last summer time and the spending is easy in this high-end shopping complex in down County see I’m not going out to buy a Rolls-Royce or something like that but I feel comfortable that I need to buy new car I can make a payment I can buy some luxury items go out to dinner couple times a week type of thing consumer confidence is one of the reasons u.s. GDP grew 4.1% in the last 3 months nearly doubled growth in the first quarter of 2018 the strongest expansion in 4 years economy Watchers conclude very good solid picture good morning Trump held an impromptu celebratory announcement at the White House one-time shot that’s where many Economist disagree they worry all that spending is a one-time effective January text cut and point out that some of that growth is due to preparations for Trump’s trade Showdown with countries buying a product such as soy beans before tariffs kick in even the president’s supporters praise him with an asterisk Americans were having the best economy of our lifetime and it’s mainly due to president Trump I just hope we don’t blow it all in a global trade War hasn’t kicked in yet Trump is already trying to mitigate the impact just this week darling back the rhetoric with the EU and promising new trade talks and announcing a 12 billion dollar bailout package for farmers step in the right direction that helps Farmers a little bit but really we’d rather get paid by the market than have a government bailout does not come out until 11 days before the midterm elections Lindsey duncombe CBC news reporter and his son are now free after spending money and US Federal Detention Emilio Gutierrez and his son Oscar they were overjoyed Sun gave him the inspiration to carry on and make no mistake it has been a slog the two of them fled persecution in Mexico and I’ve been trying to get Asylum for a decade but last December they were suddenly imprisoned by immigration officials earlier this year Adrian spoke with both of them inside that detention center and you can have another look at a full documentary on our YouTube channel and still have right here they shipped T-shirts from Humboldt Saskatchewan all over the world and their emotional moment is our moment of the day plus a special CBC short and what they did when the city decided to evict them well I’m not look at the golf course I tell you got three four hundred people living in this park and you got sick people on the golf course covering about 5,000 Acres on the national tonight A surprising new star in The Next Star Wars movie The Late Carrie Fisher Disney announced today that they will be using unreleased footage of her shot for Star Wars the Force awakens Fisher died in 2016 at the age the day after Facebook stock took a slide quitters did the same and that’s the Spy quarterly results showing the rise in Revenue the problem a drop in active users and so the company shares lost more than 20 percent of their value after that news came out the online platform recently deleted many fake accounts meanwhile Facebook shareholders are suing the company over its record-breaking stock drop yesterday they’re accusing Facebook and CEO Zuckerberg of misleading investors about how well the company was actually doing and things like the decline and active users and slowing Revenue Crow you likely first heard about the BC company aggregate IQ earlier this it’s alleged links to the controversial firm Cambridge analytica and its role in the brexit referendum it was hired to provide online ads for the leave campaign I had of that mode but now For the First Time The Wider public is take a look at those ads as Thomas dad tells us it’s raising a number of ethical questions folkestone England you can see it’s faint Coast in the distance this maybe Britain’s gateway to the mainland but it doesn’t mean people here feel connected to Europe in fact the majority of Voters in Folkston shows brexit felt about sovereignty about all national identity really who among them would have known a company in British Columbia was swaying votes here by spreading questionable claims see this number during the campaign 350 million a week Millions into aggregate IQ based all the way in Victoria now we know what Facebook ads they pumped out and return this one suggest Britain sand 350 million pounds a week to the EU and us will the new hospital every 7 days it says there’s the threat of turkey and its whole population moving to the UK and the dubious claim the EU wants to kill Britain’s beloved cup of tea that should be a challenge from the advertising places this country MP Damian Collins and his parliamentary Committee just obtained copies of the ads from Facebook and they all the main appetizer for the campaign it’s definitely clear how the instruction was made sometimes it can be impossible to tell that these are political ads just by looking at them they can seem like a pole or even a game this supposed soccer ways to win 50 million pounds was actually only meant to collect user data they would like to be witnessed it from the inside as a campaign volunteer the people responsible for that need to be accounted for I want you calling about the Lord we broke until you kind of like this information to spread the brexit campaign has been over for 2 years still no one knows how many lies may have affected the outcome Thomas ABC News folkestone England CBC News has been trying to reach aggregate IQ for comment on the story we have not heard back from the company so far still head on the national more sizes in more stores Trend towards inclusive sizing we’re not a plus size brand we are a brand of apparel for women and I really strongly believe that that is the future if you’re home means anything to you you have to fight for it if you’re not willing to fight for love you you’re home you don’t deserve this is a story about losing things that matter most a community a sense of belonging the place you called home for 50 years people in Calgary Midfield Mobile Home Park replace but when the city decided to close it blaming crumbling infrastructure some residents Doug in for a fight perhaps none more so than 83 year-old Rudy Predator tonight on the national you’re going to meet him in a CBC short Doc called eviction notice you know I’m in my 80s and I don’t plan on getting rich and my like my daughter said to me one time she jokes with me all the time I understood her she said that give me some of your money I said why she said you can’t take I said then I’m not going they want this land some people are estimating it’s worth 90 million summer saying 60 million this is my home I spend $25,000 last year putting a new roof on upgrading the whole thing new siding make sense City one day is going to come in here and hit my tree with a bulldozer well and I look at the golf course I say you got 3 400 people living in this part and you got sick people on the golf course and they have no place for us ridiculous I’m not telling them to remove the golf course I’m telling him to remove themselves from our I have life if they don’t like it don’t treat us like trailer trash if you play nice that walk all over you yet media you know you have to embarrass the future of Midfield park has been up in the air since the early 2001 concerned surface over failing Water and Sewer lines the house because of the way the original developer built that land the land is city-owned and Civic officials would prefer the valuable property to be used for high-density mixed-use developments pretty Co-op and does he watches his property value dropped Predator says there’s only one deal he will accept walk up to the lawyer and fight say in here and pretty showing everybody’s heads for 400. there’s no more fight there is no more time under the mobile home tenant notice we said that wasn’t fair we gave three no compensation 383 homes in Midfield I believe about a hundred and fifty to moved already about 40 I have plans to move before the how about 10 we have not heard from yet irregardless that start to have pains and everything then I finally went and got checked out and after a month or so diagnosis and stuff I found out I had stomach cancer so I went back to work and said well I can’t work now because you got other issues to deal with then work came home here and I walked into the front door and that’s when our notice was on the front door saying that we have to leave here at the end of September so then I just got a 3.2 side cuz that other issues to work on high I was in a lot of pain and everything so we got through that now I got to get through this president snail have a lawyer working on their behalf Matthew Farrell took the park residents case to court today at a hearing book in November Farrell will argue the cities reasons for evicting the residents crumbling Water and Sewer infrastructure goes against the province’s mobile home sites tenancy Act where here to go in front of the judge and find out which way things are going to go feel good about an otherwise I wouldn’t be here the key thing here is and ended the thing that the judge is going to be deciding in this application is whether or not what the city did was wrong for the people who are so they’re obviously the hope is that they’re still going to continue to be there like they don’t understand what stress does to a person give me a call when you fell today where you dizzy had pneumonia and I think that’s because I was laying on a cold floor for so long hours do it at home yeah I lay down now when I was in the hospital when I come home I went in late around the bed and she lay down beside me and something woke me up and I look here she’s right here licking my nose playing on the bed and licking my nose here for glad that I come back so you’re going to fill me in on everything that happened down at the courthouse yeah they needed to hear today I was planning on retiring here and spending the rest of my years here but anytime you have anything to do with it City you know they say about that they want that time it cost me in my life for being outspoken somebody being treated wrong I think it’s just the way I am one guy told me one time I like a good liquor for a while I said why he said it feel so good when I quit in the end 183 homes were removed or destroyed more than 400 people for Stout and the land still sits vacant as for some of the people that you just met Predator did find a new place to live another mobile home park just on the outskirts of Calgary Mark Van Essen who’s sense of defeat you saw towards the start of that story he moved to Red Deer Alberta and sadly Maurice Laboy stomach cancer he passed away shortly after the documentary was completed if you want to watch the full version of eviction notice find other documentaries from emerging Canadian filmmakers when it comes to buying plus-size clothing it’s not always because finding something that fits is just one part of it you also want something stylish and affordable and increasingly major stores are catching on and to an extent that we haven’t really seen before because it’s Deanna Johnson shows us in fashion plus size might be the new black Danielle Lombard love fashion by they have often felt that the industry just does not love them back I had to make my dress because prom dresses fit me so everyone got to go shopping for prom dresses and my mother made my prom dress are very low quality million women in North America who need plus size clothing along neglected demographic in an industry who’s mad truck has been the smaller the better sex I can guarantee you but now it looks like their fashion fortunes are changing mainstream retailers are getting the message women above size 14 don’t want to shop at specialty stores only something Canadian Alexander Waltman figured out years ago the idea of of separating women of segregating some women from from access to style and quality have got to stop extended size range it turn to Walkman for expertise the company she co-founded Universal standard carry sizes 6 232 with a focus on the latest trends and the highest quality it’s new collection together with Jake has 37 pieces in sizes up to 5x they wanted to create a new way for for all women to shop which was much more inclusive and much more diverse in terms of size we’re not a plus-size brand we are brand of apparel for women and I really strongly believe that that is the future there’s a good indication that it is like J.Crew a many other popular fashion brands are going size inclusive you can see it in their catalog models of bigger and smaller frames are now shown side-by-side and in their stores were bigger sizes are no longer segregated a welcome change for Danielle Lombardi all the designers and labels and I’ll just take the escalator up to the section 2 plus section behind the shift in thinking money billion dollars in sales in Canada each year and more than 20 billion dollars in the US and it’s growing it’s something big retailers can no longer ignore that says fashion business analyst Imran Ahmad drivers ed says these retailers are also aware of the changing set of values I think now about you know we all have voices on social media okay for people to express what they think and I think the demand has always been there it’s now just a lot more evident women like them both do plus size modeling changed Kirby’s and their Instagram followers number in the hundreds of thousands while they’re happy with the new attention major fashion retailers are showing them they won’t settle for just anything just like just a matter of cutting it and say okay it’s going to fit you because we made it three time Total Drama which I insiders agree retailers will face some tough challenges ahead this much more expensive to make a dress that’s a size 32 because it’s five times the material that I size 0 is but the price to the consumer has to be the same I’m done justifying my size Return part of the Steep learning curve for the fashion industry as it tries to woo the curvier customer Deanna Johnson news Toronto I’m coming up next on the national our moment of the day the first sand Ontario teen is showing the world’s not just Americans who got talent’s he performed in front of Millions on the hit TV show my name is Jeffrey Lee I’m 13 years old Jeffrey wow the judges with his singing on America’s Got Talent and not the jinx it but he said he even knows what he do with the million-dollar prize if I’m the only child so I would love a companion I guess I guess a dog a small win a promise from music mogul Angie Simon Cowell if you do well I’m going to buy you a joke Jeffries rendition of josh-groban-you-raise-me-up won the crowd over next round of competition plus yes a furry friend I’m going to keep my promise aired in June and already has 12 million views he can’t say what happened in round 2 or how far he got in the competition because it hasn’t aired yet but he’s still waiting for that new dog around here strong and now almost four months later he presented a check to the humble strong Community Foundation and that is our moment of the day over the course of the first 3 weeks of April after the accident we were selling thousands of t-shirts online have shipped every province in Canada almost every state in United States other countries like Dubai Finland Switzerland Germany and in so many more it means a lot of people out there it’s a way to show your belongings that your shoulder is a way to honor it was victim at the end of the day how to check for $304,239 and ninety humble strong Community Foundation $300,000 so that’s $20 on every $25 shirt you do the math that’s a lot of shirts for National for this July 27th
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