Thailand cave rescue: Soccer players, coach found ‘with signs of life’

rescue workers have found 12 boys and their soccer coach alive after they were trapped in a cave for more than a week Laura McQuillan is watching the story for Laura what are we hearing when attached that incredible news coming out just a short time ago that these boys and the cart have been found with signs of life and this cave Rescuers have been working around the clock for more than a week now to try and reach them and there and these are some of the sayings of Jubilation at the mouth of the cave people celebrating the news that the boys having found we can see the me there they’ve been working hard to reach them so very happy scenes at the moments the families also Overjoyed to hear this news now we don’t have for the details on the condition of these boys at the present time but we do anticipate that after 9 days and then they’re going to be in a pretty hungry dehydrated condition in that something that these searches and risk yours will be taking into account when they go to bring the boys out they have been since June 23rd as we mentioned the sky is located in the north of Thailand day you can say on the border with me and Martin allow as well and it is so people have been keeping vigil outside the cave across the country and across the world of course whole thing is that something positive is going to come out of this week update news a short time ago and we can also show you the same as it was announced we saw a clip of it just before but he is a bit more of that is absolutely Overjoyed that day if it has managed to reach these boys and their coach and now they attention tends to bring them back out of that cave Natasha Laura it’s just been an extraordinary 9 days we’ve been following along tell us about the rescue efforts and how they unfolded so this all began shortly after the boys to the Kylie bikes with sound like that day by officials at the park for the cave is located at police are under the same later that night and cooled and local rescue teams knowing that the boys were believed to be in this cave Eva sincerest you would have been trying to find right part of the cave and bring them out those if it’s have been hampered due to flood waters rains that have caused Waters to rise in the case but early the following dates which is found backpacks and shoes in the cave that gave them an indication where the boys might be late finding handprints on the walls they’re so Thai Navy Seals for cold and I’ve been doing by experts from around the world including the US China Australia and the UK carrying an oxygen tank so they can build on those certificates day off today and say 9 today have that good news I found them but what happens next sets we were turning out attention now and same with the rescuers of course we heard from the province’s governor a short time ago he spoke to media and he said the recovery can’t be rushed he see that there is still a lot of rest if I go in without enough as braids or the tunnel closes down there is still a risk we need to do more preparation so this is something that will be continuing to watch very closely for the rest of the day and the day that he
Thailand rescue teams have found 12 missing boys and their assistant coach inside a cave complex, and they were showing ‘signs of life’ nine days after going missing.

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