Thailand cave rescue: First photos of rescued boys, dangerous mission detailed

do the first images of the soccer team together again no longer huddled on that Rocky ledge but side by side in hospital beds in some way for the cameras will Overjoyed relatives John from behind a protective barrier because they’re still in isolation news conference that gave a clear picture of just what Crews were up again we had to work fast this tiny TCL says because we didn’t know when the water would come in at the start it was Rising by 8 centimeters an hour the Thai Navy Seals had never navigated a flooded dark cave before and the divers were out of contacts for hours at a time it was very stressful for me and my team he says because we didn’t know if they would come back alive and one didn’t even after the boys who discovered it was still a dangerous operation will setting up oxygen canisters that very real risk with why officials are so grateful for the expert divers who stepped in to help it was a pair from the K that was able to swim further into the cave and find the teams in the first place only one in the group spoke English fourteen-year-old I’ll do Simon his teachers always stressed the importance of learning languages and salmon speaks for his parents are from an unrecognized in Myanmar and he came to Thailand alone to go to school like 80% of the students here he’s an ethnic minority and stateless but celebrated by his classmates he’s kinda towards his friend she says he’s hard-working and a diligent student the school set up this display to honor him and include handwritten notes that he’ll be able to read when he finally returns but for now he remains with the rest of the team spending I’m in close quarters for just a little longer Breyer Stewart CBC News Chiang Rai comes to citizenship the same applies to some of his teammates their coach and many others thousands of flight to Northern Thailand from Hill tribes and other ethnic groups around the Golden Triangle a lawless wedge of land that bisects Thailand Myanmar and lows if they’re denying political Refugee status but are allowed to live in some areas with few rights they aren’t allowed to vote own property or work legally nor do they have access to healthcare or a passport for 480000 people in Thailand are stateless according to the UN Refugee agency but some human rights groups claim the number could be as high as 3 million in a nation of nearly 70 million people
The first photos of the boys rescued from the cave in Thailand were released as part of a news conference that also provided details on the dangerous mission. The boys were shown to be quarantined in hospital, where it’s expected they will remain for about a week — three of them had pneumonia when they were rescued.

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