Thailand cave rescue: Escape may require boys learning to dive

nope rope that sound the word the news from official the celebrations afterward as word came that the 12:00 boys and their soccer coach found alive in that cave Network in Thailand more than a week after becoming trapped in that cave that flooded in Monsoon rain so so far divers have been able to bring food and supplies to the boys but this is just beginning a sensitive rescue mission is now underway and who better to give us the respect then one of the members of the International Dive team that found the boys he’s Dutch but he lives in Phuket and teaches he’s a tech dive specialist my guess this morning has been remanence and Ben is right there with me and Ben I’m Heather I’m so glad to meet you thank you for being on her program listen you tell me that but I was just playing the moment you were part of that moment but as a member of the team what was it like to get that news the boys have been found unbelievable all loose it and yes so excellent news great relief I’m sure but that’s exactly what you do as it as a diving specialist so help us understand then what comes next how challenge is the mission to get them out band live cricket shortly after swim or do we design some Sutra Mass to get them out or any other options or we keep thumping until the cave but the weather is Northern Iowa science and they expecting heavy thunderstorms in the next 48 hours weather talking about potentially being trapped in there for months correct we gave the kids should the system flood with enough supplies for the medication for 3 to 4 months until what three signs in the rain stop Rochester for sure but does that is an extraordinary reality face with and so the talk this morning from all of the officials I’ve been reading about this morning Ben is out of that the the former option as you mentioned the teaching them to die and actually then sort of leading them out how would they do that exactly like to teach the boys who don’t know how to swim or dive and get them out safely in that way a few hours an introduction that end and put a regular and then guy them out of the cave but like I said it’s a very long Cave System very favorable was clear but when we arrived it was it was very depressing what was brown commence and was very high flow get them out in that way I mean it isn’t even doable isn’t even cause for cautious optimism then that they can get them out this way Boyz II Men still get pushing is fine see that the lengthy Cash System and its current of channels similar to Mount Everest Expedition radio lines and so on so it’s a very impressive setup but still that leaves still about two and a half kilometers away from the room more than 4 hours away from her in the boys which would make it virtually impossible to get mad are there that key first part but are you going to be continuing to be involved and I’m busy don’t see daylight for 4 days well then I’ll let you go you get that rest most deserved on your part thank you for your time with us this morning and congratulations on what you been able to achieve dust far thanks Ben
Young Thai soccer players may have to learn to dive to get out of the cave.

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