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massive rescue effort including about a thousand Personnel including rescue teams from the United States Britain Australia Japan have been hampered by heavy rains but let’s go now too Chelsea who’s at the scene what more can you tell us how it always heard from the regional the boys on the coach or 13 of them are alive they were found from an area that the beach play some back within the cave complex to walk out if there is any condition to move absolutely enormous rescue effort has a few days yeah I got here around 5 days ago and I seen it filled up in those 5 days I’ve seen more people come from different International organisations different on these different volunteer groups they area next to the cave through but the as the week went on the effort with three prong they were pumping going through the divest found it easy when the walls came down but and that’s how they found this evening and this is been a story that’s grips the nation I see the world in a sense some of these 12 boys and that football coach nobody knew if they were still alive if they had any food any clean drinking water how much longer if they were alive they could survive and it really was this Race Against Time by the divers in the rescue teams to get there and to get to the boys you going to bed this evening when I from within the hotel it’s been a long day had covering the story so I got out of bed and went down into reception this is definitely going to be all across the news here in Thailand people have been on Twitter always talking about that you’re not sad story and it’s great news for Thailand to dinner alright thank you very much today that’s how it Johnson Air in Northern Thailand just to say then just a recap what we know so far which is that the governor of the local Providence where those caves in Northern Thailand has said that boys the 12 boys and that coach I’ve only been found alive also seeing if them they disappeared back on June 23rd during announcing to the thumb lion cave and then nothing was heard of them for 9 days and it not time that has been not growing effort to try and find them a thousand Personnel rescue teams in the US from Britain Japan and elsewhere at trying to get to them bringing in pipes to pump out the water brand expert divers including the Stevens from a Thai Navy SEAL unit Elite divers who are the full front of the effort to find the boys and it seems like he has those tiny Navy SEAL diver but she did manage to reach them and they said that the boys could survive for quite a few days without food if they could have found them enough clean water and drinking water so it seems that they may well have done that sand an extraordinary stories true and romantic story that off to all those efforts it seems those 12 boys young boys have been found along with a football coach alive with what condition will that bring you more from Thailand just as soon as we get it and that just to recap what we know about the story which is that rescue is Thailand announcing that they have managed to get through thick muds the walls are the wind and crevices of that network of caves in order to find those boys age between and 16 since they went missing with that football coach 9 days ago we can talk I said idea if you can about some how hard it would be for divers to get into a network of caves like this and to find boys like these who been trapped in there to find them alive they had a very very good chance of being they were going to find somewhere above water the biggest problem they will have is the darkness that potentially of being that’s 9 days in the darkness with no lights I mean I don’t know what light they started with Elvis she had some torches although the mobile phone use to communicate they will of being useful us as means of Illumination so if they’ve got some sort of they should be able to to to Russian that lights and get around the the darkness but if you were in complete darkness with Water Rising arranging you know the darkness will potentially it’s not such a complicated it’s not quite the same Labyrinth trouble with root finding props Northern Tool off the air is very wet and this is the Define when it’s very wet but they Just Go With It by the end and fortunate that they were potentially heavy rains coming later this week which would have raised that the wolves are level and that could have been a real problem I’m even if the boys as she was suggesting might have had you know backpacks with some snacks maybe some clean water as well yeah the water level was was always that the great problem man in the previous interview I was almost there what’s the biggest problem in the big truck and Rising water level 3 of the best they can only do so much with with the water level if the if the current too strong Yukon swim against it adequately so that it’s been a space that they have to get to the chamber where these boys were so what is likely to be the situation but I’m guessing really I don’t really few minutes ago they didn’t know the situation suggest I I just very briefly because we don’t have too much more time but I mean you were talking about those three British gave experts up those divers they could have they might have to get through a lot of water to swim through a lot of water the full front of this rescue mission to get to the boys they have high-powered underwater scooters but they haven’t taken scooters with them if they underwater are extraordinary they have backup systems on Avis that who’s the former head of the British caving Association just told about the British aspects of that rescue mission in tie-dye thank you
All 12 boys and their football coach have been found alive after nine days missing in caves in Thailand, the regional governor says.
All of them are safe, Narongsak Osottanakorn confirmed, speaking after a mammoth search operation in the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai.
They were discovered by naval special forces, he said.
The challenge now will be to extract the party safely, with rising water and mud impeding access.

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